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Easy Guide to Balcony Vegetable Garden

Growing food with limited space is not easy, and for those who live in apartments, they have to rely on vegetables from the supermarket. However, every necessity is followed by an invention. The solution for limited space, especially those living in apartments, is a balcony vegetable garden.

Vegetables To Grow On The Balcony

There are so many vegetables that gardeners or people living in an apartment can grow in their balcony. These vegetables include, but are not limited to, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, celery, lettuce, kale, bok choy, mint, rosemary, lavender and summer squash.

Getting Started

Before getting started, make sure to find out how to handle different seedlings on the balcony. A gardener should observe for some days the sunlight that the balcony receives. If the balcony receives at least 5-6 hours of sun, then there are many vegetables that the gardener can grow. However, if it is less than three hours, then that means only those vegetables can be grown that come under full shade; Raised Garden Bed.

Watering The Garden

Depending on the climate of the area and the sun that the balcony receives, watering arrangements should be made. The gardener needs to decide the watering requirements, fertilizer requirements, and how frequently the plants need pruning. Even if a person is really passionate about growing their own vegetable garden, it is best to start small, as to not mess up the produce.

The weather on the ground is important for growing a balcony vegetable garden. If the weather is mostly strong winds or rainfall, then plants have to be put on the balcony accordingly. Also go and check out the backyard vegetable garden – Learn More.

Things To Buy

Apart from the pots, there are several things that a gardener needs to buy for a balcony vegetable garden. The pots should be of appropriate size, and must fit on the balcony, leaving space for the gardener to water or prune them. Secondly, the gardener would need materials to climb the vines. If the gardener wants, he can hang vegetable baskets, because they don’t take much space.

When gardening, it is best to make things easier. For example, instead of digging the soil to plant seeds with bare hands, it is best to wear gloves. Also, most gardeners get trowel for digging, but that is usually for big gardens. If the gardener can find a small trowel, then that would do the job as well. A watering can for watering plants properly would be needed, along with rich soil and organic fertilizer. Even though these things can be easily bought from a pot store, customers can also order online; ALMI.

Arranging the Pots

Before putting the soil in the pots, it is best to arrange them properly. After the gardener puts the soil in them, they might become heavy. Also, arrange the pots according to the seeds that will be sown in it, and how much exposure that vegetable would need. This way, the gardener won’t face any problems later, if he only plans before plantation.