Pricing Digital Marketing Services For Your Agency In 2019 [Complete Guide]

Pricing Digital Marketing Services For Your Agency In 2019 -
Pricing seems to be very tricky when it comes to pricing your digital marketing services and here is the guide for the same. This video is all about pricing correctly and fairly for your digital marketing services.

Charge In A Range

Sometimes we spend a lot of time into a project than we actually get paid so here the advice is to first figure out about the efforts required and then offering the price range and not the exact amount and the suggested prices for the newcomers the starting range can be $1000 to $1500 which can go up to $10,000. Newcomers should not take any high-cost project as well. The good thing is if you are working on any particular niche or two or three niches then you may have to perform the same kind of activities again and again.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is important when it comes to remarketing. Some kind of social media marketing should be involved in the marketing activities and if someone manages two-three platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube, it is going to pay approximately 500$ for any one or two platforms Now, if you increase the number of platforms and if you provide the marketing service on 3 or more accounts on 3 or more platform you can expect $1000 from each client.


There is a separate budget for the advertisements. Along with social media marketing, there will also be advertisements which again require extra efforts. So if the client is going to spend $3000 on advertisements then you can charge $500 as the management fee and if the budget goes above $3000 then you can them 20% of the amount they are spending on adds as a management fee.


Emails are used by middle size or bog size businesses. There are email sending, automation and many other activities involved in email marketing. Here you can charge at least $500 per month in the beginning.

Basic Seo Service

Here optimizing the website, blog content and few pages can be done for $500 per month but as the pages will increase and the content will increase to manage the price also can be increased along with it –

Pay Per Click

It is suggested that one can charge $500 up to $3000 dollar budget and if the budget goes about some percentage amount like 20% of it can be charged –

Web Development

This is a tricky one as the websites can have a different number of pages and they can also be of different kinds. So here the idea is the get it built in cheap rates, for example, web developer in India charges 8 to 10 dollars per hour. A website built in 2000 dollars can be sold on 8000 dollars as well.

Landing Pages And Lead Magnets Landing Pages and lead magnets require less or more effort so for the simple once one can charge 500 dollars and it can go up to 50,000 dollars as well if there is a lot of custom designing.