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WordPress might come across as a website, where people write useless blogs, but if you look deeper into the website, then you might find good content blogs, that can really help you understand things. According to themeisle.com, there are many SEO techniques that can give a boost to the visibility of your website. There are so many SEO techniques available on the web, that you might miss some of the small and important ones. For example, an important topic like how you can create effective meta descriptions for WordPress, may be something you have not come across – billlentis.com/what-is-seo-site-structure.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions can be described as text snippets, which you can see in search engine results. In simpler words, they are the top two or three lines that a researcher sees, and that makes them want to click on a link. If you are able to optimize this element, then you will be able to grab the attention of the user, effectively.

How They Work

According to yoast.com, you can always use Yoast plugins for this matter. If you don’t create your own creative and interesting meta description, then Google will create one on its own, but it is less likely that, that description will make you or anyone else, click on the URL. The reason why meta descriptions are necessary, because they tell Google what your content is about, and gives them the chance to show your website in search engine results, when a user types a query that matches with the content on your website.

Setting A Meta Description In WordPress

According to wpshout.com, for this purpose, you should use a Yoast plugin. When you have installed the plug in, then the first thing that you will do is post a meta description to a post or a page of your website.

When you have installed the plugin and you visit your website or webpage, then under the WordPress editor, you will see a new section. Under this section, then enter your focus keyword in the space, which can be found, above a tab. Here, you have to click the edit snippet button and that displays some new fields like SEO title, slug and meta description.

All you have to do is to type your meta description in the space given. The bar in the settings will let you know if the length of your meta description is appropriate or not. If the color is orange, then it will mean that the length is too short. If the color is red, then it will mean that the length is too long and if it is green, then you have written the appropriate length meta description.

Best Way To Write It

In order to write the best meta description for WordPress, you have to follow some important points. According to templatemonster.com, the reason why there are rules for writing a meta description, is because it needs to be perfect enough to catch the attention of the user. Even if your website is on the top of the page of search engine results, if the meta description sounds boring or isn’t relevant, then it will not be a great help for your website.


According to inmotionhosting.com, Google makes changes to the length that meta description should be off, every now and then. This is why, there is no cutoff point that you need to remember, but make sure that it is between 160 to 320 characters. This is because people don’t like to read long line, and they would settle with something that is short and unique. Just write the most important information at the beginning of your meta description and that would be included by Google.


You need to write your meta description in a tone, that reflect the style and tone of your website. If you have a blog, then writing a funny or attention grabbing meta description would be preferred. If your website is of a serious nature, then the tone of the meta description would be serious as well. Your tone will tell the user whether your website is informative and professional, or it is just a causal and humorous website.


Keyword are important in SEO descriptions, which is why you need to include keywords in meta descriptions, because that is what the user would be reading. Your first impression is your last impression, which is why you might want to let the user know the kind of information your website offers them. For example, if you include dogs grooming as keywords in your meta description, then that should be the kind of content that your website holds, because that is what the user will be expecting.

Value For The Reader

According to wpbeginner.com, your meta description should hold some value for the reader. This means that you need to tell them right away what they are going to get, when they click your URL. You shouldn’t deceive them, but just tell them right away, so that they don’t become disappointed or it doesn’t harm your reputation.

Not Just The Website

If you are writing a meta description for ust your website, using the WordPress option, then that is a mistake. You need to write meta descriptions for your webpages and for the things that you are offering your customers. This is because, if the search engine result shows one of your webpages URL, and it doesn’t have a meta description, then a user won’t click on it. It might take a lot of effort, but this is all for SEO.

This makes your content, your webpages and website more visible, and it is worth investing time and money. If you don’t do this, then Google will write a description on its own, and imagine, how boring that would be? You don’t want to bore your customer, but attract them. To know more about how you can write SEO meta descriptions in WordPress, you can watch this video and learn more; this is helpful because it is targeted at beginners: