11 Online Marketing Tools

11 Online Marketing Tools - BillLentis.com
John Crestani talks about 11 marketing tools in this video, which can help businesses, generate revenues.

Email Marketing

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tools that marketers can use. This tool is free and is particularly helpful for those who want to build an email list, without incurring any expenses.

Keyword Planner

• Google keyword planner-an original marketing tool, which is commonly used by people because it is free. Marketers can find the volume of a keyword through this tool
• Answer The Public-marketers can find ideas about keywords; what people actually ask; Ahrefs
• Ubber suggest-finds long tail keywords about different topics

Site Builder

In order to build a website, people often have to learn programming. However, if marketers use click funnels, then they can build a website without any programming, which is a huge benefit for those who don’t have a technical mind. This also has an affiliate program, which has helped John attract visitors to his website.

Ad Spy

Adbeat is an ad spy tool, which helps a marketers look at ads on other networks like Google. Spyfu is another ad spy tool, which helps users search websites, and they are able to see the places on which they have placed their ads; Spyfu these two tools, however, don’t let the user look at Facebook ads. If a marketer wants to look at Facebook ads, then he can use the social ad scout tool.

Deep Analytics

This tool is used by marketers to analyze their marketing campaign, and to see the ads that they can optimize. The tool, called Volume, allows a marketer to split test his landing pages and which ads are best suited to them. If it is an international brand, then the marketer can check which ads are more effective, as per country or region.

Marketing Automation

Keap tool is specifically designed for small business; it assists them in making their marketing campaigns a success. It helps a marketer send texts and email to people, and is helpful for those who have to handle different marketing channels. This is basically a communication tool for marketers.

SMS Text

Call Loop is a SMS text tool, which not only helps marketers send text messages to customers, but they can also leave ring less voice messages for them. This is particularly helpful for those marketers who have the phone numbers of their customers.


Google Analytics is a great tool for marketing analytics; it provides marketers with data which they can use to analyze their marketing campaigns. The tool tells the marketer about the customers, from which country do they belong to, their age, sex and so on. When marketers have such relevant data, then they are able to make effective marketing decisions; Wikipedia.

Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop is a very helpful tool for marketers. They can easily edit photos and put up ads using this tool.

Screen Capture

Camtasia allows marketers to capture the screen; they can get photos and videos out of it. It can be used by those who want to train others online.


Zapier connects every app that a marketer uses for marketing, and that make things easier for them.

Giphy is the bonus tool that John shows; it allows him to make GIFs and is easy to use.