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If we talk about the oldest cities in America, we just can”t miss Boston. Being a very old city, Boston also is a higher education hub providing the studies of variety of subjects from various schools and colleges. Many famous legends and celebrities have taken shape in Boston. So here are few famous people from Boston:

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg who is also known as Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg is a singer and actor who started his singing career as a main singer in his band Funky Beach and Marky Mark. The song Good Vibrations” achieved number one ranking on Billboard hot 100 and brought huge fame to Mark. The big hit album “Music for the people” was the first debut album. Among nine children he was the youngest in his broken family. Unfortunately, Mark started taking drugs and also got involved in violence in a very young age. He was found involved in a barbarous attack and got imprisoned at the age of 16 but the destiny had decided to pull him up from the bottom and make him shine like a star. So, Mark”s brother Donnie who had his own band “New Kids on the block” got him involved into music and music gave him a new life which was far from the darkness of drugs and violence.

Mark”s Hip Hop group Music for the people got huge access and soon they came up “You Gotta Believe” in 1992.H Moved to acting from the movie “The Substitute” in 1993 Then he appeared in the comedy film “Renaissance Man” as Tommy Lee Haywood with Danny DeVito. He also played a role of a villain called David Mccall in the movie “Fear” which was thriller and released in 1996.He played a wide array of roles and in his journey of acting experiments, he also played the role of an adult star who gets famous and then loses fame later. This character”s name was Eddie Adams in the movie Boogie nights in 1997.This got a big hit and also forced the critics to pick their pens.

Tim Roth, Estella Warren Helena Bonham Carter and Mark Wahlberg starred film “Planet of the Appe” was based on a science fiction novel written by Pierre Boulle. The actor also participated in “Invincible”, which is a sports drama, as main character in 2006.In this sports drama Mark portrayed Vince Papale who played for Philadelphia Eagles for once. Go to – billlentis.com/best-weekend-trips-from-boston.

Mark won a nomination for an academy award in the best supporting actor category. His role in The Fighter also made him achieve many awards. He also won several awards in the best supporting actor category for acting in “Departed”. “The Fighter” also brought him a best actor award from the African-American Film Critics Association.

Bobby Brown

The singer and song writer Bobby Brown also is a gift to the music world from Boston. His passion for music made him worthy of being famous though he was born in a poor family. He formed a band with his friends called New addition and the created wonderful numbers. The firm album candy girl got famous among teenagers. His solo albums “King of Stage” and “Bobby” did not succeed much but the third one called Don”t be cruel got huge success and got a place in Billboard hot 100 also. The album became the best selling album of the decade. Due to this album he achieved American awards also.

Personal life did not do well as the singer got divorced after he got addicted to alcohol and cocain. Childhood also was not normal as he was involved in stealing activities and crimes but at the age of 11 after seeing his friend death by stabbing, he became sincere towards his life and studies.

Benjamin Franklin

The philosopher, scientist and socialist Benjamin Franklin is the wise gift to the humanity from Boston. He always worked for humanity and wellbeing of the people of his country and that is why he is also described as “the only president of the United States who never became a president of United States”. Science will always remember him for his various inventions like Swin fins, catheter, Franklin stove, step ladder, library chair, bifocal glasses, lightening rod, etc. He gave to the world so much but never got anything patented as he just wanted to serve the humanity and had no intentions to make money from the knowledge he had got. Experiments with lightning made him famous in all over the world. Having signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; Benjamin became an unforgettable part of the history of America. Benjamin Franklin could not even complete his elementary education in his childhood due to monetary issues but later his exemplary work made many universities to felicitate him with honorary degrees.

Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy has been a part of Senate from Massachusetts. Due to his long term in Senate which went for four decades he was called “The Lion of the Senate”. By serving this long he became the fourth among the senators serving for long. Even when he died, he was a part of the Senate. His parents were Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and Rose Kennedy and his siblings were John F Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy. He also was the longest living son among three of them. He got recognition as the most senior member of the senate by serving for more than 46 years. “The Dream shall Never die” delivered on august 12, 1980 is one of the best known speeches of this powerful speaker. People still remember him for his attitude and influential qualities they say that due to his influence 300 bills were implemented into law when he was serving the Senate. This great leader was a real warrior as he also suffered from malignant glioma which is one kind of brain tumor and the figher politician took his last breath in his Kennedy compound located in Hyannis Port.

Great personalities became a part of his funeral including the President Obama in those days, former president Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George Bush and many famous and intellectual personalities and celebrities.

