Reviews Of Best Wireless Routers To Buy In 2019

Linksys WRT3200 ACM Wi-Fi Router -


Linksys WRT3200 ACM Wi-Fi Router -
A wireless router is the need of almost all the big families. It allows you to connect with internet without limiting the speed. You can connect multiple devices like smart TV, smartphones, tablets and computers to your router. There are a few things which are taken into consideration while choosing those wireless routers like:

• The strength of signals:
• Onboard features:
• Price:
Here are the features and specifications of top wireless routers. :

#1 – Linksys WRT3200 ACM Wi-Fi Router

Linksys WRT3200 ACM Wi-Fi Router -
This wireless router ensures a good speed of internet connection to multiple users. Linksys WRT3200 is user-friendly. Its performance is really good especially at short ranges. It has been ranked on the top of the list because of its beautiful design and overall efficient performance. The only drawback of this router is that it is costly. You will get the efficient performance of a router but you will have to pay for it much as compared to the other routers. Linksys WRT3200 is a top pick wireless router as it has replaced many other routers because of its high speed and smart software suite. The design of the router is quite impressive. The purple-black combination of this router has managed to change its design with time but overall it is one of the best routers with such a beautiful look. It is equipped with 3200 ACM radio and it is the most reliable connection to connect multiple devices at a time.

Though the price of the router is high if you are looking for a well-equipped and fully featured router then there is no other option than Linksys WRT3200. - Check Prices Button Red

#2 – TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 Wireless Router

TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 Wireless Router -
For some people, budget matters a lot. If you do not want to spend much on the wireless router then TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 wireless router is perfect for you. If we compare the price to the performance of the router then it can be said that it is by far the most preferred wireless router. It is one of the best routers within that price range. The speed is really good. The only drawback of this router is its cheap looks. Sometimes you avoid using this router because of its horrible looks. Other than that it is one of the best budget-friendly routers that will allow you to fulfil your needs within a limited budget. If we said that it is one of the most affordable wireless routers we have ever tried then it will be not wrong. The efficiency of the router may get disturbed at larger distances. If there are hindrances then it has also been noticed that the performance of the router gets distressed.

If you are using it for a smaller home or an apartment then the speed doesn’t matter. For larger homes, the signal strength will get weak. It will interrupt with the connection and it can slow down the browsing. However, if it is compared with its price then we can surely say that it is one of the most affordable routers which are ideal to use at short range distances. The design of the router is compact while its setup is user-friendly. If you are looking for a high speed and most affordable router for browsing and downloading your stuff then this wireless router is perfect for you. - Check Prices Button Red

#3 – Netgear X6 AC3200 Wireless Router

Netgear X6 AC3200 Wireless Router -
Netgear X6 AC3200 is among the top wireless router as its speed is quite impressive. Both download an upload speed of this wireless router is very good. The overall performance of the Netgear X6 AC3200 is very inspiring. There are a lot of extra features that have been introduced in the Netgear X6 AC3200 to enhance the performance of the router and to make it user-friendly. There are only a few drawbacks of Netgear X6 AC3200. The design of the router is not compatible with every user and the speed of the wired connection sometimes gets interrupted and it affects the overall efficiency of the router.

The six antennas and tri-band of wireless signals make sure that which of the device requires more power and bandwidth for a smooth run. It is one of the most useful and advanced features of Netgear X6 AC3200. Netgear X6 AC3200 was tested and its performance was compared with other routers. We have found a good range of the signals and got tremendous results. The upload and download speed of the router is quite good and impressive. It can connect with the multiple devices at longer distances and can provide good internet speed. The best thing about the router is that you will find a smooth internet connection, uninterrupted browsing and download speed. The features we found in Netgear X6 AC3200 was different from others and its performance was excellent. This router is perfect for larger homes, offices and garage areas.

Cons The noise of the router is sometimes irritating but the overall performance of the wireless router is extraordinary. - Check Prices Button Red

#4 – Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band Wireless Router

Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band Wireless Router 1 -
Linksys EA9500 Tri-Band wireless router works exceptionally good at larger ranges. Its design is natural and very impressive. The software is good and of high quality. The price range of the wireless router is quite high and most of the user does not feel comfortable to spend on it. Another drawback of this wireless router is its bulky design. If you have a smaller space in your home and your space is limited to put a router then this is of no use. The design is quite bulky and cannot fit inside any space.

