Buying Guide For The Best Office Chairs 2019

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You can never underestimate the importance of a good quality office chair. When you spend many hours in front of a desk and feel the uneasiness of the chair and spend the whole day with back pain and fatigue, then you realize the need for a perfect office chair. Some of the chairs are expensive but it is really important to invest in the best quality products for your health. It will make you realize that you have spent your money in a right way to get the perfect comfort level. Here different office chairs along with their specifications are listed but Herman Miller Embody chair has been selected as number one. It has been ranked as a top office chair because of its comfort and health benefits. It will support your body and back. It will give you comfort throughout your workday. After buying this chair you will feel that you have invested in something very unique and satisfactory.

#1 – Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair -
This chair has been ranked as number one because of its unique features. The special back of the chair automatically adjust and provide a perfect comfort level to its users. The beautiful and classy design of the chair has ranked it among the top office chairs. The looks of the chair are perfect even a choosy person can easily pick it up. The main feature of the chair is its unique back that automatically adjusts according to the user. The special attention has been given to the people with back pain to ease them. The back of the chair has been designed to support the back of the user. It can stimulate the blood flow and supply of oxygen to your body in a regular way. The back of the chair adjusts even when the user moves its body. It has been ranked among the top chairs because of its unique health features. It reduces the stress and normalizes the blood pressure. - Check Prices Button Red

#2 – Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair -
This chair is picked because it is suitable for anyone. The comfort level of the chair makes it different from others. This chair is often considered expensive but it is really worth buying because of its comfort and ease of use. A study was conducted in 11 countries and after that Steelcase chair was made according to the needs of the people. The chair is not only suitable for people using laptops and computers but it is also useful for tablet users. This chair is made according to the needs of different people and by considering various devices. That is the reason that this chair is suitable for any kind of desk in the workplace and even at home. The armrest of the chair can be adjusted. The back of the chair can be adjusted and it can adjust itself according to the movement of the spine. The chair is available in various colors and stools heights. You can choose the chair according to the type of back, color and height. - Check Prices Button Red

#3 – Steelcase Leap Chair

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The Steelcase Leap chair is selected among the top chairs because it is suitable both for home and office use. It is selected because of its comfort and versatile features. The Steelcase Leap chair provides the perfect comfort level to its users. If you are looking for a perfect chair for your home or office, then this chair will be on your list. It will be very unfortunate if you are looking for a good office chair and are not considering the Leap chair. This chair can automatically adjust according to the movement of the body. The gliding system of the chair will allow you to lie down while working in a proper way. You can easily reach your desk and it will also reduce the pressure on your back and spine. The best thing about the chair is that this chair is totally recyclable. - Check Prices Button Red

#4 – Ergo-human High Back Mesh Chair

Ergo Human High Back Mesh Chair -
This chair has been selected because of its customization feature. It is among the best and most comfortable chairs. If you are looking for a chair with many features then this chair must be at your priority list. You can adjust the back of the chair to relax your spine. The lumbar area and even the depth of the seat can be easily adjusted. There are a variety of features that can be adjusted according to your body comfort. If you are a person who sits more than 5-6 hours then this chair is perfect for you. - Check Prices Button Red

#5 – Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair -
When you sit and work the Aeron chair provide you with the best comfort and ease. The extraordinary support on the back makes this chair unique among others. It is the most comfortable chair which will give you the comfortable long sitting hours. From quality and durability point of view, this chair is preferred by most of the office workers. This chair comes in different sizes. It can easily accommodate people of various sizes. The seat can be adjusted automatically. The back will remain in an upright position. It will strengthen the spine and gives the relief at work. - Check Prices Button Red

#6 – Focal Locus Workstation Chair

Focal Locus Workstation Chair -
This is basically a standing desk. It promotes the standing and maintains a good posture of the body. It is basically a combination of chair and desk. It maintains a half standing and sitting posture. This posture is ideal to regulate the blood flow of the body in a proper way. When you will make the small movements the seat will adjust itself. The height of the desk is ideal and it is compatible with the chair. The structure of the chair and desk is very simple and there is no need to get worried about replacing the parts of the setup. It is highly recommended to buy both parts to get the perfect comfort level. - Check Prices Button Red

