Medical Reasons For Standing Desk

Medical Reasons For Standing Desk - Bill Lentis Media


Standing desk allows many medical benefits; Apex Desk. While standing on our feet, we have better circulation of blood, reduced risk of heart disease and obesity, and much more. Many of us might wonder if it’s possible to ask our employer for standing desk on medical grounds. The Americans with disability act (ADA) is a law which helps people with disability to get employment, this law also includes people who are affected by a disability affecting major life activity such as sitting, standing, breathing, etc.

The law can help employees with disability to get proper accommodations to complete their task or work. There might be similar laws in other countries as well.

Medical Reasons For Getting Standup Desk At Work

Standing desk can help in various medical problems, including better blood circulation and also burn more calories when compared to sitting for prolong periods. Getting a note from your doctor or an endorsement for the need of standing desk can significantly improve your chances of getting stand up desk by your employer. Employers have an obligation to hold interactive dialogues with their employees about their needs and disabilities, according to law. Standing desk is a reasonable request from employees suffering from health issues or back and neck pain and usually comes within the reasonable accommodation threshold. Check out who used standing desks – Click Here.

Business Reasons For Getting Standup Desk At Work

While standing desk can help in improving the health of the employees, some studies suggest, that it can also improve the productivity and energy level of the employees. This is greatly beneficial for the business and employers, as it can directly affect their business. Healthy and productive employees are valuable asset for any firm, and by showing the positive side of standing desk for the business, you can convince your employer to invest on standing desk. See how much are stand up desks – More Info.

Maintaining The Right Balance

Standing certainly has an edge over sitting in terms of health, but it is important to maintain the balance between sitting and standing to avoid any further health problems. Standing for prolong periods can cause several health problems too, so you need to find the right balance between standing and sitting. Do you know how often should I stand up at my desk – Website.

While standing, make sure to stand with proper body posture, take necessary breaks to stretch your body and do exercises. Use anti-fatigue mats, arm supports and adjust the height of the table so it can be somewhere around your elbow; Vari Anti Fatigue Comfort. Don’t push yourself to hard and start slowly till your body gets use to standing, to avoid further deterioration of your health.

Final Thoughts

For employers changing existing setup with stand up or sit-stand desks can be great for the business. It can benefit both the health and productivity level of the employee, both of which are beneficial for the business. As employees, it is important to put the case of standing desk with your employer highlighting both medical and business reasons. Proper medical prescription from your doctor can strengthen your case. Also make sure you start gradually, and make sure to follow proper ergonomic while standing to avoid any further medical problems.