His death was called by President Obama as “passing of an extraordinary leader”. This legend from Boston will never be forgotten.

Michael Bloomberg

The politician and business men Michael Bloomberg was the business magnet initially but then he also became a part of politics and got elected as the Mayor of New York city in 2001.Then he served for three continuous terms. He founded a global standard media and financial data company called Bloomberg L.P. he has 88 percent of shares in it. The famous Philanthropist”s name comes among the world”s wealthiest people. Solomon Brothers Investment Bank gave him chance to start his career by giving him an entry level position and within 15 years Michael with his sharp mind and business skills which may be he got from his was who was a real estate agent, achieved to become a partner in the firm. Later he formed his own company called Innovative Market System and today we know this company by the name Bloomberg L P. It saw exponential growth in few years and became a global level data service and media company having multibillion dollar value. As he was interested in politics from childhood, he got a chance to try his dream and he tried and the New York City elections for Mayor in 2001 and got elected. The very successful businessmen also got success in politics by getting elected twice after it continuously which was in 2005 and 2009. Through the Bloomberg”s platform, Michael Bloomberg always served the society and helped people generously. He is also known for his modern, progressive and liberal thoughts. He strongly supports same sex marriage, citizenship for illegal immigrants and abortion rights as well. One of his mentionable steps as Mayor are he came up with a plan to provide emergency contraception help to girls over 14 years without the consent of parents. His top priorities were to fight against diabetes, HIV and hypertension. He was liked by people so much due to his main emphasis on public welfare and health.

He got many awards as Award for distinguished Leadership In Global markets by Yale school of management in 2003,Gold medal by The Hundred Years association New York “in recognition of outstanding contributions of the City Of New York and a healthy community leadership awards as well by leadership for health communities –A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation national programme.

Donnie Wahlberg

The singer, actor and producer was eighth of the nine children in is family. Coming to a lower middle class background Donnie lived far from his school and has to travel more to reach the school and there he developed an interest in the rap music. With his friend Danny Wood and both of them started creating rap lyrics. He formed his first rap group called “Kool Aid Bunch” when he was in High school. He also became a part of NYNUK the teenager”s vocal group when he was 15 years old.

His first album was “Be My Girl” which did not do well but the second album named “Hanging Tough” became a big hit. He always tried himself in acting by taking part in the films like “Bullet”, “Ransom” and “Black Circle Boys” in which he played bad guy roles.

The film Sixth Sense in 1999 made him shine as the film got hugely hit and the critics also wrote a lot about it to bring him in to highlight. He also became a part of the ten part serial “band of Brothers” and in the drama series Dream Cather” and Boom Town”.

His music group had become the most popular music group in America in 1990 after they released the Albums Step by Step and Tonight.

Donnie likes to play basket ball in his free time and he also is a fan of Boston Celtics.

Uma Thurman

Uma Karuna Thurman came to lime light when she portrayed Mia Wallace in “Pulp Fiction” – a dark comedy movie. This role gave her a place in the list of A list stars of the Hollywood. She just wanted to be an actress and never cared of the glamorous actress image or looking beautiful. She proved this to viewers by taking part in the “Kill Bill” movies. She born and brought up in a broad minded family who flowed the uncommon ways of living where she got an upbringing which was influenced by Buddhism and she was named as a Hindu. In her childhood she was surrounded by variety of thoughts as her mother was modelling while her father was writing on Buddhism.

At the age of 15, the girl realised what she wanted to do in life and hence for the sake of acting she left her school. Her career in movies started in 1980 when she started getting small roles.

Her major works include her role in “Kill Bill” which was an action thriller film and got released in two volumes. She plays a role of a former member of an assassination team. She got into recognition so much because this role was away from any glamour and playing this was a really courageous for an actor who carry a glamorous image.

One more uncommon role can be counted among her best works is in the movie called “Hysterical Blindness” where she has played a role of a woman who is seeking romance in her life.

The actress has won the Golden Globe award for her work in “Hysterical Blindness” for best actress. She also could win the Saturn Award for Best actress for her acting in “Volume 1 of Kill Bill”. The actress is famous for her exotic looks and superb acting.

Black Dahlia

Few people keep running behind the fame and sometimes the death becomes the reason of it. Black Dahlia is the perfect example of it who was murdered brutally and her naked body was found cut into two parts from waist. Black Dahlia is the name given to Elizabeth Short by press. Her father left her when she was very young and later after 12 years of gap she could reunite with him but they could not live happily together and she decided to live by herself again. She had many boyfriends and had to work as waitress to earn her bread. Her murder is considered as a sex related crime. Hence there are rumours that she also was involved in prostitution. Her death is still is a mystery though so much information came to police in order to win the reward of $ 10,000 but everything proved to be false.

