Cheap Things To Do In Boston, MA

Cheap Things To Do In Boston MA -


Boston has a rich history which is full of ups and downs and at the same due to its location, history and intellectual properties, it became the political, education and economical hub. Boston has given several artists, businesspersons and scholars to the worlds that made the world a better place to live. You just need to choose your type of interest and you will find something to make you happy in Boston.

The tourism department has come with few plans to make the outsiders comfortable when they come and visit the city. So let’s have a look those things before we try to see the cheap things in Boston.

The City Pass Of Boston

By taking this pass you can visit four places in discounted price including New England Aquarium, Museum of science, Boston, Skywalk Observatory and Harvard Museum of Natural History or Boston Harbour Cruises (you need to make a choice).

The cost of adult pass provides almost 45% discount (subject to change) on the actual price. You can use the pass for nine day continuously from the day of using it first. So if you g there for long time this is very much suitable. Once having the pass, you just need to show the pass and don’t need to pay anything at the places. Website –

Go Card

Go card Boston is another discount package which includes many places to visit. It also has the option of skip the line entry to save the time of outsiders.

There are three types of the Go Card passes.

The first one is the pass which includes almost all the 41 visit able places of the city. You can opt starting from a one day pass to a seven day pass. The day for the pass will be consecutive from the time you start using it. To give you an idea the possibility is saving with the one day pass is around 50% (subject to change) and ti will increase a you increase the number of days. – Find out about things to do in Boston in the summer http://localhostthings-to-do-during-the-summer-in-boston-ma.

This pass lasts for 30 days so if you are planning to visit the city for several days this can be the best choice for you.19 places and activities have been included in this pass. Saving possibility is approximately 35%.

This is the best option you don’t want to compromise in term of the places to visit so this is the Build your own pass facility where you can choose the number of days and more than two to 36 places to visit. The number of places will make a different in the price but here also savings are confirmed till approximately 20%. Website –

Boston USA And Visiting Boston

This website will help you to know about the places and possible expenses and also the cheap ways to visit them including the discounted prepaid cards. Visiting Boston is a mobile friendly website controlled by city government.

Places To Visit In Boston In Budget Or Free

Now let’s have a look at the places to visit in Boston in budget.

The Freedom Trial

The Freedom Trial -
If you are looking for visiting the most of the places having historic value then The Freedom Trial is the first and best option. This is a walking route which is 2.5 mile long and includes 16 sites oh historic value. This starts from Boston Common and ends at either Bunker Hill Monument or the USS Constitution, depends which direction you give to your walk. Website –

USS Constitution And Museum

This is a free place to visit though you can donate if you want. Here you will see a battleship built in 1794 which took an active part in the battle occurred in 1812 and was in service for 90 years. This ship got a nickname ‘Old Iron sides’. You can visit the decks for free though the securities measures have been taken you need to obey few restrictions as well. In every thirty minutes new group of people is sent to visit the ship. The timings will slightly change depending the time if the year you are visiting the place.

USS Constitution Museum is a museum which has detailed information about this ship. A private organisation runs it. Website –

Bunker Hill Monument With Museum

This also is a free place to visit with your family and friends. Bunker Hill Monument recalls the memories of the first war which played an important part in American Revolution. This is a 221 feet stone monument kept on a hill. You can walk on the grounds for free and can have a bird’s eye view of many places in Boston, Cambridge and nearby areas. If the weather and surface condition are favourable even climbing on the monument is allowed though few inexperienced people may not get the permission.

If you want to know more than you can visit the museum which is nearby.

Paul Revere House

The patriot is famous for his midnight ride to alert the nearby colonists. His house is the oldest house in the middle of Boston. It’s a wonderful experience to see it in its originality. To know more, visit the site and get thrilled. The entrance fee in the house has been nominal. If you don’t want to pay the fee also you can actually avoid getting in to save yourself from the crowd you can just see the house form outside for free and from outside also you can get a good idea of the construction of the house. Website –

Faneull Hall

Faneull Hall -
This hall can be called the birthplace of the American Revolution as many important meeting took place in this hall in the colonial era. It is still used as the event place for few events. Website –

Site Of The Boston Massacre

The Site Of Massacre in just a circle of cobblestones which reminds of the Boston Massacre whic occurred on March 5, 1770.This is considered as the most significant confrontations during the coonial era when the small dispute between a British soldier and a citizen took a big shape and several colonist were killed in the fight. This fight had to result in the war which happened few years later. This place is free to visit.

