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Choosing the right projector for your home theater could be a difficult task when you have so many projector brands and technology in the market to choose from; Gadgetlounge. You can find cheap to very expensive projectors in the market, depending upon their technology and overall performance. In this article we will be focusing on 1080p projectors and 4k projectors, and draw out some outline so it is easier for you to decide but it is very obvious that many of the factors which will help you finalize your projector remains something related to your preference and requirements. Also go look at best 4K projector – Click Here.

It is important that you go through your requirements and budget before finalizing any projector. Following are some of the comparison between 1080p projectors and 4k projectors which will give you a better understanding of their capabilities:


Let us discuss the cost of 1080p projector and 4k projectors first, as for many of us budget plays an important factor in our final choice. If I would be writing this comparison a few years back 4k would have been out of the budget for most of the people. But from a past few years the price of 4k have drop drastically and is now affordable for many. But still when you compare it to 1080p projector you have to increase your budget significantly.

So if you are under a limited budget you might want to choose a 1080p projector; Pcmag.


As you might already know or guess by the name, 4k is a much advanced technology than 1080p; Trustedreviews. Although 1080p cannot be in any means considered a low quality but when compared to 4k there is a huge difference in terms of pixel; Techopedia. 1080p have 1920×1080 pixels on screen while 4k refers to either 3840×2160 pixels or 4096×2160 pixels.

So it is very clear that the quality and clarity of 4k projectors are much higher than 1080p projectors. But do remember that to fully enjoy that quality and clarity of image which 4k technology provides, you might require a larger projector screen. If you have a limited space for your projector screen you might want to stick with 1080p projector.

As overall comparison in terms of resolution 4k provides almost 4 times more pixels on screen than 1080p and is clearly a better choice in terms of resolution.


When we look in to the image detail comparison between 1080p and 4k, there are some really important and interesting facts you should know. 1080p is mostly the same 1080p from any distance, this mean even if you are sitting far away from your screen there will be not much of a difference in details. But if you are sitting far away from your 4k projector screen, you might lose some details which you would see from close up. This is because of the depth and detail those extra pixels in 4k technology provide, and to fully enjoy that detail you much be close to the screen. Just take this for an example, while I am typing this article I can see very small pieces of dust particles on my monitor screen but when I move a little further away from my screen they are unnoticeable. It is simply because our vision can see small details from close up and the further we move from that thing the details will fade away.

So this is an important factor you should keep in mind while selecting between the two. Your sitting arrangements must be close to your screen if you want to enjoy a 4k projector to its full potentials.


Even the best of the 4k projectors can be a waste of money if its contrast ratio is low; Cnet. Higher contrast helps us to see that delicate and minor changes in color details in the graphics/images; which in turn gives us more detailed graphics/images. So if you are investing in 4k just for the sake of pixels and ignoring the contrast ratio you might want to think again. It might be a better option for you to look for a high end 1080p projector which provides better overall quality results than an average or low quality 4k projector.

Sitting arrangements or viewing angle

As I have already mentioned above, for a 4k projector you have to make your sitting arrangements closer to the screen, while you can have flexibility for 1080p projectors. So if you are comfortable with watching your screen from a close distance you can consider a 4k projector. On the other hand, with a 1080p you will have more options for your sitting arrangements. So it all depends upon your personal preference and comfort.

Summarizing the discussion

As you can see both the technology has its advantages and short comings. But one cannot deny that 4k is a much advance technology and certainly have the edge over 1080p technology. So let us summarize the above discussion in following PROS AND CONS of each technology:

Following are some of the PROS of 1080p Projectors

1. Cost-effective
2. Full-HD ( good quality images)
3. Sitting arrangement is flexible
4. Good for gaming

Following are some of the CONS of 1080p Projectors

1. Image quality is lower when compared to 4K
2. Low details

Following are some of the PROS of 4k Projectors

1. Excellent quality and detailed images
2. Excellent brightness and contrast

Following are some of the CONS of 4k Projectors

1. Much more expensive than 1080p projectors
2. Requires sitting close to the screen


As you can see from the above discussion, that in the end what matters is your own personal preference and requirements. If you have a clear outline of your own personal preference and requirements, selecting the right projector for your home theater would not be that much of an issue. So before looking for a projector, right down what you require and need which will best fit your home theater.