Here murder has been listed as the most brutal murders of that time and many books have been written and movies have been made on this incident which made this unfortunate girl known to the world.

James Spader

This is an actor who comes from the teachers and scholars” family. His mother was a teacher may be that made him attracted towards arts and later on when he has decided to make his career in acting he casted his formal education aside and got enrolled in Michael Chekhov”s School in New York to continue with acting. Before coming to full time acting James had to do small jobs as yoga teacher, busboy, railroad car loader and also truck driver. He got a break in the film Team mates but this film got released later and the film which is considered as the first one is Endless Love”. He worked in various films and played different type of roles in films like “Endless Love”, “Mannequin”, “Less Than Zero” and “Wall Street” but the film which made him achieve the Best actor award in Cannes Film Festival is “Sex, Lies and Videotape”. He continuously worked in television and films for three decades. Few of his unconventional and noticeable films are “Stargate” which is a science fiction, “Crash” which is a psychological thriller and secretary which is an erotic romantic film. The television series “The Practice” he played the role of an attorney called “Alan Shores” and htis is considered as one of his best acting works. He won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” and “Satellite Award for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy” for the drama. Few other works in television acting which are memorable include Robert California in “The Office” and Raymond “Red” Reddington in “The Blacklist” He also played the role of Ultron as villain in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which is a latest superhero blockbuster.

Ben Foster

We know this actor for his roles which were full of complexity and darkness. He acted in the films like “The Mechanic”, The Survior” and “Lone Survivor”. He got a chance to appear in the TV series “Flash Forward “at an early age of 16 and from there he never looks back as his destiny kept giving him continuous opportunities. His debut film “Kounterfeit” is a crime thriller and he got his first main role in a film called Get Over it which is based on Midsummer Night”s Dream written by Shakespeare. This film was teen comedy and he got nominated for the Teen Choice awards for his performance. He became famous for mostly his complex and dark characters. His action film Punisher also is worthy to mention is an action film. He also played main role in the film “The Messenger” which is a war drama. Recently he worked in “Rock n Roll” which is a Frech comedy film and “Hell or High Water,” which is a crime thriller. One of his universally praised films is “Leave No Trace” which is a drama.

Recently Ben got married and has a daughter.

Edward Norton

American actor Edward Norton is known for his acting and filmmaking work. Movies like “Primal Fear”, Incredible Hulk” and “The Illusionist,” brought him recognition for his roles in these movies. He played an alter boy role in the film “Primal Fear” where he gets charged of an archbishop”s murder. This also is his debut film. This role made him get the Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category and he also could earn the Golden Globe award in the Best Supporting Actor Category. His one for remarkable performance is in the film “American History X”, which is a crime drama in which he played the lead role. For this film also he got the second nomination for Oscar in the best actor category. He won his third nomination for Oscar for the film “The Birdman” which is a black comedy in which he played the main character. “The Illusionist” and “Moonrise Kingdom” are also mentionable films.

Norton also is known for his works for the society and the environment. He became UN”s Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity in year 2010 and he also tried to be a producer for few of his films.

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath, one of the writers who even after living only for 30 years, gave unforgettable literature to the literature world. She is recognised as a poet who contributed to the confessional poetry and hence advanced the genre. She also wrote short stories and novel and got same level of recognition for prose also. At an early age of eight, her first poem got published. She got her creation published at national level publication and when she was just twenty, she became the guest editor of “Mademoiselle”. After successfully completing the studies, she moved to England and there she got married. They lived in US after marriage but later moved to England and continued to write. Only two of her books got published in her life and rest of them were published after her death at the age of 30.It is said that she committed suicide because she could not handle the criticism for her writings.

Barbara Walters

Barb Barbara Jill Walters got famous from the NBC news programme called The Today Show in which she worked as the segment producer of Women”s interest stories. She maintains high interview qualities and journalistic standards hence she became very mush popular and was in demand that the channel had to allot her more air time. She became the first lady co anchor in the evening news and joined Harry Reasoner on ABC Evening News. The wonderful anchor got chance to host several morning TV shows including and The View. People know her for her straight and without nonsense decent style of speaking and hence she interviewed many great leader including Russia”s Boris Yeltsin, Shah of Iran, Libya”s Muammar al-Gaddafi China”s Jiang Semin, and India”s Indira Gandhi.