Buying A Condominium In Singapore

Buying A Condominium In Singapore -


Everyone wants their own place, particularly when they get married. They don’t want a place where they have to worry about rent every month, where they can’t extend the interior or where they have to face the landlord every time. Everyone wants their own place, because it is a dream. However, it can’t be easy for someone who earns daily wages and doesn’t have many savings. Regardless, everyone wants to own a home, because it gives them a sense of peace and security.

Singapore is a beautiful place, where people feel safe and want to spend their life; the environment is secure and very peaceful. It has become a dream of many to buy a place in such a progressive country. It is not just a house they desire, but lucrative job opportunities as well.

Housing Options

There are many housing options in Singapore, like HDB flats. However, the best option for you is a condominium, which is a flexible option for homeowners. Condos are like residential properties, but they are different from a home. They are owned by individuals, but there are common areas that everyone can use. You must have seen in movies, where there are apartments and common areas like laundry rooms, hallways, heating system, and elevators. This is the same with condominium, where people share heating facilities, they use the same laundry room, and the hallway is for everyone one as well.

The reason why condominiums are shared by people is because it makes them feel more secure. A condominium is a residential area, which gives a really luxury style feeling. This is mainly because the other facilities that a condominium offers; a swimming pool, barbeque pits, gym for both ladies and gents and other secure facilities, which can be classified as high-class.

Housing Location In Singapore

If you are looking for condos in Singapore, then you should know about the modern designs that Singapore offers its residents. The condos come with an auto loco facility and there are many prestigious condos that you can find in the city. Following is a list of such places:

• Ardmore Park
• Cairnhill Circle
• Draycott Park
• Tanglin Road
• Cuscaden Walk
• Ladyhill Walk

The above mentioned places are really important in Singapore and when condos become available in these places, then they are high in demand. A family can buy a single bedroom condo or a condo that has five bedrooms. Each condo comes at a different price, because of the rooms that a family requires. In some condos, you might even find a study room, as these condos are built by really good builders who understand the needs of people nowadays, and wants to give them modern choices.

The four categories, in which the condos in Singapore are divided, are as follows:

1. Single Condo
2. Family Condo
3. Prestige Condo
4. Waterfront Condo

Prestige Condo

Prestige condos are exclusive apartments, where first-class facilities are provided to its residents and the interior is luxurious. Such prestige condos can be found at Ardmore Park, Cairnhill and Draycott Park.

Waterfront Condo

Waterfront Condos are developed for expats, and it is a prestigious condominium that has large units, like large bedrooms. The waterfront condos can be found at Tanjong Rhu Road, East Coast and Keppel Bay Drive, Telok Blangah. It is ideal for expatriates because of the luxury, scenery and comfort that they offer.

Difference In Condos

The condos that are found in the suburbs of Singapore are different as compared to the ones that are found in the outskirts. If you really want to buy a condo in Singapore, then the best thing to do, is to seek advice from an expert. If you are new to Singapore, then you should definitely seek outside help and not rely much on your own understanding of the housing market.

The experts that you contact would be able to give you suggestions according to your budget and needs. If you want to make sure that an expert is giving you the right advice, then you should search for reviews online as well. There are Vacation condos available to visitors as well, at affordable prices.

As for those who want to live in Singapore or are there for a job, would want to live in a single bedroom condo. This would be less costly for them and they will have access to all the amenities that people living in family condos have.


The areas mentioned above are basically found in the heart of the city, which means that transportation won’t be a problem or expensive either. In Singapore, there is a network of bus stations and railway junctions that help people reach their destination in time and these two modes of transportation are close to the condos. This means, that if a person living in a condo wants to go somewhere, then they don’t have to rely on private transportation or argue with them about the fare.


If you want to book your condo in Singapore, and you have the required finance as well, then research about the sellers of condos, and then book a condo. Also, you should physically check the place that you are buying, so you are able to check the quality of the condo, whether it need repairs, or if it is worth buying or not.

Condos are very convenient for those who want to own property, but want a community feeling as well. Condos give people the same facilities like everyone else, and it also gives them a chance to interact with each other. Imagine going to the swimming pool and having a nice swim with people from other condos. This socializing can be a good factor for those, who like to make new friends. Also, when a facility gets affected, then people of every condo would come together to solve it, which will increase the speed of problems being solved. Living in Singapore, and that too in a condo, can be a very safe thing to do.