The best thing about the router is its overall performance. The speed is incredible and the connection is stable. The large range of Linksys EA9500 ensures that you will get smooth internet connection all over the home, each and every room and corner of the home. This wireless router can be the best choice by the user but some people feel awkward to spend extra cash on routers.

Here we will recommend that if you are ready to spend on those routers and are willing to pay some extra cash in return of good performance then EA9500 can be a good choice. The Linksys EA9500 is no doubt one of the best wireless routers. It can be said that if you are serious web streamer or game lover then this router is a must have thing for your home. - Check Prices Button Red

#5 – AmpliFi HD Wireless Router

AmpliFi HD Wireless Router 1 - BillLentis
AmpliFi HD is a best mesh wireless router that ensures the smooth connection. Its design is very attractive and striking. The setup is easy and it works best at all ranges. The best thing about the router is its performance and design. The drawback includes the high price of the HD model and lack of software for many important features.

The best thing about the router is its size. It can fit any space or corner of the house without compromising on the quality of the signal strength and power. The question is that what is the main technology that has been used in the router to improve its functionality? The best thing here is the use of mesh technology that has been used in the router system to improve the overall performance of the AmpliFi HD. The mesh technology makes use of the several antennas that are connected with one another to perform in a better way. It ensures the better signal strength and performance. It depends upon you to choose the number of antennas. You can add as much as antennas as you like to get the better signal strength for your home or workplace. It is one of the best and reliable ways to get better internet speed for browsing, downloading and uploading.

The major drawback of AmpliFi HD is that it lacks the parental control features. If you have a bigger house and there are multiple users and you want to control the data usage and other things, then AmpliFi HD system is not able to give you access to it. Instead of introducing a built-in dashboard they have made their own from scratch. That is the reason you are unable to control some of the features. The overall performance of the router is good and it is suitable for everyone. Besides few minor drawbacks, AmpliFi HD system is overall a good wireless router. - Check Prices Button Red

Why There Is A Need To Buy A New Wireless Router?

TP-Link Archer C9 AC1900 Wireless Router -
The technology of wireless routers has become advanced in the past few years. Now there are a lot of features like advanced wireless bands, transmission technology and other smart features. Now to fulfil the demands of modern homes or the entire family it has become very important to set up a proper system of the wireless router. The concept of wireless routers has changed from the past. Now you need a faster internet speed to download and upload the files. If you love to play online games then there must be a stable connection to allow you to play properly without distraction. If you want to watch online movies or download 4K videos or you regularly update your larger files or upload them, then you will better know the importance of a wireless router.

To buy a new router is as important as changing your cell phone or other important devices of the home. If you are paying special attention to changing your laptops and other devices then you must consider improving your router. It is a connection between your device and the internet that is why it needs your special care and consideration.

It is really important to pay for those routers and maintain them in a proper way to get the smooth connection and signal strength. If you want to upgrade the wireless router system of your home then it is really important to think about the latest features of those routers. The advanced technology of mesh networking will allow you to get a better network connection and stable signals. There are many other features of those routers that will encourage you to pay for them. You can upgrade your wireless router system by looking for the best wireless routers available in the market. Here are top pick list of wireless routers and their specifications that will help you to find a perfect one for you.

Buying Guide For Wireless Routers

When we decided to buy a wireless router for our home or office then there are many features and metrics that are taken into consideration. Before buying these wireless routers it is highly recommended to look for the special features, price and performance of those routers and then buy them. If you are a beginner then you must go for those routers having a bandwidth rating of 1900AC. It should have 200 Mbps speed. The routers that have been added to the list have parental control features. It makes sure that your family and kids are properly comfortable when they are using the internet. It allows you to control the activity of your family members according to your choice. Moreover, always make sure that the routers you are going to buy have a good speed. It will ensure a powerful connection between your device and connection.

How We Tested Wireless Routers?

In order to get the best router we test all of those routers along with their specific features. All of them were found very well in performing their functions. All of these routers were tested in terms of their performance and their price according to different users. We know that some users prefer the low price while on the other hand some focus on the quality of the wireless routers. So in order to test the best router in terms of price and functionality all of those routers were tested properly.

