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When we know about a city like Boston, it seems to be promising for a better quality of life with its best education, numerous career opportunities, the variety of landscape, the multicultural environment, it’s glorious history and many more aspects which we will understand here one by one. If there is anything in your mind which is alluring you to move to Boston than here are the reasons to make your though strong.

The Scope Of Walking In The City

In most of the Boston, you will find the walk able paths to reach your destination. If you are a stroller or if you love to walk, this city will not disappoint you. The walk is so common here that even a walking tour has been built here called Freedom Trail which lets you do the sightseeing of many important visiting places of the city. You would love the walking culture here and not only the main city but also the neighborhood also is connected and you can approach their by walk. The walk is very much accepted and has become a part of the culture of Boston.

Apart from reaching the destination you have many options of parks with sideways to walk on with shady trees and the benches to rest whenever you want. Anyone who is a fitness lover and likes to walk in the healthy environment, Boston gives the facility to that person. Also go here billlentis.com/history-of-boston-ma.

Hence you don’t need to depend on the transportation means always when you plan to go somewhere. Two projects are going on to make 27 acres of green space, a part of the city and connect the neighborhood area to the city again by making various trials.

Best Health Care Facility OF The World

Boston is such a place in the world that top rated and worldwide recognized hospitals are there. People come from all over the world to consult to the doctors there in hospitals of Boston. Few names of the hospital are:

Massachusetts General Hospital, which is consistently ranked as one of the top rated hospitals in the nation by US News and Worlds Report, This Hospital also, has come at the top in the nature index list of Health care organizations for research publications.
Boston Children’s Hospital is completing its 150th anniversary this year and is ranked as world #1 Children Hospital by U.S. News and World Report. This is also the largest pediatric health research center.
Dana Farber Cancer Institute is a boon for the cancer patients all around the worlds. Cancer has various types and every type of cancer requires different type of treatment. They do cancer research, provide best patient care and provide most advanced cancer care treatment available.
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary hospital provides best and latest treatment available for all your eye and ear ailments.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) located in the heart of Boston, is a world-class teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.
Brigham and Women’s Hospital provides the best possible healthcare in Boston. You can get access to information, education and care when required by connecting to this hospital.

Various Shopping Options

Boston has been developed as a multicultural environment where you have people from everywhere and of every mentality. At the same time since the buying capacity of the people is raising day by day, due to the increasing earning options this city has also got developed itself for shopping as per the people’s demand. There are many markets and streets to fulfill your any kind of clothing fantasies.

You have very old marketplaces like Faneuil Hall which is there since 1743 has been a marketplace and has been developed with hundreds of shops and restaurants. There are also large scale departmental stores and attractive boutiques in Downtown Boston and suburb areas.

Though there are many places to shop including malls and shops and also the local markets, here lets have look at few malls and their small intro:

Cambridgeside is a mall which provides you the indoor shopping option and where you have everything available you need to buy. The food court and restaurants provide you with decent food when you want a take a break from the shopping. Parking is indoor and paid. This is not much far from the Museum of Science so you can plan to shop along with watching the Museum on the same day.

The Shops at Prudential Centre mall has almost 75 shops of all kinds in it. The food court and the famous restaurants provide good food to the shoppers. You can also have great views of the city and further from the Skywalk Observatory built in Prudential Tower.

Natick Mall is just 20 minutes from at west of the Boston and Here you have costly and branded options along with the local and cheap options. Any type of parking facility is available including valet and premium parking. There are 7000 plus parking spaces in it and it also offers free parking option more than any nearby retail places.

Chestnut Hill, Wentham Village Premium Outlets, Fanueil Hall Marketplace, Copley Place, South Shore Plaza, Burlington Mall, Assembly Row etc are few famous retail destinations out of hundreds of shopping option available in the city.

Education In Boston

You may want to move to Boston to get the best education for yourself or for your children. Dozens of universities and colleges are educating the students here and you have university campuses spread all over the city. The universities of Boston have given great people to the world. The students passed from the Universities of Boston have founded their own big businesses. Few Universities which you would be happy to know that they exist in Boston are Harvard University, Berklee College of Music, Boston College, The Massachusates University of Technology (MIT) and Boston University.