Old South Meeting House

This is the name of the meeting hall which also saw many colonists’ meetings happening at the time of the revolution. This Puritan meeting house was built in 1729 and there was no other structure as big as this one for a long time. In 1773 this hosted the meeting where the planning of Boston Tea Party took place. The fee is very much manageable it’s just $6 per adult and $5 per student. The historic structure is worth watching from Inside.

King’s Chapel And Burying Ground

King’s Chapel is the house of worship which was built in the colonial era in 1750. Anglican services are still put on here now a day. Here you can enter for free and visit the place. It is advised to check the schedules of worship before to go to the place.

Adjacent to this church there is a burial ground also which also has great historic value as it has the graves of many colonial era personalities.

Park Street Church

This Church was built in 1809.This Church was the spiritual home of William Lloyd Garrison who was the running the campaign against slavery. Hence this played an important part in the abolishment movement. This is an Congregationalist church where you can enter for free and explore the place but please check the timings before visiting. Along with its historical value its structure also worth watching including the attractively built 217 foot steeple.

Massachusetts State House

Old South Meeting House -
Massachusetts State House is a building with a golden dome located on in a nig area in the middle of the city was built in 1798. Paul Revere laid the first metal dome on this building structure.

If you want to completely view the place, see the steps in front and entrance from across the street and the walk into public rotunda. There is no fee to visit this place and please check the timing before visiting as these are subject to change as per the season. The wooden cod called sacred cod is also worth watching.

Old North Church

This is the oldest and most famous church of Boston. Constructed on 1772, this church also was used to alert the colonists of the British march by lighting a torch at the top of the steeple under instructions of Paul Revere. This act is said to be the opening act of the revolutionary war.

This place also has a red brick structure called Clough House to visit. It has an old printing office and chocolate shop and both the places are good to see.

Open And Natural Areas In Boston Including Emerald Necklace

There are many parks and open spaces in Boston along with the historical value closed places. There are not just buildings but also well maintained grassy areas developed by the time which makes city really attractive. Emerald Necklace is a string of many parks spread in a huge area. There are many fountains and beeches also to enjoy. These places are open all the time as these do not get closed in the nights though it is advised to check the night timings before visiting.

Boston Common

Boston common is the oldest city park in America which is spread in 50 acres. In the middle of the busy city this place is where you can find some greenery and also enjoy music as there are free music performances occurring on many evenings during summers. There is no entry fee and you can use it any time of the day for free. You also have an option to eat authentic Italian food available in a restaurant here.

Public Garden

Public garden is situated adjacent to the Boston Common but it is different than that in many ways. This is the first botanical garden built in the country where by walking on the paved pathway you can enjoy watching the local and ornamental vegetation and beautiful landscape which is attractive in all seasons. There are plenty of benches to rest and the bridge for sightseeing.

Charles River Esplanade

This is a riverfront pathway which is made straight and along with the pathway you have the rivers bank which is full of grass and tress which are shady. Here you have enough scenery to take photos and you can also try fulfilling your desire of fishing. In the series of parks this one goes just east and northeast of the Boston Common and Public Garden.

A bandstand located in the centre, performs free evening shows in summer.

Boston Harbor Walk

This gives you a chance to walk along Boston Harbour and other places come in the way. The places coming along include most of the industries but also many beaches, historic places and waterfront parks.

The southern part of the walk will take you through the mouth of Neponset River, M Street Beach along Old Harbour, Dorchester Basin and UMass – Boston campus and if you walk in the east, you get to see the art galleries, cafes and historic architecture.

If you want to enjoy the sightseeing in a cruise and also a meal along with it, you have the option there around the river.

Pleasure Bay

There is a water body with the beaches and parks around called Pleasure Bay which you can access from the Harbour Walk. You have a missed experienced of the natural sights along with few historic places come in the way when you walk on it. You just have to spend your time on it to get the pleasure on the Pleasure Bay.

Franklin Park And Zoos

Franklin Park And Zoos -
This is the biggest park among the parks in the Emerald Necklace parks. This also fills you with more natural feeling than the other parks in the city. You can visit it for free but if you choose to visit two Zoos situated here, you need to pay some amount.

Harvard Yard

This oldest part of the Harvard University is full of trees and is surrounded by the 18th and 19th century buildings. During the summers it’s available for the sightseers and the students who are planning to get the admission. You can have the experience of this great university area for free.