#7 – Freedom Task Chair

Freedom Task Chair -
Freedom Task chair is among the highly desirable chairs because of its looks and excellent support. It is basically a leather chair that has been designed for office workers. The armrest can be adjusted. This chair is considered an expensive office chair but after buying this chair you will feel the high quality of the chair. It is really a worth buying chair. You can adjust the height of the chair and its back. To adjust the seating depth you need to move the chair. To support your back, the design of the chair is made in such a way that supports the spine and maintains the S curve. - Check Prices Button Red

#8 – Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair -
If you are looking for a budget-friendly chair then Mid-Back Mesh chair should be at your priority list. This chair has added the much ease for the people with tight budgets. As compared to the others expensive chair, this chair lacks much durability but it is has got a tremendous rating by the people because of its rates. For ordinary use or home use, this chair is really worth buying. It is highly budget-friendly. The main features of the chair include a fixed armrest, padded and adjustable seat. It provides extra comfort because of its padded plush seat. - Check Prices Button Red

#9 – Ikea Markus Chair

Ikea Markus Chair 1 -
This chair is also included among the most affordable office chairs. The people looking for budget-friendly chairs will rank this chair among the best chairs. This chair is stylish in looks, affordable and comfortable. The armrest is fixed but the height of the chair is adjustable. Though this chair is cannot be ranked among the most durable chairs but for the people with smaller budgets, this chair is good to buy. The adjustable height, comfortable seat and affordable rates make this ideal. - Check Prices Button Red

Things To Consider While Buying Office Chairs

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There are many things that need to be considered while buying a good office chair. The main features that should be considered are:

Comfortable Design

A chair should be designed in such a way that it can support the back of the body. The best chair should be designed to support the back of the body to avoid back pain during long sitting hours. A good chair provides the perfect comfort while sitting. It reduces the pressure on hip and spine of the body. A chair should be designed to support those parts. A good chair will maintain the typical S shape of the back. It will provide the maximum comfort while sitting. So if you are intended to buy a chair then the first thing that you need to consider is the perfect design and shape of the chair.

Height Adjustability

Height adjustability is one of the most important factors that need to be considered while buying a chair. All of us do not have the same heights. So in order to get a perfect comfort level, it is really important to reach at a particular height of the desk while performing routine tasks. It maintains body posture and will make your access to the desk easy.

Chair With Breathable Fabric

Always look for a chair whose material is breathable. All of us must sweat while sitting. So it is really important to properly drain off our moisture. It is really uncomfortable when you are sitting on a chair that is wet and uncomfortable. So the fabric of the chair must be breathable. It will give you comfortable and flexible long sittings at the office.

Changeable Back And Arms

While doing your work in office your chair must be comfy and relaxed. A chair must have an adjustable back and arms. The back will support you while doing your work. It will support your back in a tilting posture. When you feel tired after hours of working then a tilting chair will allow you to relax your back. A perfect chair can be adjusted at any angle. It will support the back, spine and the entire lumber of the body.

Adjustable arms are not as important as adjustable height, but the importance of a comfortable armrest cannot be denied. Each and every chair and desk has its own height, so it is really important to adjust the armrest of the chair according to your ease.

Durable Material

If you want to buy an office chair then it is really important to look for the durable materials. Leather last long but the mesh will allow the breathing of the body properly. If the material of the chair is too hard then it will make you uncomfortable. It is really important to look for good quality, durable and soft material in order to avoid hip pain and breathability.

Comfortable Seat

When you work for many hours in an office, then you must have a comfortable seat to sit. When buying the office chair it is really important to look for a comfortable seat. Each chair has its own size and area. If you lot of area to support then it is ideal to go for larger seats. A padded seat will provide you with the maximum comfort so look for those chairs which have a comfy seat.

Price Of Chair

It is true that the price of the chair matters but it is really important to properly invest in those chairs. It is linked directly to your health and comfort that is why it is really important to invest in those chairs. If a chair is expensive but is durable and comfortable then you must go for it. If a chair is really uncomfortable and low priced then it is not recommended to buy. A chair is as important as a bed to invest because you spend many hours a day sitting on it. That is why spend on those chairs and do not compromise on the quality.

