Backyard Vegetable Garden

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Starting Your Backyard Vegetable Garden Form Scratch

If a family considers the benefits of growing vegetables in their own backyard, they would never stop planting. Buying vegetables from the market is expensive, and if a family starts growing their own vegetables, then they will have less expenses. Also, when a gardener grows vegetables in his own backyard, then he knows that they are organic vegetables. It reduces environmental impact of transporting vegetables and putting them in warehouses.

When a family grows their own vegetables, then it makes their meals more personal and interesting. They can take it as a family activity, which takes place outdoors and is healthy.

Backyard Size

A family might have a small backyard, but some people have a 500 sq. ft backyard as well. It is an ideal size to produce vegetables for a small family, and even share with the neighbors. When choosing a location to grow plants, it is best to make sure that they get enough sunlight, for at least five hours. However, a gardener should always install some kind of shade, in case it is a hot summer day that can ruin the vegetable plants.

Shading Effects

To make sure that plants don’t get damaged, due to constant exposure to sun, placing them close to trees is one solution. However, in this case, the gardener has to dig a barrier around the garden, in order to block any root incursions.

Wind & Slopes

If the place where the gardener lives is windy most of the time, then it is best to build a fence in the backyard. This fence will serve as a barrier to strong winds, and the plants won’t be too affected.

In case the backyard is sloped, then the gardener would need terrace beds. The beds should be perfectly leveled, so that the gardener doesn’t face any problem, when watering the plants. In fact, the way an individual water the plants, depends on the design of their garden beds. It is very important to think about the irrigation that a gardener wants to use in their backyard. They can use drip irrigation, or soaker hoses, but then they have to order their garden beds in long and straight rows. This will save them both time and money; Gardener’s Supply Company.

If the gardener wants to use overhead sprinklers, then they can locate the garden beds in smaller paths. The gardener can either plant a long garden bed, or plant several beds; this should be decided at the planning stage.

In-Ground Graden Beds

When planting a vegetable garden in the backyard, a gardened can plant in-ground garden brands. These beds are easy to establish, and the gardener won’t have to build anything. It is cheaper compared to buying wood for raised beds. Moreover, in-ground garden beds make sure that the pathway weeds creep into the bed. However, the gardener may have to reach down, to look after the plants. They can try the raised garden beds style or sunken raised garden beds style as well; Baoyouni.