Can I Use A Blender To Make Cauliflower Rice

Can I Use A Blender To Make Cauliflower Rice - Bill Lentis Media
Cauliflower rice can be mistaken fro real rice; however, it is a vegetable. It is very light, and has a fresh flavor; the stems of cauliflower rice are shredded and processed and give people firm grains. The distinguishing factor here is that, unlike rice, cauliflower rice don’t have to be cooked in water. For those who don’t like cleaning their food processor when blending rice, then can easily do so in a blender.

Method To Use A Blender To Make Cauliflower Rice

Take cauliflower florets and put them in the blender; take water and fill the blender with it, but don’t overfill the blender. The water should be less than the cauliflower florets. Pulse the blender at least 5 times, but pulse it too many times or else the florets will become a mash. Take a mesh strainer and drain the florets. Cauliflower rice is now ready to be cooked! Also go and check out the how to make milkshake with icecream without blender – click here for more info.

Method#2 To Use A Blender To Make Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower has green leaves and stem, when they are purchased from the market. Remove these green leaves and stem and then chop the cauliflower into medium sized chunks. Put these chunks in a blender, and then fill it with water until the pieces are no longer floating in the blender. While some blenders are large and can take big batches, the size of the batch does depend on the blender. Pulse the cauliflower chunks at low settings, and it will be done in no time.

Pour the mixture through a strainer, and then wait for the water to completely drain out. To make sure that all the water is out, use a spatula to remove the moisture. Take cauliflower rice in a bowl, add oil and salt in it. The cauliflower should be evenly coated; cover the bowl, using a plastic wrap and then microwave on high for 3 minutes. Remove from the microwave, and the rice is ready to be served. Cauliflower rice combines well with lentils and curry.

Can You Use A Food Mill To Rice Cauliflower?

If cauliflower is put through a food mill, then it is more likely to get mashed. The only good option here is to use a grater for the cauliflower, and then put it in a blender with water.

Is Cauliflower Rice Good For Weight Loss?

Cauliflower rice is good for weight loss, because it contains low calories. If someone takes a cup of cauliflower rice, then that would be only 25 calories. This vegetable is a really good source of fiber; it slows down the process of digestion, and makes a person full right away.

How Do You Know If Cauliflower Rice Is Bad?

The first thing that happens, when cauliflower rice goes bad is that, brown spots start to appear on the white head. If a person catches these brown spots early, then they can cut them out. However, if the brown spots have spread, then the cauliflower rice should be discarded.