SEO Related Technical Terms

SEO Related Technical Terms -


Running a business and promoting it is not an easy task. Your marketers might be working with SEO and they have already achieved success with it. However, do you know what SEO means? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically means writing content, like articles, blogs or keywords, in a way that it optimizes results for search engines.

For example, you write about yoga and you want people to visit your website. You can achieve this by implementing SEO, and making sure that people go directly to your website. Your work isn’t finished; even if they have come directly to your website, you still need to make sure that the content on your website is relevant, creative, informative and of good quality. You can’t publish content that doesn’t make sense, isn’t accurate or credible. For example, when you are talking about an event that someone else experience, you have to tell your readers who that person is and how you came to know about that event, otherwise it won’t be credible.

Ranking Of Websites

When you are attending university, you are asked to do different assignments. Say, you got an assignment on Martin Luther King Jr. and his life. You type the name on Google’s search engine, which is commonly used by people, and get your search results. However, there are many search results and you have to choose the best one. You want to write about MLK’s life, his legacy, his education, personal background and his writings. You chose one site from the top first five sites, because when the search results appear on the top, they seem more trustworthy.

There is a whole story behind these top search results. Search engines rank some websites higher than the others because they see them as worthy and that is mainly because of the search criteria that most users chose. The websites are trustworthy, because they follow proper guidelines that are put forward by search engines. Websites are also ranked high because they are easy to use, they are informative and they have credible and accurate information. This is mainly because of the SEO that a website is using.

Quality Content

The researcher has found his desired results, but what does that mean for you, as a website developer? What are the things that you should do, in order to make your site get a good ranking? There are several easy steps that you can follow, to make this happen.


You should put proper keywords on your website; make sure that the keywords are relevant to the products and services that you offer. You should find out appropriate keywords after conducting research. You should look for the keywords that visitors normally use. However, never fill your content with keywords, because that would make the information look confusing and it won’t get you many visitors either. The bounce rate would be high as well.


Your content should be relevant because that is the first thing that a visitor of your website will look for; relevance. For example, if your website comes in search results of yoga, but your website is all about how to trim a beard, then that would really give you a bad ranking on Google. Similarly, you should use relevant content and match it with keywords, so that the visitor goes directly to your website.

Importance Of A High Ranking Page

Most of those who search for something on Google, don’t go past the first page. If the information is not on the first page, then a researcher would try searching for the topic again, using different terms. It is a fact that people don’t go to the second page, which is why it is important to adopt SEO in your content writing and make sure that you are able to post high quality content, that appears on the first page of search results.

Moreover, when you appear on the top of the first page of the search results, your web page seems very trustworthy. Researchers would feel that if Google trust you so much, then so should you and you are most likely to get most of your search material from these websites.

Time Saving

The reason why most people go to the top search results on Google, is because it saves their time. People don’t have all day to find information, and they want it right away. They will click on the first two websites, and use whatever information they find. This shows what SEO can do. It can bring your website to the top of the page, and make people visit your website, because you are posting good content. You don’t have to work that hard, but just follow the appropriate guidelines in order to achieve this objective.

When you are using SEO effectively, then within seconds, a search engine will show your website. The user will be able to see the name of the website and a small description of the website in the search results area. The description will hold the keywords that the user have inserted in the search engine. This is why using effective and relevant keywords is important. When a person searches something, they might see a line from an article, holding the relevant keywords or they might see the relevant keywords in some shape or the other.

Images And Videos

There are websites that include images and videos as well, because they want you to find those in the search results. Such web pages are more successful and visited than the others, because pictures and videos make it easier for people to understand things and they are appealing as well. If a picture of a video tells the same story like the text on a web page, then the user will prefer that over the text.

It is important to write text in a way, that it feels appealing. Don’t make long paragraphs and always write headings, so that the user knows what a paragraph is discussing.