Standing Desk Health Benefits

Standing Desk Health Benefits - Bill Lentis Media


Standing desk as the name suggest are desk meant to stand and work rather than the conventional desk which are used while sitting; Calico. The reason for standing desk becoming so popular is of course the health benefits it offers. Prolong sitting can have serious consequences on your health, including risk of diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers which are usually influenced with inactivity of the body.

In this article we will discuss some of the health benefits of standing desk, which are as follows:

Reducing The Risk Of Health Disease

There are many health risks which are linked to the inactivity of the body. While sitting too much, we expose our self to some serious health risks including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and can even lead to cancer. Sitting too much also slows down your metabolism, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Standing desk helps you to be more active and you can even walk or stretch your self during work or other activity. Standing on your feet or walking a bit around your standing desk will help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of heart disease. Also see stand up desk exercise – Click Here.

Neck And Back Pain

Neck and back pain is one of the most common types of complain from people who spend a lot of time sitting and starring at their monitor screens. It also causes stress on our spine. There are studies that prove that standing can be very beneficial for these types of pain. Within weeks of standing or walking the pain can be greatly reduced. Look at standing desk vs exercise ball – Website.

Standing desk will allow you to stand or take a small walk around your table, greatly reducing any neck or back pain within weeks.

Blood Circulation

Sedentary lifestyle slows down your blood circulation, increasing the risk of blood clots, varicose veins, etc. On the other hand, standing helps in better blood circulation than sitting. While using a standing desk, you can also walk, stretch, and even do exercise in your free time which will help you maintain a healthy life style. Will standing desk help back pain – Must See.

Improves Your Mood And Makes You Active

Prolong sitting can cause tiredness. As standing helps in better blood circulation to your brain and muscles, it improves your energy and makes you feel more active. This will result in more productivity and will also help you work for longer period of time.

Better Posture

If you are not sitting with proper ergonomics you are probably putting a lot of stress on your spine. This may also affect your posture. Standing will help to reduce the pressure on your spine and will give you a natural back shape. But it’s important you should stand knowing proper ergonomics to make the most out of your standing desk. You want your monitor or other stuff to be at the right position and avoid excessive tilting of your spine; Seville.

Final Thoughts

Standing desk offers many physical health and psychological benefits. It can help you avoid some serious health risk and also make you more productive and energetic.