Best Economical Printer For Chromebook

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Chromebook is not an expensive device, which is why most users are switching to Chromebook, from ordinary laptops. There are many brands, which have manufactured Chromebook, and each Chromebook has a unique feature to it.

Chromebooks are in demand, because of their lightweight operating system. The OS of a Chromebook is very easy to use, and it doesn’t require updates like Windows does. Whenever a user receives a Windows update, they have to wait for a long time for the update to end. However, in a Chromebook, the updates happen automatically and in the background, and the user doesn’t have to worry about them.

Before buying the best economical printer for Chromebook, the user should compare the reviews of each printer and make sure that he buys the best one. When brands produce cheap printers, then they compromise on quality as well. If a printer is made of plastic built, it is not necessary that the printer would not function like others. Finding a printer that is compatible with Google Cloud is not very easy, but there are several online stores like Amazon, from where the user can search.

Brother MFC 2700DW

This is an all in one laser printer, which supports scanning in black and white, and colors as well. The optical scanning resolution of the device is 600x2400dpi. The input tray can hold about 250 sheets at the same time, and the printing speed is quick because of its laser printing technology. This printer is compatible with Chrombook, Mac and Windows. The wireless connectivity options that the printer provides makes it accessible through Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print and Wi-Fi direct print. Users can easily print their documents and pictures remotely, from anywhere and anytime. Also check out color leaser printer fr Chromebook – Click Here.

The size of the printer is compact, and the user can place it on a desk at home or in the office. If someone wants to scan and fax documents using this device, they can only do so. The the printing speed of this printer is 12.5ipm for black and white printing. The resolution is 600×2400 dpi for scanning and the same for printing. The weight of the device is 24.9 pounds. The monthly cycle is 10,000 pages, and it has the duplex printing feature as well. If someone wants to create customized envelopes using this printer, it can be easily done. This is the best economical printer for Chromebook, because it costs only $299.00.

Customer Reviews

This is an amazing printer, because it works great, and is very easy to set up. The best way to set up the Wi-Fi, is by going to the main website of the brand, and then visiting the support section. The Wi-Fi won’t connect otherwise. The print quality of the printer is really good, and the customers are satisfied with the scanning feature of it as well.

The problem that most customers faced with this printer is that, it won’t connect to WLAN automatically, and they have to try connecting on their own. Moreover, some customers had issues with the quality of the toner as well; Brother.

Ricoh M C250FWB

This is the best economical printer for Chromebook, because it costs only $249.99. Moreover, it is a colored, multifunction printer, justifying its own price. This is a compact printer, and delivers really good quality output. It is compatible with Chromebook, and is appropriate for office small business. The built of the printer is robust, but it is bulky and heavy to carry it around. If someone wants to put the printer on their workstation, then they need to make sure that the workstation is sturdy enough; Ricoh.

The set up of this printer is pretty easy, and it supports both mobile printing and Cloud Print. The printer can be connected through a Wi-Fi connection, giving a user the chance to send print commands from one room to another. However, this printer is not appropriate for printing heavily for companies.

Customer Reviews

This is a high performance printer, which can print documents at a speed of 26ppm. The paper capacity of the tray is 250 sheets, which is ideal for both house use and office use. It comes with both wired and wireless connectivity, and it is very easy to connect the printer with a Chromebook. The set up of the printer is fairly easy, and if someone has never used a printer before, they won’t face a problem. The printer can print on both sides of the paper, making it easier for the user to save on sheets.

The only drawback that this printer has, is that it is very heavy, making it difficult to carry it around from one place to another.

HP Office Jet Pro 8035

This printer costs only $129.89, making it the best economical printer for Chromebook. This device is an inkjet printer, and its printing speed is 25-29ppm. The paper capacity of the printer is 225 sheets, and the user can put A4 size papers in the printer as well. It is a budget friendly inkjet printer, which comes with 8 months of ink. The user can continue their ink subscriptions, so that they never run out of ink. It is a very speedy printer, which produces quality documents and pictures.

It has both wired and wireless connectivity options, which allows the user to benefit from the Cloud Print service. The quality of the printer’s exterior is good, but the setup might be a little tricky.

Customer Reviews

The printing quality of the printer is good, and it won’t disappoint the user. The printer is really budget friendly, and it prints documents quickly as well. It has a fax machine features as well, and offers the user 8 months of free ink.

Some customers are not happy with the build of the printer, because they consider it cheap plastic. Moreover, some users felt that the printer takes a long time to set up, and this is an annoying factor for them. Go Here