When you buy a router then there are many features that need to be taken into consideration. There are three main features for which routers are preferred. The most important thing is the onboard features. The other two important factors that should be considered are signal strength and the price. We all know that technology is influencing every aspect of our lives. Same is the case with the wireless routers. New and advanced features are continuously being added to it. Now you do not need to wait for several minutes to get the streaming of videos. Similarly, if you want to play online games then you must not need to get worried about the speed of the internet. Wireless routers will allow you to enjoy your games, downloading and video streaming in a better way than ever.

These routers were tested from various distances. A little interference was observed during those tests. Some of the routers were tested on basis of some extra features like parental control, media servers and mobile apps. The process of installing and understanding these wireless routers seem quite difficult. But the use of mobile apps and the desktop applications have made it possible to deal with all the functioning and operation of the wireless routers. Now you do not need to get worried about the speed if you are a large family. If there are multiple users in your home and you think your internet speed goes slow down, then you can use a wireless router. You can choose those wireless routers according to your needs, price and preferences.

The setup, installation and use of those routers can be a difficult task for the people but all thanks to the companies who have made it possible for a layman to understand it. Now you can simply read it, understand it and use your wireless router according to the instructions of the manual. You can even look for the help of the companies for the installation of those routers. Though it is quite simple someone can find it difficult. So in order to get the best out of wireless routers, it is really important to seek the advice of a professional if you are unable to understand it.

There are many features that have been introduced in those routers during recent years. Now the mesh networking feature of the routers has made it easy for the multiple users to stay connected with your network in the best way. Similarly, the MU-MIMO technology has also added the ease. It also evenly distributes the traffic to all the users. The final consideration was given to the design of the routers. We all know that different people have different preferences because of the space available in their house. If you have much space in your house then you can put those routers anywhere and you can also go for the various sizes. On the other hand, if you have limited space in your house then a compact router will be great for you. The design and looks of the routers have also been changed for the last few years. AmpliFi HD is among those routers which have taken the design of the routers to the next level. It depends upon the users to go for those routers which are suitable for you.

There are few features of routers that should be taken into consideration while buying those routers. Before buying those routers it is really important to educate yourself and look for all the important specifications of those routers. The most important features of the routers include ports, Wi-Fi types, WPS and security. Parental control is also among those features that are considered very important now a day. If there are multiple users in your home and your kids also use the internet then it is really important to monitor their activity. With the parental control feature of the wireless router, you can control the internet using activity. It will give you perfect relaxation of mind that your kids are using the internet in a safe environment. The range of the wireless router also matters a lot. If your house is big then you must need a router with a wide range but if you want to use a router for a small home then a short-range router will be ideal for you.

How To Increase The Speed Of Wireless Router?

The most important ways to increase the speed of wireless router include:

Convert 2.4GHz To 5GHz

AmpliFi HD Wireless Router 2 -
2.4GHz is perfect for the homes and it works great between a router and your device. But in case if you are looking for the high speed then you must switch to the 5GHz. It will give you a high speed of internet for games, downloading, uploading and searching media.

Use Of QoS

QoS stands for the quality of service; this allows you to increase the traffic to certain devices. It is the feature of most of the modern routers of today. This feature has added much convenience as it will allow you to prioritize certain applications for you. You can choose your applications or the devices for the increased traffic. The main benefit that you will get after prioritizing those devices is the speedy internet. If you are tired of slow speed internet because there are many other internet users in the house, then you will go to the settings of the router and prioritize your device. It will provide the extra bandwidth to your device. It will provide you faster internet speed and you will not have to wait for longer period of times for browsing.

Choose MU-MIMO

Linksys WRT3200 ACM Wi-Fi Router -
The feature of MU-MIMO is quite new but it has added much ease to the use of the internet. This feature allows you to browse the internet in a smooth way. The main purpose of using this feature is that you will get proper bandwidth throughout your internet browsing. Usually when you connect with your internet then you find a consistent speed of your internet, but when there are multiple users in the house then you will not be able to get a good speed of the internet. For that reason, MU-MIMO feature is used in routers. It ensures the consistent spreading of bandwidth and equally distributes the signal. No matter how many devices are connected, it will ensure the equal spreading of bandwidth.