7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making | Neil Patel

7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making | Neil Patel - BillLentis.com


While doing online marketing if you are not getting the results you want, this video tells you about the mistakes which may be reasons of you not getting the desired results. Sometimes you do all good things and you also take few steps which are wrong and hence that spoils you efforts which you have been making.

Mistake 1

Not Collecting Emails

People don’t collect the emails of the visitors. Not all the visitors will get convert into customers but you have an option to convert if you have their emails. There free tools available like Hello bar to collect the emails.

Mistake 2

Not Collecting Subscribers Through Push Notifications

Push notifications are not being used to get the subscribers. Once someone subscribes you get a chance to send them every notification and this way you get the chance to convert them into customers. Hence always try to use push notifications and collect subscribers.

Mistake 3

Not Making Great Brand

Google and other sites do not want to promote the products which are not brands. entrepreneur.com . So when we get people back to our site 7 times we are more likely to become a brand hence it’s important to provide wonderful experience to people when they visit the website. It is important to make them happy by the content and also by the service or product so that they feel like revisiting the site.

Mistake 4

Not Interlinking

People don’t use the interlinking. forbes.com . Always give other links in your content. Try to give links of other content in the side bar so that people visit those as well and this gives you more visitors and a higher ranking.

Mistake 5

Just Focusing On Text Based Content

Text based content is not the only thing people have access to. They also like watching the videos. It’s essential to invest on videos also along with the text content. Marketing should be done in the form of videos and audios as well. Linkedin, Youtube etc are wanting more videos as they want to defeat the television networks. If you make the video content you get more traffic as the video platforms like Instagram, linked in, Youtube want more videos in order to beat the traditional video companies.

Mistake 6

Sticking To Few Market Channels

Market is being very competitive. People are spending huge money in various channels. So sticking to only few marketing channels can be a big mistake. The more channels you will use for marketing, the better results you will get.

Mistake 7

Not Asking For Sales

You may have huge traffic but you need to ask people to buy from you. People make this mistake that they just get the traffic but they don’t ask people to buy from them. If you are able to manage good traffic and there are less or no conversion the reason could be you are not asking them to buy. Hence without any hesitation you need to mention it clearly to people so that they buy from you as well.