Best Cuban Restaurant Boston, MA



There is no lack of Cuban food in Boston, MA. There are so many Cuban restaurants in Boston MA that, when people hear about them, it is difficult for them to decide which is the best Cuban restaurant Boston MA.

Casa Cana

This restaurant is located at 1234 Soldiers Field Rd. It is one of the best Cuban restaurant Boston MA, because it features food that are a mix of Latin American and Carribean cuisines. The cocktail list of this restaurant has its specialties; CasaCana. The best thing to try in this restaurant is the Cuban Sandwich, which contains pork, smoked ham, pickles, along with Swiss cheese and mustard. It is very delicious and mouth watering. The ambience of the restaurant is very appealing, and whether someone goes with a friend or alone, they will definitely feel this is one of the best Cuban restaurant Boston MA. Check out best cooking classes in Boston MA – Click Here.

Outlook Kitchen & Bar

The name gives the exterior and interior of the restaurant, away. It is run by chef Tatiana Rosana, and is located at 70 Sleeper St. Even though this is not authentically a Cuban restaurant, but most of the dishes are inspired by Cuban ingredients. This is because Rosana’s cooking is shaped by her Cuban roots; Outlook Kitchenand Bar. If someone goes for lunch there, then they should try the Cuban sandwich. This sandwich is made with braised pork, dill pickles, pickled onions and jalapeno mustard. Cheap things to do in Boston, MA – Website.

Dona Habana

This restaurant is located at 811 Massachusetts Ave, Boston MA. The name of the restaurant is kept after a mystical character of ancestral Cuban Santeria; DonaHabana. She is dressed in either a white or red attire, has a Cuban cigar in her mouth, and a red flower in her hair. This restaurant even do catering for their customers, but that is not the only reason why they are one of the best Cuban restaurant Boston MA. A list of annual events in Boston, MA you should attend – More Info.

They have extensive lunch and dinner menus for customers. Each time a customer comes to the restaurant, they can try a new dish that they didn’t before. They serve guava BBQ beef sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, grilled chicken, and ham sandwiches, which are delicious. The special Cuban dishes that the restaurant serves consists of a ground beef dish called Picadillo, braised shredded beef called Ropa Vieja and roasted pork shoulder called Puerco Asado.


Mariel is located at 10 Post Office Square. The reason why this is one of the best Cuban restaurant Boston MA, is because of the taste of its famous dishes. These dishes include lamb belly, blackened shrimp, pork empanadas, Vaca Frita, Fufu Gnocchi and Halibut Ceviche.

Customers were happy with the atmosphere of this restaurant, and t will feel like people are having dinner in Cuba’s outdoor cafe. There is a lot of interesting art on the walls, and the staff caters to the customer very attentively. The customers found the food to be good, like pollo pizza and its sauce.

Before finding a Cuban restaurant in Boston MA, makes sure that it has the perfect ambience and taste.