The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Advertising

The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Traditional Advertising -
In this video, Gary Vee talks about his regret of not spending most of the marketing budget on Google advertising. He talks about how brands, when they use digital marketing, are more focused on short term results like an increase in sales, as compared to a long term impression that marketing causes. Brands still use Hollywood celebrities in their marketing campaigns, that don’t have the same impact anymore that they used to – Quora.

Need For Content

Regardless of the business, everyone needs content; they need content on a daily basis for people of different ages, sex and educational level. The reason why they need so much content is for search engines like Google; however, the content needs and content production are disproportionate to each other. Just having content isn’t enough; it is important to have quality content that would attract consumers and would be helpful for them.

Traditional Marketing

Most companies don’t make use of the popularity of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook in their region and they invest more in traditional methods of marketing. If they are not marketing through these three channels, then they are not making a difference in their brand awareness or grabbing any opportunities. Companies do this because they don’t have information about the latest trends or the latest methods of marketing. However, they also do this because they want to distribute information that serves their own purpose, even though they should be distributing information that the consumer wants to read.

TV Commercials

Mediums like YouTube and Netflix are gaining popularity, and their consumption has increased over the years: – Digital Doughnut. This means that tv networks aren’t doing well and one of the reasons this is, is due to the commercials that show on tv networks. If brands think that people watch commercials when their television show takes a break, then that is a very rare happening. Some people have the opinion that sports commercials are doing great, but that is not right. When big games happen and there are commercials in between those games, people immediately switch to social media to discuss what is happening in the game, with other people. So, who is watching tv commercials?

The reason why such decisions are made is because these decisions don’t come from bottom to top, but top to bottom: Digital School Of Marketing Even though there are marketers, the main marketing decisions, like TV commercials or where to invest in terms of marketing, comes from the CEO of the company.

Television Mentality

When companies target platforms like Instagram and Facebook, then they can’t follow television mentality there. They need to tailor and produce content, specifically designed to target consumers who use these platforms. They can’t put one ad and wait for it to work, but it has to be a constant update of quality and creative content.

A brand can be built on a mobile as well, because people nowadays pay more attention to their mobile phones, than their surroundings.