SEO – Where Do I Start?

SEO - Where Do I Start? -


Once an individual has thought of an idea regarding his/her business, the first step in the process is to register the domain and initiation of the construction of the website. Once the website has been built an important question that arises is that how can it be made discoverable by Google and other search engines.

SEO is quite a famous phrase that is of great significance for the merchants who are interested in running their own website and selling the products online. SEO is not something that would give you the results over night. If you have not built the website keeping in mind the SEO you will have a greater chance of landing yourself in trouble.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that has a great impact on the status and rank of a site on the results of search engine for explicit and unambiguous keywords to gain organic prominence and perceptibility.

Collectively speaking all the search engines, when combined together get more than 6.5 billion hunts and explorations in a day with Google subsidizing almost 4.5 billion of these quests. There are huge benefits of a good and worthy SEO. The benefits of a SEO are unlimited and they range from the ranking of a particular website within keyword searches to enhancing the probability and likelihood of transformation and conversion.

As a result, it is a gigantic task to develop a good SEO. Its development involves a number of obstacles. The major obstacle is the ignorance of the knowledge that how the websites are ranked by the search engines. Not everybody knows it. For instance, Google which is by far one of the best search engines makes use of an algorithm to determine the rank of a specific website for a particular search. Still, Google maintains its secrecy and does not provide any information about any of the factors involved. Many web designers and web masters have been conducting a lot of research and have been testing persistently. They have been able to recognize and categorize same common factors that need to be included into any person’s website.

Knowledge About Market

It is mandatory that the individuals must have knowledge about the market that he/she intends to target. Understanding the market includes the comprehension of the keywords that are likely to be entered by perspective visitor while conducting the research. There are a lot of softwares that are available online and they can be of a great help. As they offer an itemization regarding the bulk of traffic for specific keywords and they generate a scale to measure the difficulty to defeat the competitors for the results of the search of specific keywords. It is a compulsion that you ought to target the appropriate keywords.

Good User Experience

Make sure that the visitor of your website should have a good experience of your site. His/her visit should be satisfactory in all aspects. Your website should provide good quality to the visitors in all aspects, they include, the content matter, the images and all the processes involved. It is the responsibility of the web master to make sure that each visitor visiting your website should have encouraging, positive and optimistic experience. He/she should always get new information. This will be marked as a constructive aspect for your website and the search engine will increase your ranking.

Site Speed

The speed of a particular website is determined by the time that is being taken by a particular website to load and also the time taken during the visitor’s interaction. You should ensure that your website is running at the best and the optimum pace. The websites that are slow will be ranked lower, as Google provides an encouraging correspondence between the time taken by the website to load and the visitors who do not have the patience to wait. If any website is facing the problem of speed, a little variation to the structure of your website, the dimensions of your content and image optimization will dramatically affect the speed of the website.

Keyword Usage

The most controversial matter is the keyword volume. Multiple researches done by the experts of the web design have shown that the ranking of the website is significantly affected by the keyword volume. The researches have revealed that if approximately 2.4% on the page of the web is used by the keyword, it is most effective. It also emphasized that a person can also integrate 1.5% of the identical works to his/her keyword(s) in an attempt to attain the maximization of your SEO. On the contrary, there are other web masters who have a strong opinion that there is no correlation between the volume of the keyword and the SEO. They proclaim that the attention should only be focused on the quality excellence and of the content. However, it is best to incorporate both school of thoughts should be amalgamated to get the best possible results and boost your SEO.

It is significant that you conduct a lot of research regarding the keyword. You should not assume that you already know what is being demanded by the customers. Whenever a search is made it is through the use of the keywords. Keyword(s) can be a single word or a group of words that are being used to attract more and more traffic. From the point of view of the customer, keywords are the words or a single word that is being typed for the search engine to initiate the search.

If the keywords have been effectively and efficiently investigated, explored and optimized, they act as a channel for the audience that you want to target. Watchwords or the keywords are not out of date in present day SEO, but rather the prescribed procedures have been altered. The foundation of effective catchphrase use is to maintain the attention on sounding helpful, supportive, regular and natural while composing the content around the topics that you know would intrigue your targeted pursuers.