How To Choose A Perfect Name For Your Domain

How To Choose A Perfect Name For Your Domain -


Giving your business an online platform has the potential to make it grow exponentially and make your products reach far away buyers who purely look at the product and buy. So, after you are done with all the brain storming and planned everything about the business, the first step to put it online is to decide the name of your domain. Before the online business takes place one has to think a name for it, which will give it the recognition and build the first impression. After listening to a name you can sometimes make understanding about the intellectual level of the family and you somehow grow an image of the family; just like that the domain name is something which leaves the first impression and hence plays a very important role in making your business grow.

So let’s understand first what a domain name is? It is the name by which people recognize your business and it is that address which the people type in the address bar or click on the address link after a google search and get to your website. In technical term it is called Uniform Resource Locator or URL.

Here are few tips which you may find helpful if you want to establish your business at online platform.


The name should have the uniqueness in it. Never ever try to match you domain name with anything already existing and famous. That is not good for your image and sounds cheap. You may get few hits may be in the beginning but later on it will not help you. Hence you will have to look for a name which is unique. Save yourself from changing the spelling of the existing domain a little and also see there should not be any other exiting names already matching to your idea which may take advantage of your brand value.

It Should Tell About Your Business

Try to choose words which talk about your business and by looking at the domain name only people are able to understand the type of your work. The words chosen this way really help you in long run as people have to put less effort to reach your website.

East To Remember

Don’t try to choose the very difficult or tricky words which people can’t remember. Just use very simple and easy to remember words as no one is going to write you domain name hence it should be so easy that one should be able to search it easily or recall some part of it die the easiness maintained in it.

Easy To Type

The name should be easy to type also. It should be easy to type because id it is difficult to type the visitors may type the name wrongly in the address bar and may not get the desired results to make them visit your competitor.

Don’t Make It Long

Short names are considered better than the long once. The reason is simple. Long domain names are difficult to remember and type and the more they will remember you the more traffic you will get.

Avoid Numbers And Hyphens

Just avoid Hyphens and numbers and use only the letters. The Hyphens and numbers make them difficult to explain. Many people have a less understanding of numbers and Hyphens hence explaining it verbally to others is always difficult. Strictly make it a rule to just go with the letters.

Name Which Can Work In Long Run

There should not be any words which represent a trend or related to particular time if you want to run your business long term. A business can be run by different generation ig well established. Think that way and name it is such a way that even in Future also it has the potential to look relevant. Though it depends again on the product and there may be some product which is time specific then its fine to use the trend related words.


We can see how the bib brands have put so much of mind in keeping their domain’s name and how it is working for them also. Name plays a very important part in branding the product hence always keep such name which is impressive enough to help you improve the brand value.

Prefer .com Extension

There are many extensions like .com, .net, .org etc. Among all .com is the one which is used by most of the sites hence it is the first thing which come in any visitor’s mind. Hence just go with .com. There are many websites with .org and .net also which are highly successful hence if you don’t find the required name in .com you can try the name on other domains also if necessary. Let’s get familiar of few other extensions with their particular fields which are also good to use:

.co: this is used for companies, community and commerce
.info: This is for information based sites
.org: non profitable and non commercial websites
.biz: this is used for e commerce like business websites mainly
.me : This is for resumes, personal websites and blog

Protection From Duplicacy Also Is important

As we have mentioned earlier, people can take advantage of your hard work and marketing using the similar domain name for their business. Hence it is advised by few experts that once you finalize the domain name, you can also try looking for possible names and can also buy them so that others can use those for themselves.

Use Keywords If Possible

You can also try suing the popular keywords in your domain name as this will help you make your domain optimized for the search engines which obviously will help your business grow. Though there can be a conflict in opinion as many people may want to go with some strange unique name only as that motivates them and they feel easy to adopt that particular work instead of a common keyword. Hence if you choose to go with the keyword type domain name, then keep the keyword at the very beginning of the name to work it the best way for you.

Online business is not so easy. Its way beyond the expertise in the product and choosing the domain name is the beginning of that tricky path. We wish you good luck to get a success bringing name for your website.