A Compilation Of The Best Bars In Boston

A Compilation Of The Best Bars In Boston - BillLentis.com


Boston has had a longstanding reputation for being among the best drinking metropolises on the planet. There are numerous bar options to choose from and it can get very confusing when it comes to choosing just one. This article explores the best bar options among the many spots in Boston. It highlights what you ought to expect in terms of ambience, drinks selection and services. It also highlights the location and links to the bar’s websites. In order to provide you with a clear expression of what the bars are like, they are categorized into the following: cocktail bars, hipster haunts, hotel bars, wine bars, beer bars, restaurant bars, dive bars and pubs.


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Deep Ellum

If you are looking for a chilled German Helles or a good cocktail like the Manhattan, then the Deep Ellum is the place to be. Its design is influence by the Dallas neighborhood it is named after. With good food and drinks, this place still maintains a laidback feel that attracts one and all from different corners of the city. If you want to learn more about this bar. Website – deepellum-allston.com

Lord Hobo

If you want a good locally brewed beer, then is the place to find Daniel Lanigans brew in Cambridge. It has among the best rotating beer selections in the state of Massachusetts. Not only that, but it also has good food as well like Grana Padano fries and specialty pork and salmon dishes. You can wash the food down with a Hobo Life or another great cider. Website – lordhobo.com

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The Publick House

Located in Brookline, this classy and elegantly designed bar is where you will find both local and imported beers that will tantalize your taste buds. In fact, it is very popular for this very reason. While you are there, you will New England beers and Belgian imports on the beer list. If you have a special occasion, why not make your way here for a special beer to market it. Website – thepublickhousebeerbar.com


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When you are looking for the must-go cocktail spot that is guaranteed to knock your socks off with the best cocktails in the city, then Backbar is the place to be. However, you need to find it first because like a proverbial gem, it is well hidden from view but the ambience inside it is simply homely. They offer wide selection of drinks ranging from exquisite milk punch to exotic Mexican stool. They have a drink of the week that is guaranteed to wow and astound you. Website – backbarunion.com

The Baldwin & Sons Trading Co.

To be among the best cocktail bars in the city is no mean feat. It is something that The Baldwin & Sons Trading Co. have consistently done by providing what is arguably the best ambience, especially with the addition of picturesque library lounge and world class mixologists who churn out only the best cocktails. Among the most popular cocktails they create is the Father’s Advice cocktail. It is locate in Alfred St. in Woburn. Website – baldwinbar.com

Brick & Mortar

For a place that attracts cocktail aficionados and hipsters alike, this exquisitely decorated bar has it all: style and substance. It has a metallic horseshoe bar where drinks like Daiquiri Time Out or Mercedes Coupe are created. The music inside this place is simply exquisite and is played on vinyl, adding to that Bohemian/hipster feel. It is located in Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. Website – brickmortarltd.com


Located in Congress St, this bar is reputed to be among the sleekest and most elegant joints where one could enjoy a good cocktail. Everything about how the drinks are served and the set up oozes panache and if you want any drink, they will make it for you. If you want to learn more about this establishment, visit Website – drinkfortpoint.com

Tasting Room At Bully Boy Distillers

This lovely cocktail bar is a hidden gem found in Roxbury. Famed for desert cocktails and straight up spirits, the Tasting Room at Bully Boy Distillers basically has all that you need from a swanky cocktail lounge. Whether it is the classic cocktails like Sazerac or the more modern drinks like peppermint infused martini, the possibilities are limitless. Website – bullyboydistillers.com


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Charlie’s Kitchen

The mold for the new and upcoming bars in Boston is to create the right type of environment that attracts a more generalized description of a foodie. However, Charlie’s Kitchen has endeavored to break the mold and attract a diverse crowd ranging for students to working class individuals. The outdoor beer garden allows these different people to schmooze and interact. Its easy laid back feel makes it the ideal place to get that can or shot you want. Website – charlieskitchen.com

Croke Park Whitey’s

If you are looking for the ideal bar that offers you a wide range of drinks ranging from expensive shots to the cheap but stiff stuff, then Croke Park Whiteys is the place to be. It is a classic bar that attracts crowds from far and wide, allowing you an opportunity to mingle with people from different backgrounds. Website – crokeparkwhiteys.com

Delux Cafe

A place riddled with lights, the Delux Cafe offers a classic Christmas type of feel. Its walls are filled with vinyl covers and just great overall warm ambience. While you are there, you have access to just about any type of alcoholic beverage ranging from stiff spirits to great beers. It attracts crowds with diverse backgrounds. If you are looking to learn more about what Delux Cafe has to offer, please make your way to 100 Chandler St and order the special.

