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Best Garden Vegetables That Are Cost Effective

Most people want to grow vegetables in their own garden, because they don’t trust the vegetables they buy from the market. They fear that the vegetables might be contaminated, which is why it is best to grow vegetables in one’s own garden.


Broccoli is an excellent vegetable for health, because it is high in calcium and magnesium. This vegetable has the vitamins that people need like A, C and B6. In order to grow broccoli, it is best to use a container. One broccoli can be grown using one plot, and it should be at least 12 inches deep. Also go and check out the balcony vegetable garden – about his.


Peas are used in so many dishes that, growing them in one’s own garden would be very beneficial. They are tender when plucked from the vine in the garden, and are much better compared to purchasing them from the market. They are delicious, high in fiber and magnesium, and contain Vitamin A and C as well. Peas can be grown in container gardens as well, and they should be sown 2 inches apart from each other. The container should be at least 10 inches deep, so that it can help the peas to climb up. The ideal time to grow peas is early spring, or when the temperature is 40-85 degrees Fahrenheit; Hydrofarm.

Brussels Sprouts

When cooking Brussels sprouts, one should make sure that they don’t overcook it. Overcooking is one of the reasons why people don’t like this vegetable, even though it is very healthy. It provides people with much needed fiber, potassium and riboflavin. It contains vitamins like A and C. Brussels sprouts don’t need much space to grow, and can be grown in containers. One plant of Brussels sprouts should be about 16 inches deep.


People like to grow their own tomatoes, because they are easier to grow compared to other vegetables. Tomatoes are used in different dishes, and are a necessity for making food in Asian countries. To grow vegetables, take containers and make sure that they are 12 inches deep; even 8 inches can give a good result. However, if someone wants to grow a variety of tomatoes, then they should have a container that is 18 inches deep. When growing them on the patio or any other place, one should look out for tomato horn worm. They are large caterpillars, and have to be removed immediately. Those who have grown tomatoes in their garden or patio, also complain about blight; AeroGarden.


Carrots are sweet and really good for the eye. Ask any good doctors, and he will tell his patients to drink carrot juice, if they have weak eyesight. To grow carrots, take a container that is 12 inches deep at least. For sowing seeds, look for varieties like Thumbelina. Carrots taste the best, when people harvest them small. If they are kept in the container for too long, then that would make the taste a little bitter.

Growing vegetables, even in containers, is a lot of fun and beneficial for the health of small families.