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Different cleaning strategies are adopted to clean different surfaces and floors. The robot vacuums are getting popular now a day because of their quick cleaning procedure. Here we have listed all the best robot vacuum and mops. You can easily find them and use them according to your convenience. This guide is all about the features, uses and best brands of robot vacuums. Here you will find a detailed review of all those products. You can choose them according to your ease and comfort.

Most of the people look for both features and affordability of mops, so we have picked iLife as one of the best models of robot vacuums. It has both vacuuming and mopping features that allow you to perform your routine task with ease and comfort. This model requires special care while using it. It comes with a battery that usually lasts for about an hour. The powerful motor of the machine is also capable of handling the pet’s hair. It is one of the leading brands of mops and vacuums. That is why it is loved and preferred by most of the people.

How We Selected A Robot Vacuum?

A robot vacuum is highly usually used by busy people because they do not find the time to clean their house on regular basis. They need a quick solution for cleaning and that is why they prefer to use the robot vacuums. Robot vacuums are not easy to use especially when you add mop to it. It will become much difficult to handle them. Durability is one of the major features of a robot vacuum. A smaller damage of water can ruin the overall performance and quality of a vacuum if you are using a low-quality brand.

We have tested all those mops and robot vacuums which offered both dry and wet features of mopping. Here all of them were tested to perform all those tasks they claimed. We also tested whether a vacuum is able to switch easily between dry and wet modes or not? We also look for different features like suction, brushes and rollers. If a vacuum is of good quality then it will easily change the mode between wet and dry. The best models of a vacuum will offer best features like brush rolls for dry cleaning and wet rolls for the removal of stains. We also tested how different features of mopping actually work? We also tested various brands of vacuums and check all those vacuums that actually removed the dirt of the floors.

There were many other features like customization of those vacuums. We left all those vacuums that were taking too much time for setting up and cleaning. We haven’t included those vacuums that were uneasy to use. All the mops and vacuums with difficult features and functioning were also removed from the list. The final list was made after careful consideration. We incorporated those vacuums which were easy to use and handle because no one has enough time to understand and manage all those things. That is why it was really important to choose a vacuum that is easy to use and understand. It also requires minimum care for its working. In the end, we look for the battery features of a vacuum. What is the charging time? How many hours would a battery take to get fully charged? If a charge lasts for more than 30 minutes then it is a big plus for the vacuum. You can quickly recharge it for the next session of cleaning. A smooth working of the robot vacuum is really important for cleaning with efficiency. All these features, factors, pros and cons were tested to get the final results. This list was made after careful consideration and all the top products have been added to it. You can surely choose them according to your ease and comfort.

Why There Is A Need To Buy A New Robot Vacuum?

When we talk about the hard surfaces or cleaning of the carpet then we can clearly say that most of the vacuum cleaners are not made to clean those surfaces. We cannot mop the carpet. Similarly, hard surfaces cannot be cleaned with hard brushes. It will abolish the polish of the floor. But these robot vacuums are able to clean both surfaces. There are two modes of those robot vacuums. You can dust your carpet and hard surfaces and then mop the floor. Some of them have automatic features, but if your robot vacuum lacks automatic features, then you can covert the vacuum into a mop. Some of the mop hybrids are cheaper than the robot vacuum. There are filters in the vacuum cleaner to trap the dust particles. These models are considered very best to clean the hard surfaces and the carpets as well. These vacuum cleaners have HEPA filter which stands for “high-efficiency particulate air”. You can control the dust particles. This technology is best because if someone has an allergy in your house then it will help you to control the dust.

Here we have mentioned these robot vacuums after careful testing and consideration. This list will help you to choose the best one for you.

#1 – iLife V5s Robot Vacuum And Mop

iLife V5s Robot Vacuum And Mop -
iLife V5s has been ranked on the first number in our list of best robot vacuum cleaners and mop. This one is most affordable of all and it has a battery time of almost 100 minutes. It is one of the most affordable units that will help you control the dust particles in a better way. This model is really useful and it will help you to clean various surfaces. It is basically made for the moping purposes but there is a transposable tank attached to it. It also has a mop mat that remains soaked into the water. If you want to dry clean your house then instead of using water tank you will replace it with a container. You will attach the cleaning brush and then a vacuum cleaner will work for you. The charging of the vacuum cleaner is quite simple. You can choose the manual and automatic cleaning according to your needs. Modes of cleaning can also be chosen according to your convenience. Its price is almost $200 and it is one of the best affordable vacuum cleaners and mops.