Parents who move to Boston will not find any difficulty in finding a good school for their children as many schools existing in Boston are one of the best in the country and the Universities have the options to study all types of subject whether it’s a descriptive, experimental or art related.

Wellesly , which is a town just 16 miles away from Boston center is ranked as one of the most educated towns in America continuously.

The great Universities provide the intellectual environment and individuals from all over the world come to study in these Universities hence the world class intellectual crowd gathers here and one who wants to be in such environment has to stud in Boston.

There are seminars, concerts, exhibitions and many artistic, culture and intellectual activities all the time for the students coming for education.

The best preschools which Boston has, include British school of Boston, International school of Boston, Pione Village Preschool ,Teddy Bear Club, INLY ,Boston Fresnch Montessory ,Kingsley Motessory, Beacon Hill Nursery school etc. These schools follow the best teaching methods, use the best possible technique, language, nature and art and also the surroundings to make the children learn.

Career Options In Boston Area

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, professional and business services had the largest annual employment gain in the Boston area from October 2017, adding 26,600 jobs. Education and health service which is the largest industry in Boston showed the second-largest employment gain, and added 11,500 jobs from October 2017 to October 2018.

Three other sectors in the Boston gained 1,000 plus jobs in the year— manufacturing provided almost 4,500 jobs, government provided almost 1,800 jobs and transportation, trade and utilities provided almost 1,700 jobs.

Sine this is the education hub of the nation and the best students get educated from here from the best universities, these intellectual do not leave from here and get settled with also contributing to the nation’s economy by stabling their own companies and also create jobs for the aspirants.

You will get many consultancies here active to provide jobs to others and this has also become a big job providing industry over there. Teaching also has a good scope as the city is full of education options and there is always a requirement for teachers if you are good at your work.

Whether its pharmacy or IT every sector has jobs here to provide and when one sector prospers , many areas including human resource, customer care, facility department, security, healthcare , accounts etc also proper along with it as now a days businesses are done on great levels and hence the work is divided among people from various sectors.

Few famous companies took shape in Boston include Wayfair, MathWorks, athenahealth, Akamai Technologies, Kronos, TripAdvisor, HubSpot, PTC, Pegasystems, iRobot, Iron Mountain, LogMeIn, LogMeIn, Constant Contact, Sapient, InterSystems, Agero, Aspen Technology, Carbon Black, Rapid7, CarGurus etc.

If you look at the business point of view, obviously due to the education options, population from all over the area, the availability of the skilled people and available buyers of all the classes and many buyers with a good buying capacity makes the city ideal for any business. Whatever you know or you have learnt, you can make a business out of it here in Boston.

The city has developed itself in such a way so that the outsiders also can work here easily by providing the various options for transport and also making it cheap by various offers. You have the walking culture and space if son twat to spend always for buses and taxis.

Variety Of Seasons In Boston

Ehen you have variety of seasons in a city , it gives you a chance to live different lifestyles, wear variety of clothes as per the season change, eat variety of food that changes according to the season and do different type of activates which can be done in particular seasons. Though there are four seasons but apart from few exceptions, the temperature is not too cold and not too hot because the Atlantic Ocean maintains the balance in the temperature. The average of the temperature in July is 81 degree and in January also in usually remains just below the freezing point and Boston is most beautiful in the autumn.

Transport Facility

We all have the though with no conflict that a city which has a great transport system , automatically improves the quality of life of the residents. Its good when you have various options to go to the market and you always do not have to rely upon the small retailers nearby, when you have multiple options to send your children to school and you don’t have to get them admitted in a nearby school just because you can’t afford to take them to school on daily basis, when you don’t have any problem in reaching to work place in case of not having your own vehicle, when you don’t have to always just depend on your own vehicle which you have to get fuelled every now and then and also get irritated many times when you stuck a little in the traffic and have the very comfortable option in a very much affordable price, when you always have something to get to the hospital to take your family member there in an emergency, it surely saves you from possible miss happenings and also brings peace of mind.

People who go to Boston for few days, they do not need a car as the parking in most of the Boston’s outskirts hotels is provided for free. People can use the first class public transport service to go around.

MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) which is called as T manages the public transport here. There are various access points for the public transport and each such point has a sign there which is a bold black T written in a white circle, to represent the facility.

