Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Best Digital Marketing Courses Online -
This video tells about many digital marketing courses which one can do online and learn digital marketing.

3 Criteria’s To Judge A Marketing Course

There are three criteria’s to judge to judge a marketing course: affordably, teacher and reviews. The course should be in you your budget. Something which is going to be very heavy on your pocket is not recommended. The teacher should be knowledgeable enough to give you what you require. So you need to careful about choosing a teacher as per your goal. See the reviews of other people and students and if the reviews are not good that is not a good course.

Course By Google

If we start with the free courses, Google provided free courses managed by Google academy. Google has a free course on ‘how to learn about advertising on Google. You just have to click on start now and the course starts. There are many more courses like Google ads display certification, Google ads fundamentals, Google Ads mobile certification. So, there are many courses and these are good. Here the point to note is the courses are built by the Google employees, they must be good but we are searching the courses which can make millionaires and not necessarily the creators of the courses are millionaires. So the courses are brilliant to master the skills but the search goes on.

Facebook Courses

There are many training videos by Facebook also like Google which are free by Facebook and they are very effective also. If you go through the list there are many courses which will help you master online marketing.


Apart from Google and Facebook also there are many free courses which are effective. EDX is a compilation of courses provided by top grade US universities Here also you have course for fundamental marketing, social media marketing etc. Only if you want to get the certificate you need to pay the money and you will get the certificate from those top class universities. Just after enrolment you can get the access to the course in few minutes.


MOOC is Massive Online Open Source Courses – There are number of courses again on this platform as well from renowned institutions.

Hence there are plenty of courses and enough and almost every information available on your fingertips if you want to learn by yourself and free.

Relatively Cheap Courses


Here you have course built by the working professionals. They are selling these is in a very less price There are people who run their businesses and prepared these courses. So these are of mixed quality courses which can be good but actually built for selling and also not necessarily people who have built these are the very successful people.

Courses By John Crestani

Here, at last the creator of this video talks about the courses provided by him and he has included everything in the course. He has taken successful people in the team who are handling different areas of marketing successfully and earning loads of money as well hence the courses are also of the same quality.