Can You Beat Egg Whites In A Blender

Can You Beat Egg Whites In A Blender - Bill Lentis Media


Even though professional chefs do beat egg whites in a blender, it is still something that they don’t prefer. This is because, when egg whites are put in a blender, and they blend for too long, then they reach a state which is past the desired one. This means that they become too soft, and it won’t be right to use them for baking.

There are several different ways through which, people can beat egg whites.

Method #1 To Beat Egg Whites

The first method to beat egg whites, is with a stand mixer. Usually, a stand mixer comes with a mixer bowl, but if there is none, then getting a round bowl won’t be any problem. While beating the egg whites, make sure that it is properly separated from the egg yolk and doesn’t have any egg shells in it, either.

A tip here is not to use plastic containers, because they don’t go well with a stand mixer. A stand mixer has a whisk attached to it, and the egg whites should be whisked at medium low. It takes about 1 minute for them to start foaming. Increase the speed to medium-low speed, and the egg whites would start creating air bubbles and will soon turn into a creamy, white texture.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Egg White Until Stiff By Hand?

One of the ways to beat egg whites, is by hand. Even though it takes a lot of time, it is still an effective method. By hand means, taking a whisk or even a fork to beat the white eggs. It takes about 12-18 minutes for egg whites to reach the desired consistency. Even if it takes a lot of time, the egg whites would never be over beaten, and will reach its stiff peak very soon. Also go and check out the can i use a blender to make cauliflower rice – check my site.

What Can You Do With Over Beaten Eggs?

If the clumps in egg whites look stubborn, then this means that the person has over whipped the egg whites. When such a thing happens, the only solution is to add a fresh egg white, and whip for just a couple of seconds. This would re-moisten the foam, and it can be folded. If the new egg white is beaten more than a couple of seconds, then it will become over whipped again.

Can I Store Whipped Egg White?

Whipped eggs should not be stored. In fact, as soon as person whips them, they should be right away used for baking or consumed as an ingredient in a meal. Whipped egg whites, if put in a fridge or freezer, won’t take long to collapse and the effort put in by a person would go to waste.

How Do You Beat Egg Whites To Stiff Peaks?

To reach stiff peaks for egg whites, using an electric mixer can be a good choice. Set it on medium, or use a rotary beater. Make sure to scrape the sides of the mixing bowl, and continue to beat until the egg whites stand straight up.