How Often To Water Vegetable Garden?

How Often To Water Vegetable Garden - Bill Lentis Media


Learn To Water Vegetable Garden The Right Way

Too much of anything is bad for health; everyone has heard this quote. However, this applies to watering vegetable garden as well. If a gardener or a beginner thinks that he should water each and every plant to the maximum every day, then that would end up killing some plants. Not every plant has to be watered every day, or watered to the brim of the pot.

When gardeners water more than necessary, then the plants start producing shallow roots. They become more dependent on water, which is why it is best to water less frequently, and moist the roots only. It is not good to use sprinklers every second day, but give a thorough soaking once a week. Also go and check out the home vegetable garden – check this.

Feeling The Soil

To see if a plant needs water, sticking one hand and feeling the soil will be enough. If the soil sticks to the hand, and the gardener can make a ball, then the soil doesn’t need watering. However, if the soil doesn’t stick, and the surface also looks cracked or baked, then it is time to water the plant.

Wilting & Water

Some plants might look droopy midday, but that is no reason to water them. Temporary wilting can take place, and that happens mostly on hot days. This is an indication that the plant is adapting to its environment. If the wilted plant has become perkier in the evening, then there is no reason to water it; Swan Products.

When To Water Vegetable Garden?

The best time to water a vegetable garden is early in the morning. If someone waters after the heat of the sun has set in, then that would evaporate most of the water. Watering early in the morning means that, most of the water will stay on the leaves, and that reduces any chances of fungal attacking the plant. Before watering the vegetables, make sure to remove any leaves, which have welted or don’t look right.

Time to Water Vegetable Garden

Different vegetables need water at different times. Beans need water at critical stages of growing; if it is a 5 foot row, then it should be watered 2 gallons per week. However, if there has been rainfall, then the watering time and gallons would differ. Cauliflower, on the other hand, needs a lot of water during a dry spell. If it is dry weather, then it should be watered frequently, or else 2 gallons per week.

Carrots and Brussels Sprouts don’t need frequent watering. After a gardener has planted Brussels sprouts, he shouldn’t let it dry out after 3 weeks. It is best to use 1 gallon water, after every 1 and half weeks. As for carrots, they need 1 gallon at an early stage and 2 gallons every 2 weeks to give time for the roots to mature; ChYoung.

The best way to water a plant is through deep root penetration. The roots should receive water, because they are the main source of plant development.