Best Cloud Printer For Chromebook

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Those days, when people used to save their data on a USB, are gone. They can now use the Google Cloud for saving data, and retrieving it wherever they are. Cloud is accessible through phone, laptop, PC and many other devices, and it offers data management service to people. Cloud computing depends on shared computing services, instead of having any local servers or personal devices. In Cloud, people store their data on hardware, in a physical location only known to them. They can share that data with others, or access it through the internet using a device they want to.

There are many printers that people can use, if they are using Chromebook. However, they should always consider the features of a good printer, before buying one.

Printing Speed

If a person buys a good quality printer, then they should make sure that the printer has a fast printing speed. Whether it is a monochrome or colored printer, it should be able to print documents and pictures at an ideal speed. For example, a monochrome printer should be able to print 20 black and white pages in a minute. See also the best app for printing from a Chromebook – Click Here.

Printer Quality

Most people don’t know, but the quality of a printer is measured in dots per inch. Black and white printers should have a resolution of 600×600 dots per inch, and if the resolution is 2400×1200, then that would be a high quality production. As for colored printers, they should have a minimum resolution of 1200×1200. If someone wants to buy a really high quality, colored printer, then look for 4800×2400.

Duty Cycle

Duty cycle is the maximum number of pages, which the user can print in a month’s time. If the customer is buying the best cloud printer for Chromebook, to use in office, then the duty cycle should be 20,000-25,000 page range. However, a home printer should have a lesser duty cycle, which would be 5000 pages.

Scanner Resolution

Most printers offer customers the added feature of the scanner, which they can use for scanning documents and pictures. A scanner should have a minimum resolution of 1200×600, and if the buyer wants high quality, then the resolution should be 4800×4800.

Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth

In case of a cloud printer, a person would require the printer to have connectivity options. If he wants to connect to cloud using Chromebook or otherwise, then the printer should be able to connect with the internet. This will make things easier for the user.

Canon TS9120 Wireless

The one thing that every best cloud printer for Chromebook has in common, is that it is wireless. This is an ink-jet Wi-Fi printer, which is designed to provide exceptional results to the user. It has multiple color options, which give really good results to the user. People can personalize family video collections and ceremonies. The printer comes with a manual, so that people can easily set the printer with the Cloud. It takes about 20 minutes to install the ink cartridges, drivers and software. Canon also offers an app, through which users can send the printer, printing command.

Pros & Cons

The printing speed of the printer is really fast and good; customers are pretty satisfied with how they get their documents right away. It can automatically turn on and off, and if a print hasn’t been printed, the next time the user switches it on, the document will come right out. It has a 2 sided printing option, and can even print on CDs. The printer is quiet and doesn’t make much noise. It also has a large touch screen system, which makes it easier for the user to choose appropriate settings. The scanning ability of the printer is fast.

The ink might not last long; however, this is something that most users face, even if they use some other printer. Every time a user puts a page in the tray, he has to set the size of the paper, and that can be annoying for the user; Canon TS9120.

HP Envy 4520 Wireless

This is not only the best cloud printer for Chromebook, but it also works well with Alexa. This printer can print documents, wirelessly, and can scan them as well. It has the duplex printing option, which means that the user won’t have to waste pages. It has a proper touchscreen, for setting printing instructions, and instant ink. With the help of this printer, users can also print through their mobile phone. There is an app that they can install on their smartphone or tablet, and print very easily.

If there are borderless photos that the user wants to print, then they can be done on the edge of the paper. The user won’t have to trim anything, and he will get beautiful picture results. The best part of HP instant ink is that, users can save 50% of ink. In fact, they can subscribe to HP, and when their printer’s ink is about to run out, more ink would be delivered to their doorstep.

Pros And Cons

This is one of the best cloud printer for Chromebook, because of which there are not many cons. The first advantage of this printer is that, the setup of the printer is very easy. The touchscreen and the slide menu options are really good. The printer has a professional and sleek look, which is why it is best for office use. The only problem with this printer, which some might find annoying, is that it prints slow. However, the resolution is good, and the final print out is worth the wait; HP Wireless Printer Printing.

Cloud is really helpful for storing and retrieving data. If a printer has an internet connection and an easy to use interface, then documents can be printed very easily. However, if the Cloud doesn’t have a proper internet of Bluetooth connection, then it will be a problem for the printer to print anything from a remote site.