Getting Your Site To The Top

Getting Your Site To The Top -


As a website owner, you want to see your website ranking high up on google. In as much as this might be your desire, it takes a little bit of effort for your site to get to those levels. Even though it may seem like a lot of work, simple tweaks to your website will guarantee that your site is at the very top. The position which your website occupies on google for example depends on an algorithm that constantly changes and with search engine optimization you can make these algorithms work for you.

Though incorporating search engine optimization to your website is crucial for you to have a higher ranking with your website, there are other ways of supplementing this and getting your website at the top of the search list. We shall be looking at what else you need to do other than incorporating Search Engine optimization to improve your website’s ranking.

Mobile Optimization

Today, more and more users are accessing the internet and websites trough their mobile devices. With this statistic set to grow further, it is fundamental that you ensure that your website is mobile optimized. This will help ensure that you don’t lose potential customers as a result of your site being difficult to navigate. Mobile optimization ensures that on whatever device a user may be accessing your website through, they are able to navigate easily through the website. By making your website optimized for mobile devices, you get a broader reach and there will be little risk of you losing potential clients.

Securing your Website

Improving the security of your website is vital as it is through it that potential clients will be able to trust your services and what you say on the site. Google has been encouraging website owners to invest in HTTPS protocol which is more secure. With cyber criminals getting smarter by the day, it is important that you secure the data that you send and receive over your website. Google recently started marking sites that are not yet secured with an SSL certificate. This already will discourage visitors from conducting business or even simply navigating through your website. By securing your site, you stand to benefit most as a business owner.

Page Speed

When it comes to your website, page speed is all about how quickly content on a webpage on your website loads. When it comes to google ranking, page speed is but one of the measures taken into consideration. Slow page speed not only makes it hard for search engines to crawl through your website easily, but it also discourages potential clients from going through your website. To avoid this, you need to check the speed on your website and go fix these issues. A higher speed translates to a higher ranking and better connection with your customers and clients.


With the advent of social media, it is just right that you make the most of it. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, social media can be a sure bet in getting you more visitors to your website. Comments on your pages and likes and even shares are all monitored by google and relevance of your website cannot be ignored.

Further to this media is an integral part of ensuring that you get the most out of your website. Videos, pictures and audio files are all part of the equation in as far as getting your website ranking higher.

Long Content

It may be easy to think that long content is boring, but well written posts of over 2,000 words tend to lure search engines to your website giving you more visibility thanks to interesting keywords available.

Site Map

Having a site map for our website is important as it is through the site map that you are able to find and navigate through your pages. This is important especially for Search Engines such as google, because thanks to the site map, they are easily able to navigate through your webpage. This is an important factor to consider especially if you want to optimize your website.


Metatags give more information on a webpage to search engines. When it comes to SEO, you cannot ignore metatags. Their impact on your click through rate cannot be ignored. Though google is not big on emphasizing on metatags for ranking web pages, other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo highly emphasize on this and it would be prudent to ensure that your website is not left behind.


As the name suggests, a backlink is a link that directs traffic to your website. In more instances than one, you are not alone in the field that you choose to focus on in your website. This means that there will be those who are doing better than you are. The sooner you identify who they are and get backlinks from them, the higher the chances of you getting a higher ranking. Other than this, you can also be a guest blogger on their websites, this way you are confident to direct some of their traffic your way.


For your website to deliver the results that you are looking for, then following these steps is the best way to go. Search engine optimization is the best way to achieve a higher ranking for your website in 2019. It is one thing to have a website, and quite another to have the website delivering traffic to you and your business.

As highlighted above, the best way to get your site to the top is by making sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices. Your website further needs to be secured so as to be able to inspire confidence in potential visitors to your site of your websites authenticity and that their data is safe with you. Page speed, backlinks, metatags, having a site map and incorporating media should also be taken into consideration. By doing this you are confident that your site will rise in ranking and more visibility will be yours for the taking.