You Maybe Disrupting Your Business Long Term Prosperity

You Maybe Disrupting Your Business Long Term Prosperity -



As business owners, we are being challenged to seek various ways that can help in attracting new clients and customers, efficiently managing our time, promoting the business cost effectively, developing strategic plans and using our capital intelligently. Most of us even choose to attend training sessions, conferences and networking events looking for some profound and new revelation that may boost our businesses to higher levels. Instead of being inspired, it is blah, blah….. we have heard before and frequently walk away frustrated it was simply wastage of our time. Not due to the fact that there was nothing of value we could learn, but since we evaluated that experience against how much similar that teaching was instead of sharpening that little idea which could drastically help to enhance our net earnings.

At the beginning, being a business owner can be very difficult and challenging. There are many things that one can learn and do. For the purpose of achieving the success that you need in your business, you must ensure that every efforts counts.

In this article, we will highlight some of the things that of things that entrepreneurs do that disrupt the success of their businesses. You too may be disrupting your business’ long perm prosperity without even realizing it. Some of these things include;

Getting Off Course By Making Major Changes

Assume you are to depart in the ship from located at equator with an intention of sailing the world. Let’s presume that you establish your course although, without noticing it, you are off by 1 degree. By that time you get back to that very same longitude, you’ll be off the course by many miles. This similar principle is applicable to your firm or business, although with positive outcomes.

The importance of developing a thriving and long term business doesn’t always need a major restructuring, although it can be the issues of making small changes in the manner you are currently conducting business. It is all dependent on your development stage. If you are a newly established business, it isn’t unusual if you institute major changes at the beginning. However, if you have in the business for some timed and you are looking forward to elevating it to next higher levels, you will most likely only require making the incremental changes so as to position the business for sustainable and long term success.

Some years back, I had a privilege of having a direct contact session on business strategy with a particular networking guru. I absorbed each and every word during the session. During the one hour course, he shared numerous business aspects which were really not new, since I had previously heard them. However, I knew that based on his success level, there was a significant point he could pass to me which could cause a dramatic change. Well, he did not disappoint! Responding to my question,’ what is your success’ secret?’ he recommended that I ‘build a platform’. I discovered that I also needed consistency. This simply meant taking the strategic steps for growing market so as to expand the message that would, in turn, help in establishing my brand.

I’d heard all this information before, although for some reasons, it did not have similar impact/ influence. This time I suddenly realized that the information could have been the 1 degree shift that I required so as to immensely impact the long term prosperity of my business.

‘I knew that already’ are the four small words which can disrupt the long term prosperity of your brand/ business. What you already know does not determine the prosperity of your business; the difference is made by what you are doing. If you are hearing similar things as previously mentioned, it can be signal that you are advancing along with your progress than you recognized. Enter all learning opportunities open minded. Do not make the error of ignoring the obvious looking for the spectacular. To unlock your business’ future, the key may be only 1 degree away.

Personally Doing Everything

We are all aware of a certain popular saying that the best way of getting something done correctly is doing it yourself. For a starter, it can be very alluring to performing everything for your business, particularly if you’re running on a tight budget or you’re a perfectionist. Nevertheless, you should let other individuals handle some roles to enable concentrate various parts of the business that need your attention.

For instance, consider spending many hours designing the website of your business while you can alternatively use that same time to find potential customers or clients. You can certainly perform it all, particularly if you’re very skill although you don’t have to. You must learn to outsource and delegate tasks as much as you can which will enable you to concentrate on the net earnings of the business.

Complaining On Everything

Some of these complaints include; excessive government tax, lack of stable electricity, people unwilling to pay, lack of customers and so on.

There are 2 types of entrepreneurs; those who observe a solution in every problem and those that observe a problem in every solution. The first group of individuals complains a lot while the second group doesn’t achieve much.

The problems that you’re complaining about can be the key for the success of your business. You should therefore learn to change your mind from complaining to the solution mode. This is basically how a real entrepreneur approaches any obstacle in the business.

It isn’t denying the existing facts since we’re all encountering similar problems and challenges, just that one group is complaining about them while another one if searching for solutions. The group that looks for solution is the one that makes the difference. Therefore, being an entrepreneur, you should not be frustrated or complain about anything otherwise you’ll sabotage your business’ long term prosperity.


Being a business owner is challenging enough to operate your business without sabotaging its success. You should therefore make effort to ensure that you avoid some of these things that sabotage its success.