The Tam

If you are looking for cheap beer and great company, this is the place. Located in the Theater District, this classy bar has been around for decades and a staple for Emerson undergrads. Its old walls just add to that classic and grunge feel that makes it feel like a historic landmark worth remembering. If you want to make your way to this bar, visit 222 Tremont St.



For a bar that combines arcade gaming and good alcoholic beverages, the A4cade is a must-visit joint. It offers different games even those retro ones for the nostalgic folks. While you are there, you should definitely try out the Raisin Fall of Figgy Stradust. If that is not your thing, one of the world class mixologists will whip you up anything you ask for. Website – areafour.com

The Banshee

If you are in Dorchester and want to quench your thirst with a nice cold one while you watch soccer, The Banshee is where it is at. There you will find very many soccer aficionados supporting different soccer leagues around the world. It opens very early and has a breakfast to cater to those fans who want to catch an early morning match up from the European leagues. When you are there, you should try out the Tom Crean and buy your buddy a Guinness as you enjoy the games. Website – bansheeboston.com

Bleacher Bar

If you want to get your drink on and still want to watch a game in Fenway, then the Bleacher Bar is the place to be. It has a retractable window that offers a gorgeous view close to the field. It has a great beer selection like Sam Season and Harpoon IPA and is open all-year round. Website – bleacherbarboston.com

Parlor Sports

If you are looking for a sports bar in the city that churns out the best cocktails and a very exciting beer menu, then Parlor sports is it. It has a swanky appeal of old mixed with elegantly modern designs especially where the big screens are displayed. If there are simultaneous games on that you would like to keep an eye on, you can do so without breaking a sweat.


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The Automatic

Located in Hampshire Street in Cambridge, this beautifully designed cocktail lounge is among the premier hangout spots to hang out after work. It has very intimate booths where you and your company can enjoy a whole host activities like playing Jenga or some other fun games. It offers customers not only great drinks but also fancy imported cheeses. Website – theautomaticbar.com

State Park

For a place with strategically placed neon signs and an analog juke box, State Park has just about everything a hipster could want in a bar. It has a great food menu selection ranging from Nashville hot chicken to a pickled eggs. If you are a shuffleboard, enthusiast, then this place is the place to be. Located in the One Kendall Square in Cambridge, this hipster bar has virtually all the selections you could ever dream of. The most popular drink there at the moment is the The Amaro Meletti. Website – statepark.is

Trina’s Starlite Lounge

If you are keen on experiencing an finely prepared STAR-POP, then Trina’s Starlite Lounge is where you will get it. This bar has one of the most pleasant and fun crowds you could expect. Its ambience is simple divine and its interiors are beautifully out-of-the-box. Want to learn more about this bar? Website – trinasstarlitelounge.com


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The Hawthorne

For a homely cocktail bar influenced by living room décor, the Hawthorne Hotel bar is filled with pillowed armchairs and plush couches. Located in the Hotel Commonwealth, this bar offers classic and modern cocktails designed for people with love good designed cocktails. One of the most sought after cocktails in this regard is the Pegu Club. Website – thehawthornebar.com


When Tim and Nancy Cushman opened this bar, it was a kind of wait-and-see affair, where many people wondered whether they could really reinvigorate the cocktail market with their new exciting Japanese-inspired cocktails and tiki-themed bar. Well, they did and business has been booming. They have attracted people from far and wide to their business. While you are there, it is recommended that you try their spin on the Classic Mai Tai_ it is to die for. Website – hojokoboston.com

Oak Long Bar

After numerous name changes, this Fairmont Copley bar still has the warm and elegant ambience that it was famed for all those years ago. Its trademark fireplaces and elegant chandeliers still enthrall all who visit it. As for the drinks, they range from the suave pinot to classic cocktails like the Matador. If you want to learn more


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The 21st Amendment

For those people who want to mix with intellectuals, aides and politicians, this Beacon Hill bar is the place to be. It will offer you an insight into lives of the politicos in Boston while you lounge away in exquisitely designed interiors. It is a great place to get a Manhattan as you chat up those really smart folks in politics. Website – 21stboston.com

