How To Make Milkshake With Icecream Without Blender

How To Make Milkshake With Icecream Without Blender - Bill Lentis Media
Not everyone wants to use a machine to make a milkshake, or has a blender at home. If they don’t have a blender, and want a milkshake with ice cream, it is very easy to get it. Summer is no longer an easy time for anyone, because of the rise in temperature, and how hot it can become during the day. For those who want a nice milkshake with ice cream without a blender, there are plenty of recipes they can follow.

Recipe To Make A Milkshake Without A Blender

Take a mason jar, and place the ice cream in it. Microwave the ice cream, until it starts melting, and then squish it using a spoon. When the ice cream is softened, then add milk in the same jar. Place a lid on the jar and then shake with all your might. The two ingredients won’t mix well, unless and until the person shakes the jar vigorously. After shaking, take a long spoon and stir the mixture again. When the ingredients are properly mixed together, then top the milkshake using whipped cream.

Can You Use A Hand Blender To Make Milkshakes?

If someone doesn’t have a blender or even a hand blender, then there are several other things that they can use to make a milkshake. For example, if someone has a drink mixer, then they can make a milkshake in it. If someone has a stick blender or even an electric mixer at home, then they can make a milkshake with it as well.

If electric appliances are not preferred by house members, then there are three other things they can use; drink shaker, Mason jar, whisk and bowl.

Tips For Making Milkshake With Icecream Without Blender

Making a milkshake without a blender, requires some preparation. When a person wants to use topping on their milkshake, then they need to stir the topping with hand, before making the milkshake. The topping should always be added at the end, or else would be lost in the puree of the shake. Also go and check out the how to make lemonade slushie with a blender – click here for more.

Secondly, when using ice cream in a milkshake, it is best to soften it before using it. This would improve the texture of the ice cream for the milkshake, and will make it fluffier. A person can either set the ice cream outside for 10-15 minutes, or just stir it using a spoon.

When making a milkshake, which also involves the use of ice cream, it is good to use the right ratio. If the ratio of the milk and the ice cream is not balanced, then the milkshake won’t turn out well. Milkshakes are very easy to make with any flavored ice cream, but the consistency should be just right. A person would always want to taste the ice cream, and not just the milk he has poured in a glass. For this, they should always pour the ice cream in the glass, and then the milk.