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There are a lot of health benefits of standing desks when compared to sitting like; VIVO. But unfortunately, adjusting desks of high-quality are not that cheap and for many of us, it could be simply out of the budget. Another problem with standing or adjustable desk is that before investing so much money, you would want to make sure that you don’t give up standing after a few weeks or months. The more reasonable approach might be to convert your existing desk to a standing desk, through DIY methods till you are sure or become used to standing.

Following are some ways you can convert your existing desk to a standing desk:


One of the most popular and affordable way to convert your existing desk into standing desk is by piecing together parts from IKEA. Standesk 2200 from Colin Nederkoorn is one of the most oldest and affordable conversions, consisting of, Viktor shelf, Lack side table and Ekby Valter bracket from IKEA. After doing the necessary assembling and fixing bolts, you can place it on top of the table, converting your existing table to standing desk. See info about standing desk and knee pain – See Here. Also Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk review – Website.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the method:


• It is one of the most affordable methods to convert your existing desk to standing desk.
• It can easily be removed and added to your desk, once assembled.


• Although it is easy to add or remove it from your existing table, but it can’t be disassembled easily. So storage can be a problem, when you are not using it.
• You can adjust the height of the shelf, but not the height of the side table. So if you want to increase or decrease the height of the side table you will have to place something beneath the legs, like books, etc. or cut the legs with a saw to shorten it.

DIY Through Coffee Table

Another method for DIY standing desk is by raising the height of the desk. You might find some crazy ideas in internet to lift the entire desk, so you need to be a little cautious in choosing the things you are using to elevate the height of the table. You don’t want your whole desk to crash down from an accidental push or kick. So a more stable and better option is using a coffee table. Try using coffee tables with just slightly larger dimensions than your desk. This will help to elevate the height of your table to about one to two feet. Although the position for your mouse and keyboard might get to a comfortable height but you will still require something to raise the height of your monitor to a comfortable position. Check out the features of a standing desk – Must Read.

Some pros and cons of this method:


• As this method helps to elevate the height of the complete table rather than just for keyboard and mouse, etc. it maintains the working area.
• It provides one of the most stable DIY standing tables.


• Although the position for your mouse and keyboard might be ideal, but for placing monitors, you will require something to raise the height for it to be at a comfortable position.
• It is only for people who want a kind of a permanent solution for their DIY standing desk. It won’t be easy to lift your entire table, monitors, etc., after every few hours.

Final Thoughts

It is always wiser to try DIY methods before investing heavily on adjustable desks. We have discussed some ways you can create your own standing desk and you can find many other methods online like:
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