5 – Tips For Growing Your Blog’s Audience

5-Tips For Growing Your Blog’s Audience - BillLentis.com
It is every blogger’s dream and goal to improve their audience base. Tapping into new readers will enable him or her share their ideas with them. Today, setting up a blog is easier than it was a decade or so back. There numerous free platforms that enable people to create blogs and integrate them with their websites as well. For a blog to live up to its true potential, it must be approached with a business-like mentality. It must have clearly defined goals and systems in place to ensure that it is sustainable for the long run. Its main business are the readers who pour through the content and engage with it.

Since it is a business, your blog should have clear strategies for attracting new customers to it. This article highlights the critical steps that you should take if you are to attract new audiences to your blog and at the same time keep the existing ones happy. New business is good but new business with old businesses combined is even better. It takes considerable time and effort to get the right results from these strategies but the effort employed will be worth it.

One of the main things you should do if you are keen on broadening your blog’s audience base and create mass appeal to potential customers is to who you are writing for. Sounds simple enough, does it not? For most writers starting a blog, they do not have their audience in mind. In fact, they started that blog out as a way of putting their thoughts and feelings about a particular subject known to the world. Their ideal audience will show up sooner or later after the blog coming up in a search engine result or spread by someone who already knows about the blog and found their content interesting.

That approach will wind up frustrating you because your blog will not get the traction it needs to get up and compete with other blogs in your niche. Instead, you should focus on getting to know who your readers. By knowing their demographics, needs, fears and wants, you can tailor your posts and keep them coming for more. You should do in-depth research about who your ideal audience is and put yourself in their shoes. This way, you can create content that will have mass-appeal to them and attract new prospects as well.

Secondly, you should know your niche inside out keeping an eye on the newest trends in that field. Your readers are keeping up with the trends as well and they want to see what your take on the new information will be. As a budding expert in the field, never stop learning. Most people tend to get stuck in their ways as they grow older and as a blogger, this is a war you will have to be fighting on a daily basis if you are to get new readers and keep you existing fans excited and constantly hankering for new content. For new and potential readers, you especially need to present the information the way an expert can.

This means that you have to put your thoughts across in as clear a manner as possible, all the while giving complete and useful information. People are very sharp these days and when you are dealing with a particular niche, best believe that the people who will read your blog will check out the information you are selling them. Any inconsistent information or bold statements are not well articulated or are missing relevant data will be scrutinized and you will called out for them. That is why you need to be very consistent in how you present your information by presenting your audience with facts and figures to back them up. It might take time to research but as long as your word is at stake, you might bear with it. The main aim here is to ensure you establish credibility as an expert. People albeit skeptical will always strive to listen or read your work when you can appeal to their logical side with relevant information presented in an expert manner.

Always strive for consistency in posting your content to capture and retain your audience’s attention. Most people tend to forget that a blog is like a business that needs consistency in order to be sustainable. Consistency in this regard refers to two things, the content itself and the delivery method. In regards to the content itself, you need to stick within the boundaries of the niche you are specializing in. When you are preparing to create a post, it is very easy to get carried away with creative spirit and drift to different topics. In order to maintain your audience’s interest, you must be consistent with areas of specializing. This means you need to reign in your enthusiasm and stay on task. The importance of in-depth research cannot be reiterated enough. The other aspect of consistency is to ensure that you post the content at a specific time, day of the week and date. That is important because it gives your audience something to look forward to and they can plan their schedule around the post. Most blogs die out because their authors have very unpredictable schedules in releasing content. If your audience does not know when they will hear from you, they will tune you out and move on with their lives. Have reminders in place.

Finally, it is important that you post useful social media content that draws attention to your blog. As part of your promotional strategy, you must employ different means in different social media sites to attract attention to your blog. For instance, in Facebook, memes and gifs work wonders in drawing attention to you. LinkedIn is more text based and more professional. Overall, these tips when they are applied will go a very long way in ensuring that you draw the right kind of attention to your preferred audience and grow it.