Autonomous Smart Desk 2 Review

Autonomous Smart Desk -


There is creativity and innovation in each aspect of our lives, and one of these innovations is the Autonomous Smart Desk 2. Many people complain that they don’t get enough exercise, because of the amount of work that they have. To provide people with that balance in life, Autonomous came up with a desk that people use while standing up. So, instead of sitting down a chair, head on the desk, it is more about working while standing up and staying alert. This desk is available in home edition and business edition. Also go to best standing desk review – Click Here. - Check Prices Button Red
Autonomous Smart Desk -

Features Of The Desk

The Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is available in home edition and business edition. The price of the desk depends on its size that the customer wants to buy.

Size Of The Desk

There are three sizes available for this desk:
• 53”x30” (this comes with a standard top and frame)
• 70”x30” (this comes with an extra large standard top and frame)
• 53”x30” (this comes with a bamboo top and frame)

Autonomous Smart Desk -

Setting The Height

The best part of the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is that the customer would be able to set its height. Not every person working in an office or living in a house would be of the same height, and having access to a table that works for everyone’s height, would be a blessing.

There is a dial at the front of the table, where the height of the table can be set. The minimum height that can be set is 25.1 inches, and the maximum height is 50.7 inches. The height can be set in 4 ways and the motor system can lift up to 300 lbs.

Autonomous Smart Desk -

Assembly Of The Table

When the customer gets the table, they have to assemble it. However, customers should not worry about this, because the assembly of the smart desk is really easy and it takes up to 15-30 minutes. The company that manufactures these tables sends assembly instructions in the package, and they are also available in pdf format.

Warranty & Trial

The warranty for the frame of the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is 7 years and the top of the desk has a 1 year warranty. A customer can use the desk for 30 days, which is the trial period. The certifications that Autonomous has for this desk are ANSI/BIFMA and UL.

Bamboo Top

The Autonomous Smart Desk 2 comes with bamboo classic top. The top of the desk is about 52 inches, the side is 29 inches and the side view is about 1 inch. Bamboo classic top also comes with an XL top, which has a length of 70.5” and width of 30”. The colors available in classic top are white, black, walnut, white and oak, while the XL top comes in three colors; white, black and walnut.

The bamboo classic top is made of MDF wood, which is of high quality, and natural bamboo, while the XL top is made of MDF wood.

Important Specifications

The motor type of Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is dual, and it has a lifting speed of 2 to 3 seconds. The lifting capacity of the table is 300 lbs, which is enough for both home and office use. The material used to manufacture the desk is SPCC steel, and the outlet voltage is 110-240V.

Autonomous Smart Desk -


Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is a unique technology that helps them do their work, and take care of their health, side by side. Not everyone can afford a gym membership or go for a run early in the morning. When people go to work, they don’t want to be stuck in the same seat from start to morning.

Price Of The Product

The price of the smart desk, as compared to other brands, is cheap. The market price of the product is $449, and it has a seven year warranty, and the customer can have a 30 day trial as well.

Health Benefits

The height of the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 can be adjusted. This means that a person can sit down on his chair, adjust the height of the desk, and then work on it with ease. The desk won’t be too low or too high; it won’t cause any back problems or more stress for the person using it.

If a person prefers to stand and use the desk, then they can adjust the height accordingly. Standing and using it would keep them more active. When people sit on their seat and work all day, they don’t like to move around, but when they are already standing, then they like to move around and stay more active that way.

Speed Adjustments

Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is really easy and speedy to adjust. As per customer experience, 2.09 inches of the table can be adjusted in just a second. This can be a benefit; if a person wants to switch the table with another person, and they are not of the same height, then it can be adjusted really easily and no time would be wasted in the process.

Warranty Of The Desk

The warranty of the desk is seven years, which means that the company has faith in the material they have used for the manufacturing of their product. They know that when they give the customer the desk for a trial period of 30 days, then they won’t get a return because of the quality of the product.


Customers would find that there are many benefits associated with purchasing an Autonomous Smart Desk 2, but there are also problems when the desk is used.

Stability Issues Of The Desk

When the height of the desk is raised to 37 inches, then the desk starts to wobble. If the height of the desk is raised more than 37 inches, then that negatively impacts the efficiency of the work that a person is doing.

Gear Components

The frame of the home edition is built by OEM AOKE, and that is a Chinese manufacturer. However, when their other products are taken into consideration, it is clear that they don’t do so well. The gear system that the manufacturer has used in their products is a replica of gear system from other manufacturers. Even if they are copying the gear system, they don’t have the engineering capabilities to produce a product like the original one.

Autonomous Smart Desk -

Adjustment Speed

Even though the adjustment speed for the business edition is good, the home edition’s adjustment speed increases, when weight on it is increased. If the adjustment process takes longer than a second, then that could be an irritating factor for the customer and could negatively impact the user experience.

Electronics In The Desk

The electronic part of the product is developed by TiMotion and it doesn’t work as well as it should. When the electronic part of the desk arrives in the package, it is usually dead; when the customer runs it, then they complain about loud sounds and after a short time, failure. The main problem that Autonomous faces when they team with TiMotion is that, the quality of their technology is not good. Even though the technology itself has an appealing look, it doesn’t perform well.

Decision Making

It is not easy to make a decision about whether the customer should buy business edition or home edition. There are differences between the two editions, in terms of price, material used and benefits. However, this can’t be seen as a drawback of buying Autonomous Smart Desk 2. It can be seen as an aspect where the customer has to do a lot of research, before making a decision.

Final Thought

Autonomous Smart Desk 2 is a unique innovation, which provides comfort and ease to the customer. The customer would be able to use the desk, while working standing up or sitting down. The height of the desk can be easily adjustable, and it doesn’t take very long to adjust the height either.

The Autonomous Smart Desk 2 can be bought for both home and office, and it can be used for different purposes. In the office, employees can put their laptops on the desk, and if they are really concerned about their weight or health, then they can do their work standing up. If a customer buys the desk for his home, then he can use it to chop vegetables, cut the meat or chicken, or just sit and read the newspaper. The height adjustment factor and how quick it is, would appeal to many customers.

Those who can stand little flaws in the desk, but understand the overall benefits of the desk, should buy it. They would be in for a treat; they would be able to do their tasks without hurting their back or craning their neck too much. - Check Prices Button Red