During the huge traffic hours T can be your best option as you don’t need to wait for the cab and you can even reach faster than the cab in rush hours. You also don’t need to worry for parking if you use the T service. This is also a best option if you want to go to airport. There are also free shuttle buses to deliver you to any terminal you need to reach. There are three high speed subway lines for T and two more trolley line and all are colour coded which can be identified by their colours. T For weekday travelling T service can be a good option to use.

City busses are also there along with the subway system so one can see the schedules and can get in to these buses also to travel.

The Silver Line option also is there for the travellers who want use a direct line from downtown Boston to go to Logan airport. These buses have enough space for the luggage and are very spacious.

Commuter rail is also worth mentioning as the commuter rail is extremely efficient. There are no delays and if you take it you will have to catch it on time otherwise it may leave you and it will make you reach on time. This is a mean of transport to get into the city from suburbs.

You have many private transport options also available as this metropolitan city has developed itself for anyone who wants to come and stay here.

To Increase The Pace Of Your Life

This city helps anyone who stays here to make lives better of its residents. If you are an intellectual then you have exhibition, seminars, discussion and many activities to take part in many of the activities occurring for free. There are libraries which will give you any information you need and it fills your life with the intellectual adventures.

This city has given many actors and singers and many other artists to the world. In the places over here, there are always many concerts happening. There are various entertainment groups in the city who keep performing every now and then and you also can find many programmes happening for free and get those vibes with feeling full of life and energetic.

If health is your priority then there is a lot of space to run walk and keep your health in the best possible condition. Whether you want to run, Jog or meditate in the beginning of your day and want to move fast after you have sat for long on a chair, you have enough options for free.

As mentioned above there are numerous options for career and it makes easy to make the changes wherever you want. You have many professional courses offers and many jobs available all the time whenever you decide to make a move from your place.

For any person the city has activities to take part like there are professional sporting events for the sports lovers to their sporty spirit satisfied and alive. There are festivals celebrated every now and then which again brings the happiness and movement to the life.

Boston Marathon is Hosted by the city by giving people a chance to take part and feel proud.

Cambridge Science Festival, Harborfest, ArtWeek Boston (You can be a part if you are an art lover), Boston Calling Music Festival (gives the music lovers a chance to be a part) , tree lightning ceremonies in December are examples of the events happen in Boston and rejuvenate the lives of the people here.

The Greenery In the City

The city is not just has developed in the areas which we have already mentioned like the business, the availability of jobs, the options to study , the options of transport or the active vibe of the city but also it has maintained to remain green and keep a balance between the development and nature.

Boston’s common is the very first public park of America which provides you with the huge green space, picnic area, frog pond in which you can do ice skating in Winter and splash in the water in the summer.

There are many parks and open spaces in Boston which are also near to many historical value containing building and monuments. In a huge area of the city there are various parks which are connected to each other and this string is called the Emerald necklace. These places are open to visit all the time and for free.

In whichever part of the city you will find a nearby garden where you can go and breathe deeply, you’re your children there to play and get close to the nature. This green environment makes the life automatically happy and content. There is enough space for anyone to rest in the grass, just sit like that and think, gather with friends and acquaintances for free ,read near to a library and read a book and do anything you want to do in your solitaire or in a group. This personal space automatically improves the value of life as it gives you a chance to be close to the trees, soil and grass and water an all this helps a human to maintain the balance inside. These natural places provide the best food to the body, mind and soul.

It’s Affordability

At last however good the city is, it’s very important to know how affordable the city is. So starting from the transport you have various options of transport to take and especially the public transport options are affordable and also convenient. Many people having their own vehicle have started travelling by the public transport to make their journey cheap and convenient.

You can also opt for an option to walk as everywhere there are sideways to walk for which you don’t have to pay anything.

There are various cheap options to get entertained and visit. Many historical places don’t charge anything and all the parks in the Emerald necklace also do not demand a fee. Many events also are available for free and in affordable price.

Due to the gathering of the population there are huge numbers of people gathered in the city and it has made a competitive environment which has taken control on the prices hence you have clothes to wear in affordable price if you don’t get particular about the brand and the retail store and you always have various decently prices options to eat as well if you search a little and don’t just be particular about the famous restaurants.fre eating places are famous just for the affordability also.