How Often Should I Stand Up At My Desk?

How Often Should I Stand Up At My Desk? - Bill Lentis Media
Any stationary position for prolong periods, whether sitting or standing can be harmful for health. It is important to keep your body parts moving and avoid prolonged stationary position. Although there are reports suggesting that standing is more beneficial for health than sitting, and which is true to some extent, but standing all day have its own negative impact on the health, such as lower back pain and varicose veins, etc.

It is important to maintain the balance between sitting and standing. The real problem does not lie in sitting all day, but inactivity of the body. If we are not moving, running and stretching our body we are exposing ourselves to health risks.

According to studies, you should first look to stand for 2 hours each day during your work and eventually bring it up to 4 hours a day, alternating between standing and sitting. Use a sit-stand desk so you can easily adjust between standing and sitting with ease; Click Here. While standing here are some important things you should keep in mind:

• Height: This is important when you are standing or even sitting, your desk should be at the right height. If you have a monitor or laptop placed on your desk, make sure you don’t have to tilt your neck too much to look at your screen.
• Posture: While standing, make sure your posture is right to avoid any back pain or other health problems.
• Anti-fatigue Mat: If you are feeling tiredness in your feet while standing, try using anti-fatigue mat for standing desks; Kangaroo.
• Don’t push yourself too hard: If you are used to sedentary lifestyle, your body might take a while to get use to standing.
• Exercise: While standing, don’t stand stationary, but try doing some small exercises. You can also walk a few steps around your table to keep your body active. Do you know how much are stand up desks – Go Here.

Moving Your Body Is The Key

One of the most important things that standing allows us to do is to move, walk, stretch, and even do some exercises. Standing still for a long period can cause back pain if you are not used to standing. So make sure while standing you stretch and do some exercises. You will not just maintain healthy life style through it, but will also feel more active towards your work. There are many simple exercises you can do without gaining attention of your coworkers. Even if they notice, they are likely to get motivated by your lifestyle. Do you know if a standing desk helps with knee pain – Website.

Final Thoughts

To avoid the health risks from excessive sitting and standing, it is important to keep switching between standing and sitting. Avoid staying at any position for long periods and make sure to keep your body active by stretching and moving around your desk. As mentioned above try doing some exercise like calf stretches, marching in place, etc. to relief any stress on your muscles. This will help you both physically and will also make you more focused and attentive towards your work. See how to DIY standing desk – More Info.