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How To Create A Hanging Vegetable Garden?

People think that they need a lot of space to create a vegetable garden. However, what they don’t understand is that, a vegetable garden doesn’t need much space, but creativity. A hanging vegetable garden is a vertical vegetable garden, which can be done on a balcony, rooftop or any outdoor space. Also go and check out the garden vegetables list – check out the post right here.

A hanging vegetable garden consists of baskets, which are hung vertically. Large quantities of vegetables can be grown in these baskets, but the gardener needs to know which vegetables can be grown and how.

Strong hangers

The hangers that are used for hanging clothes, are available in sturdy materials. These hangers can be used for hanging small pots on the balcony. Most people hang pots on their balcony, so that they can get a little privacy when they sit there. Also, they can decorate these plants in whatever way they want to. The gardener should make sure that the hangers are sturdy enough to hold the pots in place, or else, they might land on someone’s head.

Allstar Innovations

This product can be hung upside down on a balcony, and gardeners can grow juicy tomatoes in it, all season long. The product has the capacity to hold about 30lbs of tomatoes, and it has its own watering system as well. The watering system can distribute water to the plant, for a long period of time. The gardener can use potting soil, and grow other organic vegetables as well – Allstar Innovations. The pots are designed in such a way that, gravity pulls the water and sends it directly to the roots of the vegetable plant.

8 Pocket Garden Hanging Planter

This product has large size 8 pockets, and can be easily used by any gardener to grow vegetables. The soft pouches of this product has high water retention feature, and slowly release irrigation. It prevents any water stagnation and plays a vital part in keeping the plants healthy. The back and the bottom of these hanging pockets are waterproof, which means that they won’t get the wall dirty. It will cover an entire wall, and when plants grow in it, it would seem art.

These hanging pockets can be hung anywhere. It can be hung on a patio, balcony, schoolyard, and even in a rooftop garden – KORAM.

Things To Remember With Hanging Vegetable Garden

There are several things that a gardener needs to remember with a hanging vegetable garden. As a hanging garden is a unique concept, it needs special care as well. It should have a proper drainage system, and the gardener should know which plants can be hung, and the ones that are not possible to grow in pockets.

Moreover, even if it is a hanging vegetable garden, it still needs fertilization. Fertilization is like food for plants. The easiest thing to do with a hanging vegetable garden is pruning, and it should be done annually. The gardener won’t have to sacrifice his back or knees, while pruning the plants.