Back Bay Fens And River Way Around Fenway Park

The Fenway Park may not be a desirable option for many who are not game lovers at the same time it’s not much budget friendly hence not worth mentioning separately here but the area around the park is free to visit and is worth visiting. It’s a beautifully planned green park.

River way is the extension of the same green area on the other side of the Fenway Park. You may love to try biking and jogging around Jamaica and Latin Ponds if you are a fitness lover.

Revere Beach

Revere Beach again is a place which can be enjoyed for free. You can also save money for parking by moving from the central Boston directly. Along with the option which a beach has like sand and water it also is historically valuable being first republic beach of America.

Nearby Places

The nearby places are simply accessible and here are few such places whi are in budget or free and you can also check them out after seeing Boston’s attractions of your choice.

North End

Walk up on red bricks and experience the Italian influence in the area across Interstate 93 from Boston financial district. Copp’s Hill Burying ground is worth watching and then the complicated street plan and if you wish having a meal in any of the eateries is going to be an experience. Website –

Beacon Hill

This area has been the home of the Elite of Boston. There are hills in the neighbourhood to walk up and down, beautiful townhouses standing along and from here you can also have a glimpse of the golden dome State House. Ashburton Park and Louisburg Square are the places to relax for some time. Website –


Never miss visiting China Town if you get a chance to visit the area. If you want to have a dim sum or nominally priced plates ( between $3 and $6 mostly ) of Cantonese dumplings then have the option available in the streets of Chinatown like Washington Street, Tyler Street, Beach Street, Hudson Street, and Harrison Avenue. You have nice paces to stay as well.

Allston – Brighton

The place is worth visiting due to its eye catching houses and also the district is known for the live music places and watering holes. You can visit Brighton Music Hall to enjoy the shows in affordable price. The city is also called “Allston Rock City,” by few people.

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica plain is surrounded by many Emerald Necklace parks. Along with the greenery, the industries and warehouses and the affordable bodegas and eateries supported by Latin American culture are few attractive features.

The Footlight Club here is the oldest community theatre of the nation. The tickets will be around $20 to $25 or more (subject to change) if you want to enjoy the music in it.


Charles Town is an attractive neighbourhood where you get to see the row houses of red brick and the rough hillocks. From Bunker Hill to USS Constitution you can just walk through Charlestown streets and have a cheap meal at Warren Tavern.


This neighbourhood city is a popular place among young professionals. The Davis square has many bars, nightclubs and restaurants with affordable price in many of these. Don’t miss to visit Assembly Square where you may get good discount on consumer staples and clothes.

Commonwealth Museum

Surprisingly, entry to this place is free where you get to see the culture and history of Massachusetts closely. There are several displays to illustrate the history before and after independence.

Boston Public Library

Boston Public library with its 24 branches can provide you any information you need on Boston’s history and culture. There are also few outdoor and indoor classes, seminars, talks and performances if you want to be a part of it.

This also is available for free and you just need to check the timings when you plan to go there. Website –

Massachusetts Historical Society

The Massachusetts Historical Society is worth visiting as it has many options for you there such as a library for free which is open 6 days a week. There are exhibitions in the exhibition hall. Many events like tours, lectures, brown bag lunches, conference and seminars. Located at the meeting point of the Back Bay and Fenway the Massachusetts Historical Society is free and open to everyone. Even the society sometimes sponsors few even around Boston and those events also are free sometimes.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

This is one of the best museums run by the university and by buying the ticket for this museum you also get a chance to get into the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology. In the natural History Museum the treasure of the Gemstones is worth watching and also make sure that you also do not miss to be at the tropical exhibit on climate change for few minutes.

The tickets are in budget but we suggest you to enquire and decide. The timings are also to be checked before planning to go.

So, here we have mentioned most of places which either you can visit for free or in a very cheap price. If you look at the weather it is advised to visit Boston from late April through early June and mid-September through late October. If you are one of the crowd conscious persons than best time is the cold season which is November to early April. Boston has prepared itself for outsiders well hence when you visit keep yourself aware of all the facilities like the MBTA system, Charlie card, Regional bus service etc to save yourself from spending money unnecessarily. You also need to know that the climatic conditions are extreme and you need to prepare yourself for hot summers, snowy winters or soaking rains depending on which season you have chose to visit the place.