The biggest drawback of the cleaner is that it sometimes gets stuck when it is in mop mode. There are some surfaces which are hard to clean. You cannot schedule it when you are working with the mopping mode of the cleaner. - Check Prices Button Red

#2 – iRobot Braava Robot Vacuum And Mop

iRobot Braava Robot Vacuum And Mop -
iRobot Braava is mainly designed for the hard surfaces or the floors. There are two modes of operation. One is for dry cleaning and another one is for wet cleaning. There are two pads that have been attached to it. One is specific for cleaning the dust while on the other hand the second works best as a mop. The mopping pad is able to hold much moisture that is enough for the cleaning of a normal sized room. The pads for cleaning are replaceable. It has a variety of different pads and you can choose them according to your choice. The battery life of the mop is quite good and the major benefit of this mop is that it has a diverging motion that helps in removing the hard stains and deep cleaning of the hard surfaces. - Check Prices Button Red

#3 – Haier SWR-T320 Robot Vacuum And Mop

Haier SWR-T320 Robot Vacuum And Mop -
This model is a bit difficult to operate but it offers many great features. It has been ranked on the third number because of its difficult use. But if we talk about the features of the Haier SWR-T320 then it is good to say it is one of the best robot vacuums. It is good both for mopping and dusting purposes. Its battery timing is 120 minutes and that allows you to completely focus on your cleaning. The HEPA filter is there to assist you as it will filter all the dust particles. It also provides suction for a variety of items. The main features of the Haier SWR-T320 include a water tank. That will allow you to mop during wet cleaning. The dusting pads are there which will allow you to clean the dust and it will also offer the best experience of dry cleaning. It is best both for edge and automatic cleaning.

It is perfectly able to clean the larger debris particles. It will clean the hard surfaces and the carpets in a perfect way. However, it doesn’t have the brush rolls that are required to deep clean the carpet. Besides this drawback, Haier SWR-T320 is among the best to choose. It provides better options for cleaning. Within a reasonable price, you will be able to properly clean your home in no time. The longer battery time and perfect cleaning tools of this vacuum have added much comfort to it. - Check Prices Button Red

Things To Consider While Buying A Robot Vacuum And Mop

When you decided to buy a robot vacuum then there are a few things that should be considered. It will help you to choose a good and right product for you.

Two Modes Of Cleaning

We know that robot vacuums usually come with mopping features too, but it is not obvious. Some of the only have vacuum cleaning options. If you are looking for a real thing to clean up your home then it is suggested to look for the vacuum cleaners having both options. Some surfaces require dry cleaning and some require wet. Mostly floor surfaces require both wet and dry cleaning. For dry cleaning, there are brushes that will allow you to clean the dust but for wet cleaning, you will be required to switch to the mopping mode of the cleaner. It will allow you to properly clean the surfaces. So it is recommended if you are looking for the cleaners then go for those having both features. It will be convenient and affordable.

Easy Mopping Modes

These vacuum cleaners come with mopping modes. Some of them are easy to manage and operate. These vacuums have containers that sometimes create a problem especially when it is time to refill the container for the next cleaning cycle. So always look for those containers and cleaners that are easy to operate. These should have a clear mechanism of cleaning and operation. That is why it is highly recommended to look for those mopping modes that are easy to handle and work with.

Choosing The Right Size

It is really important to choose the right size of the cleaner because it can be tricky. When buying those cleaners keep that thing in mind that a cleaner should fit inside and under your sofa and cupboards. Otherwise, it will create a problem for you. A vacuum cleaner should reach properly under your furniture in a proper way. Choose the size of the cleaner that is perfectly right for you. It is best to look for a cleaner from small to medium size. They will easily get fit inside and under the furniture. It will help you a lot in cleaning your home in a perfect way.

Mopping Without Stains

One of the worst things that one can face after using the vacuums is the stains of water. Sometimes when you finish cleaning up your home you will notice the stains of water. This looks so bad and makes the glass, wood and other surfaces look ugly. It is really important to look for those vacuums having no water stains. It is really important to buy those who have claimed to clean the surfaces in a proper way. If a vacuum has mentioned anything related water stains then do not purchase it.