The Brendan Behan Pub

Named after the famous Irish writer, this bar has laidback and unassuming feel to it. The beer selection is spectacular with the Lawson’s Finest and Sunshine IPA being among the most popular drinks here. The Samuel Smith oatmeal stout, Mystic Saisons, Castle Island IPA and the Hermit Thrush sours bolster an already impressive beer menu which you can look over as you enjoy Irish tunes every evening. Website – brendanbehanpub.com

Doyle’s Cafe

This is among the most popular pub in Boston, attracting crowds from the city and other places in the US as well. To get to this nice bar, all you have to do is just hop on the Samuel Adams trolley. As soon you get there, grab a Boston lager as you wait for your food order to arrive. This bar is over 135 years old and is a “salt of the earth” type of bar with a very rich history and tremendous character. Website – doylescafeboston.com

The Druid

This place is always packed, especially during local trivia night where contestants compete for real money prizes. If are you are looking to down a great meal with good lager, then The Druid is the place to be. They have a great food and beer menu selection that is satiate any cravings you might have. Website – druidpub.com


ArtScience Culture Lab & Cafe

The Artscience Culture Lab and Cafe is a truly sophisticated place to visit. There you will find a robot-assisted service and intricately prepared juices and coladas. For a truly unforgettable experience where drinks art meets drinks science, this bar will surpass any and all expectations you might have had regarding it. The owners and mixologists strive to push the alcoholic beverages envelope by coming up with truly amazing and astounding drinks to die for. While you are there, you should try their Hummingbird cocktail. Website – cafeartscience.com

Brewer’s Fork

If you are looking for a bar with one of the most elegant views of the Bunker Hill Monument, then Brewer’s Fork is the place to be. Its wide range of elegantly crafted wine-lists and beers make it among the most highly sought-after bars in the Boston area. When winter comes beckoning, it has fire pits where patrons can keep warm as they enjoy their favorite drinks. Website – brewersfork.com

Eastern Standard

Hailed as one of the best bars in the country, the Eastern Standard is a bar that just surpasses all expectations in terms of class, ambience and variety. It attracts crowds of different backgrounds and tastes and preferences who crave an establishment that is elegant and classy with the staff to match. If you are in this bar, one of the drinks that you must try is the Jackson Cannon Freehand. It is elegantly prepared and the owners ensure that the high standards it has maintained over the years are not only kept up but also surpassed. Website – easternstandardboston.com

Grill 23 & Bar

If you are looking for an elegant steakhouse bar with great staff and overall ambience, then Grill 23 and bar is the place to be. You have a great food selection which you can wash down with an equally good wine selection. These wine selections are both local and French and come inside a 2, 100 wine bottle-list. Website – grill23.com

Legal Harborside Roof Deck

When you find yourself in Boston during the summer, then you should make your way to this elegant rooftop bar located in at Liberty Wharf in Boston. It has a retractable ceiling top that gives room for stargazing at night and a cool breeze with clear skies during the day. It attracts all manner of people with different tastes and preferences ranging from pitcher cocktails to top-shelf drinks. Their wine list consists of over 20 different types. Website – legalseafoods.com


If you are keen on experiencing elegance as you chug down your favorite brew or sip that sumptuous wine, then Yvonne’s is the place to be. It used to be the Locke-Ober but was rebranded Yvonne’s, whilst still retaining its elegance in design and the mixologists on hand. The world class mixologists churn out among the best drinks you will have during your stay in Boston. Website – yvonnesboston.com


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If you have a plate of sumptuously prepared oysters and want to wash it down with a glass of wine that has a bold and robust bouquet, then you must visit the BISq in Cambridge. It has a very good wine list that includes Vermentino, Bourgogne and Barolo, just to mention a few. One of the wines you must try while you in this bar is the Roussilion red. Website – bisqcambridge.com

Haley.Henry Wine Bar

When you want good vibes as you take your wine, then you should make your way to the Hale Henry Wine Bar. There you will find an easy laid back lounge with a cool and chill hip-hop beat lingering in the air. They have very good food and their wine pairings include cheese boards, tinned fish and toast. As long as you buy two glasses, the wine list is open for you to select. The recommended selection while you are there is the Viognier. Website – haleyhenry.com

Straight Law Bar

Located in Brookline, near the Taberna de Haro, Straight Law Bars is the place to be when you want good sherry and the pairings to match. Its wine list has a very large variety of both local and Spanish wines to choose from. One of the wines that must touch your lips is the Rioja sherry. Website – tabernaboston.com