Best Color Laser Printer For Chromebook

Best Color Laser Printer Chromebook


Even though a person might not have any professional reason for owning a color laser printer, they might want it to print pictures. Some parents might want a color laser printer, so that they can create fun and informative documents for their children, like activity pages. There are multiple uses of the best color laser printer for Chromebook. However, it is important for users to understand the main features of a color laser printer.

Paper Capacity

Whether it is a colored printer or a monochrome printer, paper capacity is very important. If someone is buying a colored printer, because they have many colored pages to print in one day, then they would need better capacity. The colored printer tray should have the capacity to hold at least 200 sheets at the same time, so that employees or the user won’t have to add papers over and over again.

Buying A Known Brand

The user should buy a known brand, so that he can get cartridges without any hassle. If the user buys something cheap from a brand that is not very known, then he might find it difficult to get cartridges as well.

Duty Cycle

When buying a printer, the user should always consider its duty cycle. They need to see how many papers are usually printed on a daily or monthly basis, and then compare it with the printer they have decided to buy. If a business that prints brochures or posters buys the best color laser printer for Chromebook, then that business would need a long duty cycle. See the best cloud printer for Chromebook – Click Here.

Duplex Printing

To save paper, some customers would want their printer to have the duplex printing feature. This feature will not only save paper, but will print on both sides of the paper without being fed by the user. The user will be able to save on paper expense, this way.


Speed is a very important feature for every customer, when they are buying a printer. Nobody likes to wait for their document to finish printing, which is why it is necessary that customers look for a fast printer.


Those who are Chromebook users, would want a printer that connects with their Chromebook. This way, they would be able to print regardless of their location. The printer should be able to connect to the device, must have Wi-Fi or Ethernet facility and as a bonus, a printer with NFC can be useful too.

Canon ImageClass LBP612CDW

This is a color laser printer, which will connect easily with Chrombeook. It prints at a quick speed of 19 pages per minute, and the first printout would be in the hands of the user, in less than 12 seconds. It produces good quality documents, because of the V2 color technology; V2 stands for vivid and vibrant. This technology improves the sharpness and color vibrancy of the pictures that the printer produces. The printer can easily connect to the mobile device, with the help of a router and a Wi-Fi Direct connection. In fact, the user can download an app on their phone, and print on the go. The printer easily connects with Apple AirPrint, Mopria Airprint and Google Cloud Print. The toner of the printer is of high capacity, and it would surely meet the printing requirements of the user. The user won’t have to replace the toner of the printer, every now and then. If the user wants, then he can print different formats like JPEG, TIFF and even PDF files; Canon Image Class.

Customer Reviews

The print quality of this printer is really good, and the customers are not disappointed at all. As it is a laser printer, the printing speed is really good, especially when compared to inkjet printers. The set up of the printer is really easy, and all the user has to do, is connect to the Wi-Fi or Chromebook. This printer would be loud at first, but it gets better with time.

However, there were customers who didn’t find the setup process simple, and were not happy with the firmware of the printer. Other customers didn’t like the picture quality, and has trouble connecting the printer with Wi-Fi.

HP Color Laserjet Pro M281fdw

This is a multifunction laser printer, which works with Alexa. It is the best color laser printer for Chromebook, because it is compact in size, but performs very well. It offers the user double sided printing, can scan and copy documents, as well as send fax.

There is a 2.7 inch touch screen, through which the user can set the requirements for a printing task. The user can print using their mobile device as well, whether they have iOS or Android. The toner cartridges that come with the printer, allows the user to print more pages than before. With the black cartridge alone, the user can print about 1400 pages.

Customer Reviews

As this is a product renewed by Amazon, many customers have purchased and reviewed it. Most customers have experienced that the printer produces good quality documents and pictures. They have faced no problem with fading colors or any other such thing. Even though the printer is not compact in size, it still doesn’t take up much space and is ideal for both home and office workstations. The set up of the printer is fairly easy, and customers have not faced problems in following instructions; HP Laser Jet.

As for the customers who did face problem with this product, they figured that the network connection is not very stable. This can be problematic for those, who want to control the printer using their cell phone. Some customers don’t like how problematic the set up of the printer is for them, while others find the set up fairly straightforward and simple.

There are many choices that customers have, when it comes to choosing the best color laser printer for Chromebook. They should always choose a brand, which sends colored and black cartridges with the package, so that they don’t have to spend money buying on their own.