How To Make Lemonade Slushie With A Blender


Lemonade is the best drink for a hot summer day. It is the most easiest drink to make as well. While some people would just squeeze a lemon in cold water, others like their lemon slushy a bit fancy. Lemonade slushie can be easily made in a blender.

Recipe For Making Slushies With A Blender?

Take ½ cup of water, 4 cups ice cubes, and ½ cup lemon juice (concentrated). If someone doesn’t like the strong taste of lemon juice, then they can use ½ cup sugar in the recipe as well. Take a blender, combine the lemon juice, water and sugar and blend. While the blender is running, at the 4 cups of ice cubes gradually, until the mixture comes out smooth. When the lemonade slushie is ready, then don’t keep it aside, but serve it right away.

Recipe#2 For Pink Lemonade

For those who don’t want a simple lemonade slushie, they can go for a pink lemonade recipe. It will add more flavor to their drink, and they will feel refreshed after drinking it. A pink lemonade has a pink layer, for which the person needs 1 cup of frozen strawberries, ¼ cup of superfine sugar, 2 cups of ice, and ¾ cup water. Blend all these ingredients in the blender, until the texture comes out smooth. Pour the drink in a tall glass.

For the lemonade part, take 5-6 lemons, squeeze them, add ¾ cup of superfine sugar in the blender, and 2 cups of ice. Blend the ingredients together, until the texture of the drink comes out smooth. Pour this yellow mixture on top of the pink layer, and if desired, garnish with a slice of lemon. Also go and check out the how to make ginger paste without a blender – click here for info.

Recipe#3 To Make A Slushie Without A Blender?

Making slushie without a blender takes too much time, but it can be fun as well. Take a large ziplock bag, and put ice and salt in it, and then small ziplock bag, for putting in lemon juice. Shake the ziplock bag for 5 minutes, and the slushy will be ready in no time. This is a fun thing to do with kids, and to get them involved in making a slushie. The ice and salt in the ziplock bag would turn the liquid into ice, in minutes. This would surely be a fun magic trick for the children to see.

Why Make A Lemonade Slushie With A Blender?

Lemonade slushie is very easy to make in a blender. If someone wants to make a lemonade slushie without a blender, then that can be time consuming. Lemonade slushie is really refreshing, and is perfect for those who just don’t like plain and simple lemonade or lemon juice. The ice added to a slushie, makes the drink very interesting. There are different flavors that people can add to their lemonade slushie, which can make it more appetizing.

A lemonade slushie is perfect for a summer morning or afternoon, when the heat is too much for the human body.