What You Should Avoid?

As there are many things that need to be considered while buying those chairs similarly there are few things that should be avoided like:

Mesh Isn’t Always A Good Choice

While buying those chairs it is not always recommended to buy the mesh chairs. Though it is breathable, there are also other materials which will keep you cool and comfortable. There are a variety of materials that are different from mesh but they will provide you with comfort during long sitting hours.

Do Not Judge A Chair On Basis Of Its Looks

It seems very good to buy a chair with beautiful and stylish looks but it is not necessary that a chair having great looks is durable too. It is really important to always go for those chairs which are durable, breathable and comfortable to use. Some chairs are mock of branded chairs so it is not necessary that a chair having good looks is always reliable. The main purpose of making those chairs is to only copy the design. The durability of those chairs is usually not very good. That is why it is recommended to consider the quality first and then choose the looks and design of the chair.

Choose A Chair That Is Comfortable

When you plan to buy a chair then keep in mind that any chair can be a good chair. A good chair will not only provide you with comfortable support but will also support your back portion of the body. If you are a heavy person then it is recommended to avoid buying the mesh chairs. A wide seat must be your priority and at the same time, a comfortable and durable chair fabric will also support your body. Similarly, if you have back pain then choose those chairs which are supportive enough to maintain the particular S shape of the body. It should tilt according to your movements of the body. Some chairs will also support you to lie on your back in a tilting way, so you can also choose them. It depends upon your needs so carefully choose those chairs which suit you.


When you buy a chair, do not think that it is only a chair. It is a great investment just like other things. When you buy a chair think about the use, need and price of the chair. If you want to spend more than 5 hours a day on it then it is advisable to purchase high-quality chair but if you want to use it occasionally the go for the cheap chairs. Though there are some chairs which are reasonable in price and will also serve you in the best way. So set your priorities first and then go for those chairs.

How To Test The Comfort Level Of A Chair?

The comfort level of a chair can be tested by using it. After testing all of those chairs on daily basis for more than 5 hours, the actual results and comfort level of the chairs were tested. Different chairs with different heights were tested. The armrests and back of the various chairs were tested by spending many hours of sitting on it. The seat of various chairs, their size, their material and their comfort level was tested. People having different heights and weights tested those chairs to check the durability and comfort level. It is tested that different types of chairs work differently with various body types and heights. The material of the chair also matters a lot.

It was tested that Herman Miller Embody works best with all types of bodies. The material of the chair is really durable. It also allows the perfect blood flow. If the blood flow is not normal then it can make you uncomfortable while working.

Why There Is A Need To Buy A New Office Chair?

When you work in an office then you really need an office chair. There are many factors you consider while buying those chairs but when they break you only think about the looks of the chair. If we take the example of Herman Miller chair, it is a great chair. It is really comfortable but this is not designed for every type of body. As different body types have different needs so the Herman Miller chair is not for the heavy persons.

Now a day, when we are at work, we are not only in contact with a typical computer screen instead we use multiple devices. If here we take the example of the Steelcase Gesture chair, we will come to know that it has been designed by considering various devices. It can be fully adjusted according to various devices by adjusting the armrest and the seat. If we said that it is by far the most desirable chair from this point of view then it will be right. There are many features that need to be considered like design, durability, material and price of the chair. It is obvious that an office chair will also wear out with the passage of time. It is not long lasting and will support less after passing sometime. It is therefore recommended to buy a new office chair. When you will go for the used ones, you will not be able to use it for a longer period of times. It is recommended to use a proper, durable and new office chair for long-lasting use.

Which Is Right?

The main features like design, price and durability of the chair matter a lot while buying it. When you will read the reviews of the people then you will come to know that which office chair is right for you. If we talk about the looks of the chair then Herman Miller is the best option. The way technology has been added to it is just awesome. But if you are tight on budget then Ikea is the best option. The padding and price of the chairs are important factors here. Most of the people prefer those chairs because of tight budgets. But the durability of those chairs is not consistent. The standing desk and office chair combination will be a good start for you. The best thing is to clearly think about the use and needs of your office chair and then go for a chair that suits you.