Coffee Grounds In The Vegetable Garden

Coffee Grounds In The Vegetable Garden - Bill Lentis Media


Guide To Using Coffee Ground In Vegetable Garden

Coffee is not just something that people drink in the morning to feel refreshed. It is now a source of help for gardeners, for their vegetable garden. Coffee grounds are a great source of nutrients and compounds, which vegetables need. They also contain proteins, nitrogen, and fatty acids. The essential oils in coffee grounds make the compost in the garden healthy, and is good for the soil. Also go and check out the best vegetables for container gardening – check that.

Coffee Grounds As Mulch

Mulching is a healthy activity in the soil and a vegetable garden, but it is hard to use compost and straw. For mulching, coffee grounds can be used, but it is best not to use thick blankets of them or they will have a damaging effect on plants. Putting coffee grounds directly is not good, and it should be used with other organic matter, like compost, before it is used as mulch. Rake the coffee grounds on the top layer of the pot’s soil, so that they don’t cluster together; National Cocoa Shell.

Coffee Grounds For Compost

To make coffee grounds for compost, follow the steps below:
• Take 1/3rd of coffee ground, mix them with 1/3rd of glass clippings and 1/3rd dried leaves; put them in a compost bin
• If there aren’t enough grass clippings, then make use of shredded paper
• Mix them all using a pitchfork
• Allow the compost to develop, with a soil like appearance; it should have an earthy aroma
• Take a tarp, lay it on the ground and then spread the compost on the tarp
• Let the compost dry properly
• Add 6 inches of compost every year to the vegetable garden soil

Coffee Grounds And Fertilizer

Coffee grounds work as a very nice fertilizer for plants, but the gardener needs to pour the right amount so that the plants don’t die. Sprinkle the coffee grounds into the soil, or just add them to the compost heap. Even if coffee grounds are brown, the color would come out green; however, the gardener should mix them with leaves or woody pruning to balance the browns.

Coffee Grounds For Tomatoes

Those who have tomato plants in their garden have used coffee grounds on it. They have had success with using coffee grounds, because tomato is an acid loving plant. However, it is best not to overload the tomatoes with coffee grounds, because they don’t like overly-acidic soil. If the coffee grounds have a pH value of 6.8, only then they would be beneficial for the plants; Puppy Paws.

More Uses Of Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can be used for keeping pests and insects away. Moreover, coffee act as a cat repellent, and prevent cats from ruining vegetables. If fresh coffee grounds are used, then they can suppress weeds as well. Some experts even state that they suppress fungal pathogens too.

Coffee grounds can be used in the vegetable garden. However, it should be used in the right quantity, or it can end up harming the vegetable plants.