Brand Creation And Customer Base Growth Using Social Media

Brand Creation And Customer Base Growth Using Social Media -


Social media is an inter-mutual computer-made technology aimed at facilitating the sharing of created interests, ideas and information by use of virtual networks and communities. Any business that ends up going viral usually starts from social media. Brand creation is time consuming and requires persistence, dedication and patience. Social media is an essential part of life in the current day technological world. Most businesses are using it to create the main portfolio to get to the consumers. Most people are always spending most of their time on social media; whether it is intentional or not, thus information on your business will always get to the desired targeted market. Social media will also provide real statistical figures and data that are evaluated, measured and interpreted with ease. It provides the most ideal approach for growing the customer base growth and brand building. Before creating a new product, social media can act as a pilot study for the likely success of the product in the target market.

The aim of going for social media is to put your brand out for the whole world to notice, connect with and enable creation of a strong basic marketing campaign that will lead to an increase in sales. Social media not only promotes the brand name and products, but also is important in making a customer potential list. This can be traced to the rate of comments on posts and post sharing. Hunt for more comments on social media portfolios as they show the rate of customer satisfaction and the areas which require improvement. Customers usually pour out their thoughts on the available products using social media. After establishing a customer base, offering free newsletters on the brand will ensure an increase in the number of customers. Also, use social media to ask for the opinions of your customers by knowing their preferences. Also, ensure a fresh supply of contents on the brand website. Creating strong profiles on social media, adding links to the other brand social media pages to the official brand website and cross promoting social accounts will lead to an increase in the customers. Following the target audience on social media such as twitter will enable interaction and engaging of the target audience.

Factors To Consider In Brand Creation Using Social Media

1. Opt for visual brand posts compared to written. A big population of customers will relate well to the visual adverts and posts.
2. Have a consistent pattern across all social media portfolios. The brand logo and profile across all social media networks should be similar. The posting routine, color and graphics out to be similar from one social media site to another.
3. Use color making statements as they create a brand personality.
4. Focus your energy on engaging, interacting, conversing and caring for your clients so as to establish a good relationship. Clients will trust a brand that takes effort and time to connect with them.
5. Utilize the brand personality and opt for a first person tone and not corporate when communication with customers. Use humor and colloquial dialogue when conversing with clients. This ensures the brand is more relatable to.
6. Let your brand be transparent. This ensures a healthy relationship exists between a brand and customers. Being clear about the future plans for a brand and the mistakes is a good way to go.
7. Ensure all brand posts are simple, meaningful and relevant.
8. Keep in mind the brand’s style and voice. It entails brand language, tone and purpose. When targeting the youths, more slang will be appropriate. The tone is how the brand will be communicating online. Will it be formal and serious or irrelevant and cheeky? Have a clear purpose for having the brand’s page.
9. Ensure the brand logo encompasses philosophies of the brand.

Steps For Using Social Media In Brand Creation And Customer Base Growth

• First, create a page for your brand ensuring you fill in all the required information. Ensure the cover photo is attractive and has an action call. Use the brand logo to be the page’s profile photo. Daily posting is ideal since every post gets to a certain followers percent.
• Have a clear guideline on what posts will feature in your social mean page. It is the plan to be adhered to whenever creating content for posting. Always share deliberate posts, not just random posts. This will prevent posting of irrelevant posts.
• Posts should contain interesting and relevant information. Don’t stick to daily posting of adverts, spice you page up with occasional fun posts and interesting tips. Always ensures the fun posts and tips conform to the brand.
• Ensure the advertisements have an action call and attractive images. Good images will always catch an eye at any particular time. A professional photographer is appropriate to take good business or product pictures. Stock photos will also create alluring images for the advertisements.
• Establish sponsored ads meant to target your particular market. Be specific not only on the particular target group of people but also the target area. Have a realistic area of interest while still ensuring you aren’t limiting yourself. If the selected region is too small, the yielded results will be inconsistent. The results will indicate a merely low penetration of the advert among people. The main aim of using social media is ensuring more people view your adverts and hopefully, develop an interest to have an interaction with your brand.
• After establishing the social media community, be present. Creating the social media page is basic but maintaining it is the core agenda. Answer people’s questions on the products you deal with to the best of your ability. Be polite in the answers you provide even if they seem like pretty basic things that anyone can have an answer for. Let your responses be quick since customer care is always a key concern for most successful brand. Failing to respond to the questions might translate to a ruined brand name as some clients will assume your brand isn’t customer centered.