Best Zoo Near Boston, MA

Best Zoo Near Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


The zoo is a place, where and children and adults enjoy the same. If it is a petting zoo, then it could it be more fun for children, because they get to connect with nature in a new way.

Franklin Park Zoo

This is the best zoo near Boston MA, located at 1 Franklin Park Rd. This zoo is a great place, whether it is a cold winter day, or a warm summer morning. There are animals, which get shy when crowds gather; however, it is still a treat to look at them. Taking kids to this zoo, would be a way to instill respect in them for animals. It is a way through which, parents can easily teach their young kids names of different animals. There is a petting zoo within the zoo, and kids can touch goats. See the best Mexican restaurant in Boston MA – Click Here.

The giraffe exhibit in the Franklin Park zoo is very interactive, making it the best zoo near Boston MA. The bird cages, like the condor bird cage, is huge, and visitors can even see hippos and gorillas; ZooNewEngland. Also look at list of hospitals in Boston, MA, – Go Here.

Stone Zoo

If people like Franklin Park Zoo, then they are going to love Stone Zoo. It is one of the best zoo near Boston MA, and is only at a half hour drive from it. This zoo has a lot of attractions for visitors, like the gila monster, and the colobus monkey. The zoo even has a snow leopard, and offer visitors a number of shows, which are most likely to attract them. If someone is taking their young children to the zoo, then they will surely love the Jungle Fun Ride. When the holiday season arrives, then people get to see a light show; Wikipedia.

CapronPark Zoo

This zoo is for those, who are looking for something that would be appropriate for little children. The animals at this zoo are kangaroos, white lion, and alpacas. There is a 30 minute adventure tour that the zoo offers, making it one of the best zoos near Boston MA; CapronParkZoo. The tour gives visitors the chance to see a variety of animals like red pandas and bears. However, the tour has to be booked in advance, and would be worth the effort. In summers, the zoo offers a splashpad for kids, where they can have fun with water. Check out the best malls in Boston MA, – More Info.

Buttonwood Park Zoo

Even though, this is the best zoo near Boston MA, the Boston residents still take time out and visit this place. It is the oldest zoo in the country, and is large, with about 50 species, 250 animals, and 30 exhibits for the visitors. When parents take their children to this zoo, they are going to love Asian elephants, extensive birds, and fish. This tip to the zoo will educate children and adults, about how they can protect wildlife species; ButtonwoodParkZoo.

Zoos are not only important for entertainment purposes, but they are perfect for those who want to feel close to animals and learn about them.