Check The Accessories

If a robot vacuum is claiming that they are also providing the accessories with their mops then carefully look for them. Some of the accessories are really useful and it will help you in cleaning your home and surfaces. Like some of the vacuums have specific brushes that will help you clean the baseboards. Some will also offer you the cleaning agents. But always keep that thing in mind if a brand is actually claiming to provide the extra accessories which are useful then purchase them. Otherwise, it is really important to carefully look for them because it will cost you much if you will buy accessories with the mops. There is no need to pay extra cash for the accessories if these are of no use.

Low Noise

Though noise isn’t a big issue for most of the users if you do not like the noise or you feel disturbed while watching TV or studying then it is best to purchase those models having low noise level. iLife is considered best as its models usually have low noise level. Haier is also among those brands which are famous because of their low noise levels and efficient performance.

What To Avoid?

We all know that robot vacuums and mops are good at cleaning the dust and removing the debris. It is highly advisable to properly clean and maintain the filters in order to improve their quality. If you have used the mop then it is must to properly clean all the debris and wash it away. Even if there are HEPA filters then it is also recommended to clean them after every five to six months. It will increase the lifespan of the cleaners and will also improve the overall efficiency of the vacuum mops.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before using those cleaners for your surfaces. Some vacuums are unable to deal with the cords or the other metal objects of the house. So it is really important to place all those items out of the range of vacuum cleaners. Similarly, some models of vacuum cleaners are difficult to operate when there is furniture all around. So it is really important to look for those models having sensors to detect the metal objects and other items in the room. It will help you to do your chores in a better way.

Other Things To Remember

There are many other things that you should consider before buying the robot vacuums and the mops. It is really important to look for all the top brands and their features. Compare the most important features, their use and the affordability. If you are looking for the best robot vacuum then it is also recommended to read the reviews of the actual users. It will help you to understand the product, its features and the use. If a product has a good rating then it is ideal to buy. Read the review and look for its specifications. Compare it with others and then make a decision.

Whatever you buy, always make sure to buy extra accessories. You must need to buy extra cleaning pads and filters. Whenever you do cleaning then replace the pads. It will help you to clean the house in a quick way every time you will use it. Similarly, do not forget to clean the filters of the robot vacuum. It will help you to perform your task in a better way.

Why Choose Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums are quite different from the traditional vacuum cleaners. These are equipped with numerous features like lasers, sensors and even some robot vacuum have Wi-Fi feature too. There are many robot vacuums that have an automatic charging system. It will start charging itself when it will run out of battery. The best thing is you do not need to get worried about the charging. You can smoothly use your robot vacuum. Similarly, there are certain robot vacuums where you can adjust the sleep and wake up the timing of the robots. Here you will set up an alarm and it will work for you on the selected time. It means the robot will do work for you until it is run out of battery.

Most of the traditional vacuums make use of the bags where debris and dust particles are collected, but the robot vacuums are different from them. Here it uses the special dustbins where dust is collected. Now you can simply empty the dustbin in another can. Some robot vacuums have an advanced technology of HEPA filters. These filters collect all the dust and it also prevents the spreading of allergens in the air. It is the best form of avoiding the dust particles. It ensures the clean environment. It is safe to use.

It is clear that robot vacuums are different from the traditional vacuums. It will cost you much higher than the traditional vacuums, but let’s think about the convenience. The ease of use is among the most prominent features of the robot vacuums. Think about the hours you spend each day while cleaning your rooms and home. You only need to pay for the robot vacuum once and after that, you can get the ultimate benefits of it. It will do your routine cleaning chores with ease and comfort. You do not need to get worried about everyday cleaning. These robot vacuums do a good job just like the traditional vacuums. The size is compact so if your house is smaller, then you do not need to buy a bigger one. It will easily get fit inside any space. It can easily get adjusted under couches and sofas. So there is no need to rearrange your house just because of these robot vacuums. Another benefit of the robot vacuum is Wi-Fi connectivity. If you are using a robot vacuum that is compatible with Wi-Fi, then this is a big plus for you. You simply need to operate your robot vacuum with a press of a button and your vacuum will do it for you. You will install an app to operate it. Even you can give the voice commands to those robot vacuums and they will work perfectly for you. Robot vacuums have added so much convenience to life that it seems quite ordinary to spend money on these robot vacuums.