95% Of You Will Ignore This 2019 Marketing Strategy

95% Of You Will Ignore This 2018 Marketing Strategy - BillLentis.com
Gary Vee, in this video, emphasizes how there are companies who are still not using the internet to the fullest of its abilities; they are not grabbing opportunities and going against the reality of the world. They need to embrace Facebook and Instagram and the many ways it can benefit the marketing of their business; Forbes The mindset is very important in marketing and it means, embracing new ways of marketing.

Choosing A Medium

Gary emphasizes that radio, television and newspapers can no longer be effective in terms of marketing. The medium of communication has changed to vlogs, podcasts and social media networking. People use mobile phones for everything and they pay their full attention to it. Moreover, an individual who wants to do marketing should figure out what he is good at. It is not necessary that if one person is making videos, then others have to make videos as well; they could be good in writing and that’s what they should focus on.

Time is of the essence and recently, many people have started listening more and watching less videos. Companies need to invest in podcasts, which people can hear while they are exercising, going out for walk, taking a break from work and resting their eyes; in such a situation, the videos won’t be effective.

Instagram and Facebook

Marketers should focus on Instagram and Facebook, because these two platforms provide them with a lot of opportunities; WishPond If people want to make money, then they have to spend time on these platforms and make an effort. They should make Facebook ads, which are effective and attention grabbing. Marketers or any individual should never hesitate to DM influencers and promote their products, because that counts as making an effort and can result into something fruitful.

Price Of Ads

When Google Ads was being used by companies on a mass scale, they cost a lot. However, people stopped looking at them, because they got bored or they felt that these ads were not helpful and only span. Similarly, a few years into the future, when people would stop looking at Instagram and Facebook ads, then their cost would increase as well.

Companies should spend their money on Instagram influencers and Facebook ads, because they are effective and have a positive impact; Social Media Examiner Instragram influencers should be paid because they don’t know how much they should be charging for promoting products, and this could be a benefit for the company.

Focusing On Tomorrow

People are worried about what is going to happen tomorrow and they don’t focus on the bigger picture. Gary always recommends people to spend their time in a retirement home and see the elderly regret the things they weren’t able to do. Embracing Facebook and Instrgam should be the priority of companies, because it is not going anywhere and if used properly, then it can benefit a company.