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Guide To Start A Vegetable Garden

What is the most important thing when it comes to vegetables? Their freshness! Not everyone knows how to keep vegetables, fresh, which is why they need to learn gardening. It is not very complicated to grow vegetables in the home garden, but one needs to learn how to do it right.

It is not very effective to dump every plant or seeds on the ground, and just water them frequently. Such a practice is not going to give the gardener the yield that he wants. Also go and check out the hanging vegetable garden – check that.

Start With The Greens

To grow a home vegetable garden, start with the greens that can be used in salads. For example, those who have started gardening for the first time, they need to grow something that would grow quickly. In this case, they can grow lettuce, which is really easy to harvest. Lettuce takes up very less space, and it can also be grown in containers.

Easiest Vegetables To Grow

There are some really easy vegetables to grow in home vegetable garden, which can be done easily. They either don’t require much space, or the gardener doesn’t have to look after them much – Civilys.


If someone wants to grow tomatoes in their vegetable garden, then they won’t need much space for it. They can even grow tomatoes in their hanging baskets and containers, and hang them in a place where there is a lot of sun.


The whole carrots are very easy to grow, if someone is starting a vegetable garden on the ground. The most important thing to remember about carrots is that, they might not grow too large, especially if the soil is rocky. In order to grow the perfect carrots, the soil should be well drained and deep. Gardeners should grow carrots in raised beds, and it is really fun to grow them.


Radishes are used in salads, and they are very versatile for growing in a vegetable garden. In fact, if someone wants a quick yield, then radishes are the perfect thing to grow. They reach to their full size, in just 20 days – Colorful Garden.

Preparing The Soil

The soil plays an important part in assisting the vegetables to grow, which is why the gardener should prepare it carefully. The garden soil should have the nutrients needed for a good vegetable production. If the soil is not prepared well, then it will not thrive. Make sure to include compost, cow manure and even mushroom compost to create good quality soil.

Planting The Seeds

Before planting the seeds in the home vegetable garden, make sure to get familiar with planting tools. When the plants start to grow, then after two weeks, mulch around them. This will shade the roots of the plant and will add more nutrients to the soil. Tomatoes, eggplants and chilies should be rooted once every year; this means they should be planted in a different garden bed. Buy good pesticides for the pest, so that they don’t damage the plants beforehand.