Generation Of More Social Media Following

Generation Of More Social Media Following -



The highest number of people in today’s world access social media. Any marketing strategist or business owner should utilize social media to increase the awareness of their brands. Furthermore, different brands have different social media interaction habits and techniques. The only main goal in use of social media for brand marketing is to gain a massive following by relevant audience. Social media is a fictional cocktail party you take part in to have fun and network with other people. The ten key things to consider for the achieving of your brand’s social media strategies are;

1. Become The Expert On What Your Audience Have A Continuous Interest

Strategies will perform better only when you get to know almost everything about your target audience. Know what your target audience does, who they are, and their reasons for going for your services and products, what they do for a living, their location and the particular content they are interested in. for instance, in Netflix, when you watch comedies they usually recommend other comedies of the same type. The recommendations are influenced by machine analyzing algorithms that study your behaviors and interests. Knowing the preferences of your audience will enable you to give expert advice on the other best products alternatives.

2. Be An Interesting Brand

Based on data released from the BBC News, an average span for attention for a human being is below twelve seconds. This is due to the numerous distraction and numerous devices, thus it is difficult for an audience to remain focused and ensure the audience is entertained. There is a method for generation of content that is interesting and has a relation to a product or a service for a brand is using the variety of formats for every channel for example, the use of interactive images, useful and relevant information in line to product and services needs and videos. For example, TED talks is always about creating new content through inviting guest speakers to talk about the most interesting and trendy topics for a wide range of topics.

3. Join The Influence Movement

Influencer marketing usually contains more realistic strategies. It forms a good base for follower to have a connection and identification with their day in day out life. Marketers have increased the budget for influencers due to audience impact. For instance, Danielle Bernstein an influencer and fashion blogger who offers the workout videos together with the personal trainer had a partnership, aimed at highlighting importance of keeping your body hydrated so as to look and feel good, with Fiji Water.

4. Have Emotions

As human beings living in a world with connections, there is an urge to experience a variety of emotions on the advertisements and campaigns so as to have a next level experience. Any campaign that creates an important connection with the audience lasts quite for long periods in the minds of the audience. Dove is a brand with a core strategy to transform beauty perceptions. They don’t offer soaps for purchase, but they empower women to gain self-esteem by selling beauty to them.

5. Be Unique And Fun

For maximum audience engagement, have a unique sense of everything and enjoy the job. Select funny quotes, memes or games to capture the audience’s attention. The choice will depend on the type of products or type of service being offered. Compare campaigns and figure out what stands out between any two campaigns.

6. Become Data Conscious

After any given campaign, measure the performance. Whether the results aren’t what your expectations were, just measure so that you can know what is leading to a stuck in the conversion or increase in the conversion rates. With accurate data, it is possible to optimize bidding and campaigns. For instance, is it possible for a revolutionary business such as Amazon to function properly without data? The source of information is data and information is always power.

7. Use Inbound Marketing

It’s a traffic increasing strategy that leads to increase in website traffic and establishment of more conversions especially for new customers. One strategy is content marketing. You first identify the brand’s pain points and the analysis for the competitors. Create a first narrative persona then create content that offers value to the audience and ensure you use action call so that the audience is redirected to a different page known as the landing page where sales strategy can then proceed. Chipotle has captured the gaming fans with ‘The Invaders of Chipotle Taste’, where a shooting laser tag burrito is fighting the additives while conducting a burrito ingredients consumer education.

8. Creativity

The main aim is to always captivate the audience by use of the campaign. The need runs deeper than just having an explanation for the services and products you provide. The Metro Trains campaign containing dumb dying ways has cartoon characters who get in top ten on iTunes within 24 hours and catchy music

9. Honesty

It is easy to acquire a customer’s loyalty but to retain the customer, transparency and honesty will be essential. For instance, if there is a new restaurant in town and you are extremely hungry you will be unsure if to go to the restaurant since you will be wondering on how healthy the restaurant is. When you realize you meal is prepared in your presence, you will be more confident on trying the meal. This applies to your company since the more the transparency on your products and services, the higher the acceptance rate by the audience. McDonald’s is a brand with numerous negative reviews. To counter attack the negative publicity, McDonald’s creates a marketing campaign for transparency known as “ Your Questions on Our Food”, where all the audience questions will be answered.

10. Become The Friend

With social media, inquiries and brand issues can be solved and sorted out. It’s a personalized form of Customer Service just at the tap of a button. It saves on time, effort and energy when ensuring customer satisfaction. For instance, a response from Logo wasn’t a typical standard message. It was really personalized that no one expected it to go viral to the social channels.