How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency As A Beginner In 2019 (Your First $10k+/Month)

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency As A Beginner In 2019 -


Digital marketing is providing big money to people and hence when we look at such people the question arouses how to start? This video has explained in short how step by step one can go and start a marketing agency or how you can find your first few customers and make your first $10,000 dollars from your agency.

Step 1 – Finding Companies

So the first thing is to find the companies. You need to find the companies whom you can work for The companies also should be ready to spend money or open to spend money. Hence it is suggested to find the venture-funded companies on Crunchbase. So someone raising much money simply means that the person can spend it.

Step 2 – Preparing Feedbacks

Now when you have got a list of companies which may have a tendency to spend, you have to go to their websites one by one and try to see how they can do something better. Just make a list of all the points line by line and don’t worry how long the details are becoming. Just make it as detailed as possible. try to include as many points coming to your mind and make the document of it. Don’t just mention that you can help them with the Search Engine Optimization or don’t just mention that you can’t help them with their paid add. Just write everything in detail, how you can help them with their SEO, how you can help them with their adds. Which steps you are going to take to do it. The more in detail you will think and write, the better you will become.

Step 3 – Elimination

In the course of visiting the websites, you will also come across few websites which you will not have any ideas to make it better for. You should have plenty of steps and ideas available, then only you should be keeping that name in your list. You should have several pages filled with feedback and if you don’t have, then remove that company name from your list. They would like to talk to you only if you have a lot of feedback with you.

Step 4 – Approaching

The next step is writing to the CEO the founder of the company or the company, the head of marketing mentioning that what is being done wrongly and how things can become better Just mention that you want to help them with all those issues you noticed and also mention how you are going to help them out. There is no problem if you mention every step which you are going to do in that process. Tell them everything in detail. When you tell them all the steps they will start trusting you and instead of they dong it themselves, they would prefer hiring you as this takes time. Just be sure that those companies should have raised at least one to two million dollars. If you approach companies this way, you are going to get jobs from one or two out of five people.