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Optoma HD28DSE Projector -

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The Optoma HD28DSE Projector is one of those projectors which provide good features in terms of it price. Easy to carry with an attractive exterior, it is a Full-HD 1080p projector with good picture quality and excellent colors. The overall picture sharpness and detail levels the projector offers are excellent. Backed up with additional enhancements with DarbeeVisual and features such as “Dynamic black” the projector offers a great deal of depth and contrast to your picture quality. The high brightness levels of Optoma HD28DSE make it great for home theater setup with ambient lights and a great choice for 3D content too.

It provides excellent opportunity for gamers to enjoy their games on Full-HD projector. Apart from its low cost, the lamp life of the projector makes sure the projector remains economical when considering its maintenance cost.

Overall an excellent projector in terms of picture quality and features; can be used for multiple purposes and is in reach of low budget users. Also go and look at review on Sony vpl vw665es 4k projector – Click Here.


• Resolution 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
• Brightness 3000 lumens
• Contrast Ratio 30,000:1
• Throw Ratio 1.48-1.62
• Lamp Life 6000/8000/10000 hrs (Bright/Eco/Dynamic ECO+ mode)
• Speaker 10W
• Weight 2.6 kg

For a complete list of specifications please visit; Optoma.

Optoma HD28DSE Projector -


It is a nice looking projector with attractive design. With all-white exterior and very low in weight, the projector is excellent for portable use. The weight of the projector is 2.6 kg with dimensions 315 x 224 x 114 mm.


The projector has 2 HDMI ports (one MHL enabled), a Mini-jack Audioout, a 3D VESA Port, a +12V Relay output, one USB (service) and a USB Power.

Visual Specs

The Optoma HD28DSE projector uses a Single-chip DLP system, and provides excellent picture quality in terms of its price; Howstuffworks. You might have to change the settings a little bit up and down according to your taste and requirements.

The most notable feature of Optoma HD28DSE Projector is DarbeeVision Visual Presence video-processing system. DarbeeVision is a system intended to increase the overall picture quality. It increases the color saturation and contrast, providing more sharpness and depth to your content, making it more detailed and enhanced. It provides you the option from 0% to 120% and you can apply it as necessary according to your taste and requirement. You may use different percentage based on video games or blu-rays etc.

The projector also provides the “Dynamic Black” feature which helps it to adjust the light output based on the brightness information of the content; Optoma. This helps it to attain high level of contrast and gives excellent picture quality on bright and dark scenes.

Another notable feature of the projector is the brightness level. Optoma HD28DSE is claimed to have an astonishing brightness level of 3000 lumens, ensuring great results under lights as well; Theprojectorexpert.

The 3D results of the projector are impressive. The details levels on blu-ray 3D are excellent as well, making the picture more realistic. The high brightness of the projector helps makes sure your 3D content is well defined.

It is important to share some of the notable negative factor as well. First, DarbeeVision might over enhance your images if not used properly, so make sure you choose right setting for different types of content. The “Dynamic Black” feature may also cause issues with varying brightness levels in darker scenes. It may cause distraction for many users, and you may notice changes to be too aggressive for your likings. You can turn off the feature but that will impact your overall picture quality and you might face issues with black level performance.


The projector is currently out of production and its current price cannot be confirmed through any authentic sources. The projector might be available through third party sellers or you may find a used one online.

Optoma HD28DSE Projector -


The positive aspects of the projector are as follows:

1. The projector comes with the DarbeeVision system, greatly enhancing the detail and sharpness of your picture quality.
2. The color performance of the projector is excellent.
3. Provides high level of brightness, so good for home theaters with ambient lights and also great for 3D content.
4. In Dynamic Eco the lamp is expected to last for 8000 hours. This can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the projector.
5. Provides vertical and horizontal keystones, along with four corner adjustments, making it easier to install on angles and uneven walls.
6. Provides Dynamic Black feature.
7. Excellent for gaming.
8. The projector is great for portable use. With its light weight you can easily carry it around.
9. Excellent features compared to the projector’s price.


Let us take a look at the negative aspects of the projector:
1. DarbeeVision can sometimes make your images look over-done with the enhancements, and you will need to change a lot of settings to find the prefect levels of enhancements for your content.
2. The Dynamic Black feature in Optoma HD28DSE projector provides unstable brightness level in dark scenes. The reactions to the images are sometimes too slow and in some cases too aggressive, which can cause distraction for many users.
3. The fan noise can be too audible if you are sensitive to sounds in home theaters. You might prefer running your projector on eco mode and compromise on some of the brightness.
4. No digital noise reduction.
5. Can cause rainbow effect for some users; Theprojectorexpert.


The Optoma HD28DSE projector can be a good choice for many home theater lovers under a limited budget. The overall picture quality is amazing along with additional features such as DarbeeVision, which can provide excellent details and sharpness to your image. The lamp life and the price make it a good contender in the market for 1080p consumers who are looking for good quality projector under low price and maintenance.

As a DLP-based video projector Optoma HD28DSE have its limitations. But overall the projector provides stunning quality and color range making it a great choice for low budget home theaters and a serious competitor in the market of low-budget projectors. - Check Prices Button Red