Content Creation For Your Blog: What You Need To Know

Content Creation For Your Blog What You Need To Know -
To develop and build a relationship with your client base is a lot of work and needs for you to frequently update your blog with quality content that will keep them interested. This not only works for your target audience, but it also works for you. By engaging your audience with the right content, in the right intervals, you are able to build on your brand and website leading to eventual higher ranks. Yes, content is a tool that you can use to drive more sales to your business.

The frequency in which you update your blog with content is an art. Little or no content for your blog means that you lose subscribers while on the other hand a lot of blog updates will yield the same result; loss of subscribers to your blog. It is a balancing act that you can muster and eventually get more and more subscribers to your blog.

Little Or No Updates

The first obvious flaw to having little or no updates to your blog is that you will not generate interest from potential client and customers. What this means is that you will not get new followers to your blog, and there is a high likelihood of you losing subscribers which will be a bad thing for your business and brand. This is because they will have most likely than not read all the content that is on offer at your blog.

Silence is a bad thing, especially for long periods is a bad thing. Regardless of the success you might have enjoyed beforehand, failure to keep your blog updated will lead to lower ranking and inevitably poor or even no visibility. To the consumer or target audience, they will not be sure whether you quit blogging or you are just on holiday. The worst thing is that over this drawn out duration, it is quite likely that they will have forgotten who you were when you start posting again.

If you have been on holiday or maybe took a break for one reason or the other and then went back to blogging, you can attest to the truth that it is difficult to get back to the level that you were at, at one point. This is mainly due to the fact that over this period, in many cases your ranking is usually lower than what it previously was. This therefore means that the number of those who follow you takes a hit and building it will be an uphill task.

Too Many Updates

In as much as Content is king, there is a way in which to do this. Yes, it is the pride and duty of every blog to introduce their target consumer to their products and service. More to this, it is more rewarding for a blog to continue building strong relationships with its followers. That being said, there is a limit to just how often you should update your blog. Too much of anything as they say is poisonous.

In truth, it may be difficult for many to keep up with a lot of updates on your blog or websites. This is especially the case if they are subscribed to your blog. If they feel that you are too much in terms of the content you publish on your blog, some may choose to unsubscribe so as to keep their emails free from over flooding with content from your blog. There is a tendency to post short posts especially if you are updating your blog quite often. In as much as this seems like a good idea, it waters down gains that you would have made if you posted conclusive and well weighted content than many bits that may not attract the attention and readership you aim at achieving.

For you as a content creator, this is a lot of work and as a consequence, the quality of the blog posts that you make will take a huge hit. This eventually leads to your credibility in the field that you are in suffer.

The Perfect Mix

So what is the perfect mix? How often is it that you should update your blog? The answer for this depends on the niche that you are in. If you run a news-based blog then it is best that you publish at least once a day. For many other niche’s it is best to at least update the blog twice a week.

As highlighted above, quality is key especially when it comes to keeping your audience entertained and remain attracted to your blog. It is true that people will be looking for value whenever they visit your blog and therefore it is your duty to provide not only quality content, but content that builds on their knowledge on your niche.

The best way to go about this is by ensuring that you have a blogging schedule where you commit to updating your blog at a particular day and a particular time. This consistency will lead your target audience to look forward to your quality posts.

Other than content on your blog, it is important that your blog’s design is professional to ensure that your target audience knows and believes that you know what you are talking about. Appearances go a long way in convincing your target market that you are an authority in your field of choice.


The perfect mix when it comes to content on your blog is highly dependent on the niche that you focus on. With that being said, you should make it your mission to never compromise on the quality of your blog posts. This goes further to cement your place as an authority in your niche of focus.

Frequent updates maybe once or twice a week on a given schedule that your audience is aware of not only retains your audience, it further gets you to build a bigger following and eventually a higher ranking.