How To Increase Traffic To Your Site

How To Increase Traffic To Your Site -
It is easy to give up on blogging especially when you don’t see good results quickly. To be honest, having traffic to your site especially when you are starting can be a lot of work. Though this is the case, you need to be patient and keep on at it and sooner than later you can be confident to have the views that you want and more.

Though it is easy to put that out, you need to remember that like any business venture, keeping it fresh is the sure way of getting the success you need. Blogging works the same way and you need to refresh your website or blog with fresh content on a regular basis. When it comes to content you need to make sure that what you put on your blog or website is of high quality. Quality when it comes to blogging cannot be compromised. Through quality content on your site, your target audience will not only be captivated by the content you have put out, but will share the content within their circles. This certainly works for you since you not only get to have a bigger audience, but your reputation as an expert in the field grows. Beyond content, there are other ways in which you can improve traffic to your website giving you the returns that you are looking for.


By Definition, backlinks are those links that are directed to your website. Backlinks go hand in hand with SEO and for you to build your reputation and find your way to the top of google rankings, you need to embrace their use.

Backlinks give google and other search engines your level of expertise in the niche topics that you are involved in. This therefore means that the quality of backlinks you get should be high. This in turn translates to you having good relations with those in the same field as you. For example, it is prudent if you are mainly focused on nutrition on your website, then a backlink from another nutrition website or blog is considered to be of a higher quality than that from maybe a construction site or blog. The higher the quality of backlinks that you have for your website, the higher the rank that you get on google. Other than just having your site being ranked higher than those of your competitors, it further brings along more traffic to your website.

Social Media

In this time and age, the impact of social media on the success of your website or blog cannot be ignored. To get value from your website and blog, you need to have a large audience. One way of capitalizing on this is by building up on your social media presence. By sharing content on social media that directs traffic to your website, you not only build on your reputation in the niche that you are working on; you also get to become more credible. This is by virtue of the number of shares that your content will receive. It is therefore important that you get invested in social media for the success of your site.

Submitting Articles To Directories And Guest Posting

To build a following takes time and work. For the first couple of months of content creation you need to embrace opportunities that bring you closer to your goal of making an impact in the field that you are involved in. Having a domain and a site of your own is just the beginning of a journey whose rewards will be worth the struggle.

Submitting articles to directories is one avenue which you can take advantage of and get your work and content known to a wider audience. Quality content for free in directories such as and, have a high chance of getting picked up and read by a large audience. The content you submit to this site definitely acts as a marketing tool for you and your website. With links showing where readers can find your content, you can be confident of creating a following for your online business.

Guest posting works in the same way. There are definitely those who enjoy more success than you in the niche that you are working on. You can achieve more visibility by targeting such blogs and sites and making guest posts. This way you are able to get more traffic for your website.

On Page SEO

It is important to direct your audience to other content on your site. This helps grow the popularity of your content from within your website. Other than linking older content on your site in the recent posts that you have made, you need to make sure that you work on the quality of your website all together.

To this end, you need to improve on your site loading speed. This can be the difference between success for your site and you not achieving your goals. When users get to your website, they want to easily navigate through without having to wait for long for your content to load. If this happens, you are guaranteed to lose traffic to your content and site in general. Regularly check on the functionality of your site and fix any bugs that may arise as quickly as possible.


It is possible to drive traffic to your site and make a living off blogging. To do this however, you need patience and making sure that you adhere to the above tips. From embracing social media, working on acquiring quality backlinks and working on your page, you can be sure to enjoy success from your website and blog.

Remember that it is not going to be easy, but as you keep on with it you will get better. In time by analyzing your strategy and techniques you have embraced, you will be able to identify those strategies that work well for you and those that do not. This way you sharpen on the good practices and with time you will be well within reach of your goals.