Digital Marketing 101, Digital Marketing Overview, Basics, And Best Practices

Digital Marketing 101, Digital Marketing Overview, Basics, And Best Practices -


The video talks about how many companies out there don’t invest much time in developing marketing strategies and because of this, they miss out on opportunities; Quick Sprout Online marketing is a broad topic, which is why a company needs to formulate a strategy that takes into account the three main things; business, customer and marketing.

Three Strategies

This is the first strategy, which takes into account the mission statement of a company, what are their objectives, what value they want to provide to customers and their elevator pitch.

Next is the brand strategy, and in this strategy, a marketer will analyze their target audience and try to understand them; HuffPost This is important for the marketer, as this would tell him which online platform would be best suitable for the target audience. The marketer will also set Key Performance Indicators, to measure performance of the marketing strategy.

In the marketing strategy, a marketer decides how he is going to pursue online marketing; he will look at the channels that are available to him and then pursue the best one. The marketer has to decide whether he wants to pay for marketing or he wants to do it through influencing or owned media.

Good Website

Marketers should focus on developing a website that would educate a visitor about the products or services that the website offers. If they are website is well developed, then they can use it to post ads, in order to increase conversion rate. They should have a helpful website, consisting of quality content like Facebook posts, blogs and articles.

If a marketer doesn’t know how to design a website, then it is best to hire someone who is an expert, because a good website will leave an impression on visitors. Moreover, a marketer should know the purpose he is developing a website for. For example, if it is an eCommmerce website, then there should be call-to-action on every page, so that the customer knows what he has to do, if he wants to buy a product.

Proper Domain Name

If a website doesn’t have a proper domain name, and has one that is not easily understandable by the visitor, then that won’t be an effective measure. The domain name is important because it appears in search engine results, and is a way through which customers find a company’s website.

Checking The Effectiveness Of A Website

Marketers should know how to measure data that they collect from a website; data would include the number of visitors and conversion rate, as well as, which ads were the most viewed. This data should then be used to improve the existing marketing campaign.

Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnel is the route that visitors take to arrive to the sales page and if the conversion funnel is perfect, then it would look something a straight cylinder. If the abandonment rate before checkout is high, then the marketer needs to analyze the funnel and improve it.

Marketers should also focus on SEO campaigns, building quality content, and if they are not able to do all these things, then they need to hire a professional. They should develop a social media marketing plan and include things like video marketing and email marketing; Disruptive Advertising.